100 thoughts on “HANGING ON BY A THREAD | Until Dawn – Part 9

  1. Well, of course Matt was gonna get attacked, he's the black guy in a horror movie/game. So give him all the guns so he can defend himself

  2. So often these characters go into the cold with little to no protection from the cold. Shorts and tights are not cold weather gear either.

  3. Mark…rewatching this…you didn't need to know matt would need the gun. But you should have realized that trying to save emily could have negative consequences, because it gave you the chance to save yourself, as opposed to making saving emily a QTE.

  4. This is a good game, it breaks apart the usual gamer paradigm of "good and bad choices" made by an omnipotent gamer-god. Mark keeps demanding for clues so that he can know what choice to make, when he is playing as COLLEGE students stuck with limited information going through it moment by moment. This is actually really good characterization for a character with limited psychic powers.

  5. When mark was talking at the start about not knowing who would be attacked and stuff is the same as what the characters would know. Neither of the characters would k ow if either of them would be attacked and they had to risk it.

  6. Ok, far fetched idea, but what if Josh had a twin brother named Josh he wanted DEAD? Unlikely? maybe. Impossible? No.

  7. mark after you tried to save her once he said straight up he needs to get to safety if that's not a clue than what is also its not like they have to give clues it meant to be decision making

  8. Plot hole at 5:30. There wasn't a camera using 8mm film when the prank took place. So how did the video get put on 8mm film to be played in a projector.

  9. Honestly, Emily is kind of a bad ass. All this shit is happening around her and all she cares about is that her outfit was ruined. Either that or she's really dumb, lol. But I don't think so. She's growing on me. She's kind of spoiled but she's funny so lol.

  10. Why would you want to save Emily? They give you no reason to and every reason not to to the point where you were even wanting to go through with it. Funny because that's the only character in previous episodes you weren't going against.

    But hey, at least you admit that it's you fault.

  11. I wish he'd read shit more. I guess there must've been an update after his playthrough that added the sidebar to make it easier, but he never checks anything in the menus at least afterwards.

  12. Mark: HoW wOuLd I haVe kNoWN tHat MATt ShoUld hAVe haDTHe fLArE!?
    Me speaking to my computer: ..there are such things called TOTEMS Mark…

  13. The wendigo is a spirit that is usually in the mountains of Michigan which prays on lost people that have resorted to cannibalism. After the human is taken over by the wendigo it is cursed to Rome the mountains to satisfy its insatiable craving for human flesh

  14. Is it just weird or does josh kinda look like josh from to all the boys I’ve loved before? (I’m sorry if I ruined the character lol)

  15. A little late but, the entire point of the butterfly effect is that there will be massive consequences to your choices, whether it's known or not. So even if there isn't a clue Matt should have a flare, there is the option which results in bad consequences. The give this idea to you by the psychiatrist in each scene.

  16. Mark I hope you read this a (wendigo) IS a creature brought by cannibalism examples of somebody eat somebody then then turn into a creature from hunger and cannibalism I know a lot about wendigo!

  17. Just watching the beginning, and Mark is talking about how there were ‘no storytelling clues’ about how to handle to Matt/Emily shtick.
    But, isn’t this game—at least in the butterfly effect aspect—supposed to be realistic? There’s no way to tell these sorts of things—what will happen from a simple choice—in real life, so there shouldn’t be anything hinting what to do in a real life simulating game?
    Just a thought.

  18. Josh is the psycho! Knew it. And I think I know why. He’s trying to scare, or even kill, the others because they played that prank on Hannah. And it killed her, so he was trying to scare or kill them.

  19. "I'm probably still wrong about a lot of things"
    with some knowledge you don't have yet: Yes you are.

    I'm just interested in seeing what happens with the things I know now

  20. 0:45 It's like in real life: no one knows what will happen. This is why we should not make random choices in this game if we want to save the most characters. We should have common sense, put aside the fact that it's a video game and ask ourselves "what would I do if I were in their place?".

  21. The Wendigo is a common enemy of the hulk and wolverine in marvel comics. It's also an ancient Spirit of native American origin.

  22. You had to not side with Emily about going to the tower, other wise if Matt found the flare gun he would shoot it and have no defense.

  23. i’m not gonna lie, i didn’t expect matt to die bc all the other play thru videos where they shoot and get rid of the flare gun, he lives?? but it was bc if matt jumps off and let’s emily fall, they both live- ahh that’s why?

  24. ⚠️SPOILER??⚠️

    also if he had decided to let sam hide in the elevator shaft instead of keep running she wouldn’t have been taken, and if he had matt jump off instead of saving em, he and emily would still be alive

  25. I feel like no body is paying attention to the fact that Josh never wanted anyone to die, but when ppl did die, imagine how that made him felt😬

  26. I feel like mark was dumb here because he says that "How was I suppose to know that trying to save her was a bad choice" when Matt literally commented before mark chose that he's tipping the tower. if he jumped the tower most likely wouldnt have fallen and then he could save emily

  27. omg this video was posted after my birthday on sep 6 it could've been like a present, aww too bad it was a nostalgic 5 years later present

  28. I like how Mark blames the game for not giving him some sort of a clue to give the flare gun to Matt, I mean in real life, i always get a premonition on the right choice that i should make, yeah! Totally

  29. You may have made bad choices but don't let people make fun of you for it, you never knew the outcome and were just caring for Emily even though she sucks

  30. That awkward moment when a chilling horror game takes place a stone’s throw from where you live 😬 I heard of the Wendigo years and years and years ago, as it’s a belief of some indigenous people, and few monsters scare me more. When I heard the story of the wendigo I got chills, and not in a good way. My brother assured me that if I refrain from cannibalism i should be just fiiiiiine. ……..wait is that what really happened to the Donner Party….? 🤔

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