Horror Movie Blooper Reels That’ll Have You In Stitches

Horror Movie Blooper Reels That’ll Have You In Stitches

Horror movies are full of shocking violence,
terrifying monsters and, occasionally hilarious bloopers, like these favorites we showed you
last time around. [Screaming] “You must be f—ing joking!” “Over here, over here, over here! Oh, bollocks! Okay, just, just, just f— off! F— off!” [Screaming] “I actually bit her, I’m sorry.” But there are plenty more where those came
from! Here’s a look at some more bloopers that completely
change these horror movies. Fright Night The defining characteristics of a vampire
have developed over more than a century of fiction and film. Everybody knows they sleep in coffins, go
out only at night, and have big fangs they use to puncture their victims’ necks to more
effectively drink their blood. Countless vampire movies have featured scenes
of vampires dramatically exposing those chompers, but it loses its dramatic effect and descends
into silliness if, say, those fangs were to spontaneously fall out of an actor’s mouth—as
Christopher Mintz-Plasse discovered while filming this scene for the 2011 Fright Night
remake. “Seriously, stay away – oh, f—. My fang fell out.” Warm Bodies Part horror, part comedy, Warm Bodies concerns
a zombified young man stumbling around and falling in love—and a kid’s gotta eat, so
there are plenty of zombie-on-human attack scenes. Here, star Nicholas Hoult is supposed to be
going after some human prey, but he surprises his co-star and crew with some goofing off,
unleashing a loud, boisterous impression of one of the backwoods torturers from Deliverance—a
very different kind of horror movie. “It’s mine, m———–.” [Scream]
“Squeal like a pig, boy!” [Laughter] Hostel: Part II Eli Roth’s second Hostel is maybe even more
gruesome than the first. So many disturbing things go down: murder,
torture, power saws used as weapons, soccer played with a human head, and all kinds of
the gory stuff that makes going to the movies such a magical experience. And yet the most unnerving thing to ever go
down in the movie, the moment that will linger with viewers for years to come, is this disturbingly
funny outtake from Hostel: Part II where the victims don’t seem so sad after all: “This man will show you the way.” Disturbia The terror of seeing of a dead body is kind
of at the center of the entire horror genre. But if you’re an actor, seeing festering,
decaying bodies—either dummies or actors in make-up—day in and day out takes the
sting out of it. So really, when a snickering Shia LeBeouf
approaches some monstrosity on the set of Disturbia and kisses it, he’s just trying
to jazz up his workday. [Laughter]
“And, cut!” Young Frankenstein Finally, the Mel Brooks classic Young Frankenstein
isn’t a horror movie itself, but it does perfectly skewer old Hollywood horror movies. Comedian Marty Feldman is one of the film’s
many bright spots, portraying Dr. Frankenstein’s faithful assistant Igor as some strange combination
of maniac, pet, child, creep, and vaudeville performer. All those parts come into play in equal measure
during this scene, when Feldman gets a little too carried away and tears apart a prop with
his teeth. [Growling]
“Stop it!” “It’s gonna be a long night, so if you
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  2. Could you guys find someone more monotone and boring please. This guy only gets me to slightly nod off and I haven't had a good night sleep in a while

  3. That's it? Where's, like, Freddy Kreuger accidentally picking his nose with the gloves on, or the axe blade falling off the handle in Jack Nicholson's hands? That was kind of pathetic.

  4. not sure if it counts as a blooper, but final destination 3, for the gym death scene, they had to build their own machine for the kill since no gym equipment on the market could fail that catastrophically. shit you not.

  5. Wow that was really really awful, and I have actually never commented on a video to say this before. I mean you guys are great at other stuff but probably avoid comedy

  6. scream. the killer is pounding at Sydney's door. then a moment later Billy shows up at her window and she suspects him? how fast does she think he can run?

  7. It’s interesting that you included a blooper from the Fright Night remake because the whole thing was laughable in my opinion.

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