Harry Potter Scarf ⚡️ Free Knitting Pattern

Harry Potter Scarf ⚡️ Free Knitting Pattern

Hi, Guys! I’m Kristen and Welcome to Studio Knit. I am here in my favorite, secret Harry Potter-esque location in San Francisco. This is a great scarf pattern. You can make it into any other colors that
you may have been sorted into at Hogwarts. I thought it would be great to show it off
Harry Potter style because Halloween is coming up and I’ve gotten a lot of requests for
this particular scarf, as well. For our materials, we’re using worsted weighted yarn, mine is wool. A circular needle. The size is 8US and the length is 16 inches. Scissors. A Tapestry Needle. And optional tool is a crochet hook for our fringe. And a little embellishment, I have a Hogwarts crest. I have links in the description below on exactly where you can purchase all of these items online if you do not have them all on hand. So, let’s begin with our beloved slip knot. And, as always, I have links down in the description below for where all of the knitting techniques if you need reference for anything you may not be familiar with doing. We’re going to begin casting on the long
tail method here onto our circular needle. And I have a great tutorial on Knitting in
the Round. I am casting on 51 stitches because here we’re going to slip from the right needle to the left one stitch. This is going to help join our stitches in
the round. I’m adding a little stitch marker right
here and it’s in this big fluffy pink color so that it’s really obvious and then I’m
knitting those two stitches together. Again, this is to help it be joined in the
round nice and snuggly. Okay, so now, I have another little trick. I’m going to take the tail of the yarn and
for about three stitches I’m actually going to knit that along with our yarn and this
allows us to not have to weave it in when we are ready to go ahead and cut that yarn tail off. So, that saves us a step! Of course, we’re skootching and skootching around our circular needle and we just begin knitting in the round. Now, for the first color here, I’m using
a cranberry red. And we are going to switch colors after we have knitted up 13 rows in the round. Gives us this nice smooth stockinette stitch all the way around because all we had to do was knit. I just love it. So now adding the second color, I personally I like to knit the two colors together on my first stitch. Just to help keep the change of yarn color
nice and tight when we’re knitting in the round like this. Then you can go ahead and let go of the first color and then just knit in the round in your second color here. And again, we are going to continue knitting in the round until we have reached 13 rows and then it’s time to change color again. And that’s, of course, if you’re making
the Harry Potter scarf. If you’re doing your own color scheme, then you just change colors any time your heart desires. Once you have finished your scarf in the length you desire, it is time to bind off. Now, the length that I knit my scarf here,
okay, so the width is 6 inches and the total length is 54 inches and then if we add the
four inches of the fringe, then that gives a total of 62 inches. After we’re bound off, go ahead and turn
your work inside out and we’re going to get all of those little yarn tails, and we’re
going to weave them in. It may seem like a daunting task, it goes
faster than you think. And I am just going to do about three passes through weaving my yarn ends in and I want to make sure this is going to be a scarf I’m going to have for a long time and I’m using yarn that can be washed in the machine so I want to make sure that all of my tails are snug and not going to unravel on me. And just slightly, where we changed yarn colors, you can see a little bit of a seam now to solve that issue, really simple, we’re going
to fold our scarf so that seam is just along one of the edges of our scarf right here. Now it’s time to make our fringe. Take your favorite Harry Potter book and wrap your yarn around it a few times. And then go ahead and just cut it off right
here. And we are going to select seven yarn strands to make our first little bit of fringe. There are two different ways to go about it. If you have a crochet hook, go ahead and use that. Now, I’m starting in the middle of my work
because my fringe placement, I’m just going to be eyeballing it, so this helps me with
placement and I’m putting my crochet hook in each edge right here. And wrapping it around the hook. We just pass it on through. Now, the second way, if you don’t have a
crochet hook, this is also really simple. Just take a little bit of scrap yarn and using our tapestry needle, you can guide your fringe through the edge of your scarf in this manner. Okay, either way you did it you just take
your loop and your yarn ends and you pull it through the loop one time and cinch it
up and that’s it. And doing this is going to help bind off the edges of our scarf that we knitted in the round. Next, I’m going to add fringe to either
edge. And I’m going to do it one more time in
between, so I have a total of five. Now I’m taking my second color and just
adding that in between each of my original color. Pretty simple stuff. And then go ahead and cut off the fringe to
the length you desire. I’m using the natural fiber of wool and
just lightly my piece is an easy way to block it, it makes it nice and smooth. I’m even going to smooth out my fringe. And again an optional embellishment here is
our Hogwarts crest. This is an iron-on transfer. Now, I’m putting it onto the yarn and it
doesn’t adhere as well as it would to say a t-shirt, so I’m going to do it sort of
just to get it on there. I did notice that the edges tend to curl up,
so I’m just going to tack it down a little bit more securely with a needle and thread. I hope you are inspired to knit up this Harry
Potter Scarf! I have so many fun Halloween Knits. My playlist is in the description below and
if you knit up a Harry Potter Scarf, please do share it with me, I have links to my social
media down below. Happy Halloween, everyone. Bye!

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  1. i want to ask you something. I just bought myself a circular needle to make the scarf but unfortunately it is not 16 inches but it about 32 inches TT.TT. so can i just do it with my needle or i have to buy a new one TT.TT. thank you if you could reply to my question TT.TT

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  3. I made this and it turned out great considering it was my first time using circular needles. The only thing I would probably do differently is to stitch the patch on before closing up the end of the scarf, I think that would have been a little easier if I'd done so. I made this extra long so I did use more than one skein of yarn, but I had enough of the second skeins left over to make a hat to match!

  4. A tutorial for us left handed knitters would be appreciated. I've tried to transfer this several different times and somehow it always screws up. In fact, left handed tutorials in general would be appreciated. Thanks.

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  38. A question from a new knitter. I am a very experienced crocheter that really wants to take up knitting. So far it is very challenging lol. My biggest problem is casting on. I just can't get the hang of long tail or slingshot method. The only way I've been able to cast on half way decently is the cable method. My question is how do you feel about this method for this scarf?

  39. OK so I'm a huge fan of harry potter and I love this video that you have made of the harry potter scarf I am so going to try and recreate this thanks so much

  40. Instead of scootching I found a way. After knitting one row, start pulling the needle as far as you can and then knit all the way around in one go. The seam will be even.

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