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Hi, Welcome to my new video.. As seen, can keep and use string and threads very handy.. What is needed is old bottle as seen in screen and put a hole to the cap and use … Can use bigger bottle for bigger thread roll You can get sufficient cotton roll for just 30 to 50 rupees I find it very easy to wash and reuse afresh.. Very easy to clean compared to cloth.. It can hold more water compared to cloth.. Almost all home items can be cleaned with it.. Buying cleaning towel is expensive compared to this..which is very cheap… Not considering price too..utility wise also it is good… With some water it can be washed and reuse afresh… Hope you all find it useful.. Please subscribe my channel..will be back with more USEFUL BEAUTIFUL TRAVEL AND LIVING videos These are my initial trial type videos in you tube.. Will try to bring improved videos and for that..expecting support and comments from you all.. Bye for now…Take care…

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