Hand-Made Jute Rugs: The Story of Our Flat Braid Rug | Pottery Barn

Hand-Made Jute Rugs: The Story of Our Flat Braid Rug | Pottery Barn

Traditional Craft
Braided Jute Rug For centuries Jute has been an integral part
of the Bengali Indian culture. This rain-fed plant has always been the primary
cultivated crop across this region. Recently there has been a revival of interest in this natural golden fiber because it’s versatile, organic biodegradable, and environmentally
friendly. This beautiful hand-crafted flat braid rug is also made of Jute but it is completely distinctive
in its appeal. Its beauty lies in its construction because unlike general jute rugs this rug does not touch
the loom at all. This creative unique rug has an interesting
inspiration, the age-old technique of dying hair that Indian women have used for centuries. This way of gracefully interlacing long
strands of hair into each other is translated into panels of jute yarn,
that are about six inches in width. The jute fiber is spun into ropes
and cut according to the length of the rug. This rope is edged with handsome jute braid
on both sides and stitched across its length. This is further placed between the panels
of jute braid and hand stitched together. The border of the rug is made separately using a
stylized variation of the normal braid and attached along the horizontal ends of the rug Finally the rug goes through a burning process where the excess loose yarns are burned off when a flame is
passed over them. Doing this brightens the rug as a whole, and adds a natural gloss to the jute.
The rug is now ready to add meaning to any living space because wherever it is kept, it is
a living link to a deep and and abiding heritage. Pottery Barn

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  1. if we all made our own rugs,clothes,grew our nut trees- then people wd not have to slave for us- or us for others-best bed is hammock-best house is woven roof over hole-

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