George Brown College fashion hits the runway at Threads 2019

George Brown College fashion hits the runway at Threads 2019

♪♪♪ We’re here at Artscape Wychwood
Barns for Threads 2019. ♪♪♪ I’m doing the studio event, part of Threads. You have a table and you get two mannequins usually and a couple of other display items if
you want and you can showcase, just whatever you want really. Most people
have a few items of clothing, their drafts or their illustrations. One of the
dresses I’ve done is just a very simple jersey dress, very wearable and
flattering, and the other one is definitely more of an art piece that’s
not really meant to be worn. Today I’m actually a model for George
Brown. Basically my love for fashion and styling along with teaching has made me
be part of George Brown. (Ladshia) Are you able to describe what you’re wearing right now? The designer’s name is Multi Ette, she’s an African designer and I’ve seen a couple
of her designs they’re brilliant. I’ve always wanted to be a part of George
Brown’s end of the year student fashion show. There’s something about new designers, you know, there’s a spark to it and
I love the creativity and trying on other styles and just, you know, rocking it. ♪♪♪ I feel amazing, like, it’s like all this
hard work paid off. These two years were like, they were
crazy but so worth. It’s important in all communities and
especially, like, the fashion industry just to support one another and I loved
how inclusive this event was, like, they showed lines for people with
disabilities, they showed all cultures and it was just a wonderful thing to
support, for sure, and I’m really glad I came. ♪♪♪ (woosh)

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  1. Wow they show Eloise in my red gown a lot 😍😍 I feel so honoured! Inspiring me to make even more! Follow @Verdant_Couture on Instagram for more!

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