Hand Sewing Stitches : How to Sew a Whip Stitch

Hand Sewing Stitches : How to Sew a Whip Stitch

This is the inside of your garment and it’s
a hem for example. That’s where you’d use your whip stitch and you’re going to want
to put your needle inside of the hem where you can’t see it so you’re going to start
here so your knot is going to go in where you can’t see it and then go around. Go into
the hem and around and it’s just going to create a looping, a looping mechanism. That’s what your whip stitch would look like.

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  1. I have watched a lot of the expert village videos and have to say most could be much better. They don't do many closeups, are too short, etc. I have to scroll through many videos to find a video that is independent and probably better, filmed off of someone's picture camera in their house. So make better videos or stop.

  2. Their wilderness survival and camping videos always leave me wishing for more and clearer instruction. Sorry Expert Village, but improvement is needed. Take it as constructive criticism – not trying to be mean spirited. Look at the number of dislikes.

  3. I wish this video showed more like how to end the stitch or what this stitch is specifically useful for. I'm trying like hell to learn these stitches for different sewing purposes, but none of the videos ever say what a certain stitch is good for or what purpose it serves. Is it hidden? Is it durable? It is good for attaching small pieces onto the front of a garment or piece of fabric? What? More details, please?

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