GRWM: How to get ready to sew | WITHWENDY

GRWM: How to get ready to sew | WITHWENDY

Hey everyone! It’s me, Wendy I usually make sewing tutorials but today I wanted to do a “Get Ready With Me” sewing edition! I hope you find this inspiring to get started on whatever it is you’ve been waiting to create. Now, let’s start from the beginning of your new project! First… VISUALIZE Read books, go shopping go surfing, go scrolling!? Or just pay attention to your environment until you see something you want to… DECONSTRUCT Now look closely, flip it inside out, modify it to your liking or draw it as many times as you like. Until you’re ready to… MEASURE What size do you need? What is that in centimetres? How wide should this piece be? Always leave room for mistakes, and write it all down so you don’t forget. This will be your… LIST Here’s where you should include all your materials what they mean and the steps you need to put things together. If you’re shooting, list your shots too. This is the list that you’ll bring with you as you… GATHER Some of the things you need will already be at home, some will be in your neighbourhood, and some will be on its way to your mailbox. Try not to do this in a hurry because the second last step is to… RELAX Creativity comes with being in the right mindset. Start your music, or podcasts lay out your tools, find a mirror, and tune in to your instincts because it’s time to… CREATE. *Motivational Music* *Music Builds* *Motivation also Builds* If you want more sewing inspiration don’t forget to hit the “Subscribe” or “Notifications” button, and if you want to find me on instagram I am @WithWendy. This video is made possible by my amaaaazing Patreon supporters. If you want to support me too go to

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  1. I have seen so many comments this year from people who are just starting sewing, or bought a machine because of watching tutorials on Youtube, or waiting to feel inspired again, and I feel you! So much of sewing is having motivation and excitement over the project at hand, so I really hoped to spread encouragement. This is way too much to pack into one video, so if there's any part you want more detail on let me know! Go forth and create!!

  2. Your videos make me want to cry (good cry tho), they give me so much inspiration and hope to get better at sewing. I'm really glad I found your channel <3

  3. Hi Wendy! You really inspire me! I am from Portugal and i've learn so much with you 🙂 Can you show how you organize your sewing notebook?

    thank you for your videos! xoxo

  4. this is so cool i love that you can literally make your own clothes hahah this is awesome

    thanks Wendy


  5. I hope you and coolirpa would collab in the future. You two are the only sewing channels im subbed. Love you ❤️

  6. hi wendy,im a big fan of ur channel, you really showed amazing tutorials,i hope you can show us how to make a basic basketball uniform,its really one of my projects,,,

  7. Wendy! SOS!
    I have a wedding coming up soon and i need this type of jacket:

    but in a different color.
    Any tips on where I can get this model or how to sew chiffon?
    Thank you for posting all these videos and inspiring us!

  8. I love your channel! I'm telling myself to make time to watch at least one of your videos a day because I want to start designing and have a lot to learn. Thank you for your motivation!!

  9. Oh Wendy you inspired me to finally buy my own sewing machine! I absolutely love being able to experiment with clothes and really find what I want to wear.

  10. Hi wendy. I love your tutorials and I love YOU. I love watching your videos and you seem to be a real good person. You learned me a lot since I first watched one of your videos maybe two years ago. I love how you make everything easier. you learned me to make ''clean'' project and finishing with a professional look clothes. So thank you for all and I hope you will be keeping on it 'cause I'm always waiting for your new videos. Houria, your Algerian fan.

  11. I think it's one of my favorite video… it's so smooth, the music, the cuts , what you show , everything is perfect , good job !

  12. i looove all of your videos WENDY !! could u pleas teach us how do u make ur own videos .. like editing ,add words and info , add pics and other videos together !! THANK YOU

  13. very inspiring….no ones tells all this…the very basics i mn…grear…good luck…request u 2 mke more such inspiring videos 🙂 💚

  14. fue algo corto, pero eso basto para motivarme un poco más para empezar con esto, yo, no soy buena con el ingles, pero aún así visualmente he aprendido varias cosillas con tus vídeos owo (puede que no lo leas pero.. meh) tu trabajo es genial (awesome! ^^) sigue así. (/owo)/

  15. Heyy Wendy, Ive just discovered your YouTube channel and have been in a bit of a creative slump, but this has given me the boost I need!! I love it, thankyouuuuu! Your channel is so inspiring, much love 😉 xx

  16. Hi Wendy! I started following you 4 years before. And I'm starting to sew today! I just bought a sewing machine. And I have many mixed feelings! But I'm so excited! Thank you for being one of my inspirations for sewing. You make it seem we can do it and easy.

  17. Fantastic! My mother was a superb seamstress – I'm ashamed to say that I don't even have a sewing machine 🙁 You've inspired me to get started again – thanks! X

  18. I'm new to your channel but I had to subscribe this has inspired me to want to create lingerie and stuff thank you so much 🖤

  19. So glad I came across this video. I had gotten really discouraged with my sewing skills. This really put me in the right head space, thanks Wendy

  20. thank you for your inspiring tutorials! I have a question: do you buy fabrics online? do you know any online fabric store where I can buy fabrics on bulk at a reasonable price? thank you!

  21. You've earned a new subscriber! I am already in love with you, your editing, your style and your tips. ps I found you through the Sorry Girls 😉

  22. hey wendy, just wanted to share that this video is really inspiring for me as I'm currently working on a bridesmaid dress. I'm glad I came across this as I have never sewn a dress before. With this great visualisation, I'm stoked to start on my piece. Thank you beautiful, I look forward to more of your videos! ❤️🌈🤗✨

  23. Wow…this is one of the most inspirational videos i've ever seen! music, you, the flash from unfinished to wearing clips…i love it! sharing!

  24. 0:17 wow the eaton centre is like the only place i go to look at nice clothes also eyyyy fellow torontonian

  25. your tutorials are making me break out my sewing machine again after like 5 years of not sewing. you explain so well. please make a video on how to finish off hems/add piping to hems! ❤

  26. I love this vid. That's all. It is so relaxing and the music … I cant describe any further bcs words are not enough

  27. hi! could you please add the link to how you made that purple floral skirt at 1:51? For some reason I can't find it. thank you. <3

  28. This is such a BEAUTIFUL video! I am at the very beginning of my sewing journey (I'm still wondering how to put the thread into the machine), but this is making me dream even more!
    Thank you Wendy, you're amazing!

  29. This video is very well put together Wendy!:) I am about to start my first sewing project after years and your short tutorials are a great help for me. Thank you so much for sharing all these things!

  30. You're such an inspiration to me. Along with a couple of channels i managed to sew great stuff and opened my mind. Thank you so much🙏

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