How a Braid Takes an Ugly Turn – Part 2

How a Braid Takes an Ugly Turn – Part 2

What I’m trying to understand is,
how did we get to this point? Did the lady not, how do you sit
down at somebody’s feet and->>That’s what they’re saying online, you guys got to read these comments,
this is hysterical.>>What are they saying?>>We got @zanemonet said, braids aren’t cheap. Who would sit for six hours plus getting
them done, knowing they can’t pay. @artesialovesgoats said, wow,
seems like she’s yelling at her too. Honestly, this is really sad and mean. Why not offer her some kind
of payment plan or something, instead of humiliating her like that.
>>Cuz they ain’t going to pay, that’s why. You ain’t got that, my bigger issue
with this is that it was filmed and put online as well.
>>I think they did that as a lesson.>>Because you will learn today. Come on. The Internet is so that you can learn.
>>You know what I would have probably done?
>>What would you have done?>>I’d probably, cuz somewhere there was
a conversation being had. I would have just left it like it was,
unfinished and just let her just get out of my life. I wouldn’t have probably taken it out,
I just would’ve left it, cuz it wasn’t completely done. And maybe that would have been it. I mean, well, they’re people that are
the professionals that are saying it was unprofessional from what I hear.
>>Yeah, that’s all I’m saying, but cuz she thinks she’s classy, but if that woman
did turn around and whip a lawsuit at her. She would be real pissed to have to pay
for something that she didn’t cause. But I will say I have a lot of family
members who own nail salons In the Bay Area. And there’s a lot of situations when
after I make sure they do this, after they reciprocate the understanding
of, you want an extra polish, you want an extra layer,
you want extra gems, it costs something. After you go, yeah, yeah,
that’s cool, you do it. Then you do the deed and
you give them the full set. And there’s actually women who are like,
no, I’m not gonna pay for that, I didn’t know. And they walk out with their manicure,
and you can’t stop them. They’re not people that have security at
the door, or have Glocks, or anything.>>Right.>>It’s not like that. So honestly,
you can call me a petty assed bitch then, because if you sat in my salon and
you didn’t pay for he nail job, I’d be like no nail for you.
>>[LAUGH]>>Nothing, that’s it.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>My time.
>>Man.>>I think people should just be honest, you know what I mean, cuz sometimes you can go you say I
really need to get my hair done. I just wanna say there are a lot braiders
and people that they will work with you.>>Yes.>>All you’ve gotta do is just tell them hey can I pay, can I do that.
>>I think if you explained up front and just said look
>>I’m here, I need to get my hair done,
I don’t have the money for it. Can we work something out? That’s way better than sitting there and
getting that hack job, that’s crazy.
>>I don’t know.>>I wanna know how she took them braids out though. Do you see what I’m saying? No, I mean when she got home,
she had to deal with all of that.>>The lesson is, don’t lie and say you want to get your hair done,
but you don’t have the money.

100 thoughts on “How a Braid Takes an Ugly Turn – Part 2

  1. Well then I guess you can get a payment plan at a restaurant too (laughing in East African accent 🤣🤣🤣🤣)… I am with Jeannie “No nail for you”🤣

  2. Honestly, this is why I do my own hair (and nails). I don’t have to pay anyone, I get my practice. So it’s a win win for me

  3. I would have called the cops. Call me a snitch but nu uh. No second option because it's true that women can turn around a sue and she has the video to prove it. Not saying she is right in any means. But I would have to see the hairdresser to get in trouble.

  4. What does your accent have to do about this situation? Tamera you need to apologize for that. We get upset if another race talks about black people. And not only African people braid!

  5. Man I stay months without doing my hair or doing DIY styles because I'm broke and I'm not about to go get my hair done and can't pay for it

  6. C'mon Tamera…you are not that removed from the black hair experience that you don't know "how she gonna take the rest of her braids out when she gets home" A rat tail comb and a mirror. It's not rocket science. Girl c'mon people want to like you but when you say stupid stuff it's like a smack in the face to the rest of us.😕

  7. Going somewhere If you ain’t got the money it’s just wrong. She could have kids to feed and lost all time on her. I’d leave her bald

  8. The fact that everyone is taking up for this trifling ass bitch who knew she didn't have the money to begin with… and is pissed off at the hairdresser, who's time and money was wasted.. Is ASTOUNDING TO ME. Also Adrienne.. why is it acceptable to walk into a hair salon with no money, and expect to be "worked with"? When you walk into a store with no money, do you say hey I don't have any money to actually buy anything..but can you work with me? No bitch.. that is what the Salvation Army is for, that's what Neighbors Inc is for. When you walk into a business why are you expecting services for little to nothing? Trashy af

  9. They lady had a African accent , they said . So maybe it’s a culture thing . In Africa they bargain tooth and nail . So maybe it just got out of hand . Or maybe she has done this before . That’s is why the one lady was so made . All in all that lady should of wasted everyone’s time if she didn’t have the money .

  10. Payment plan?! Are you stupid?! I aint your damn mama…and plus it aint like she told her in advance and made arrangements for a payment plan..she had the nerve to park her ass in the chair knowing damn well she couldn't pay! 😂

  11. What if the lady getting her hair donee bank account was hacked, or a bill came out that she didn’t expect, or maybe even her husband spent money that she wasn’t aware of. All of y’all just trying to be hateful and assume the worst.

  12. imagine if she wasnt greedy and let that obviously poor women have a nice treat. good karma wouldve come back to her. she probably wouldve been inclined to pay her back when she could. tbh all that work wasnt a waste of time and effort until she ruined it and cut it all off.

  13. Wow. Just seeing this. Sometimes the hairdressers try to charge u more when they have already quoted u a price as well. I would have told them call the police.

  14. How do they know somebody sent her off and said hey im goin to get your money off your card for you and they didnt come back

  15. Did she actually know she could not pay? It was unprofessional, if understandable. I have actually had this happen myself…I went to get my hair and nails done not knowing a check was being held by my bank and I couldn't pay. I agreed to come back and pay and they allowed that and I did go back and pay. No way my conscience would have allowed me not to pay.

  16. Jeannie and Loni are the only ones who understood this situation. This little girl tried to scam the salon and should have been taken to court. But sometimes street justice is the most efficient option. Tamera and Adrienne wouldn't understand.

  17. There are some hair salons that charge you by the hour. The time spent and they inform you of the minimum price of what an hour would cost but will not ever tell you the maximum. I cannot afford those places because I am not prepared to spend 500 on my hair – I just don’t go. Plain and simple

  18. I'm a hairdresser for 13 years now and you have NO IDEA how many times this happens to stylists and also how many times as well people come in and want crazy expensive services and then ask us to discount the services after they are done. It's annoying and upsetting but that's why I am always up front with pricing. And I will always call the police if people dont want to pay me. I didn't go to school for 2 years and pay thousands of dollars on my education and also take all the extra classes to do my job for free. Sorry not the one!

  19. idk what salon jaennie works at but all the asian salons i went to, they ran my card when the job was half done and I don't blame them. There is no way of getting away with free nails bc you pay before your nails are even done. what pisses me off is when thy charge me $5 just to have shorter fake nails, that should not be a $5 extra charge. I was pissed when I found out it was more and I wasn't notified ahead of time. I never went back after that. I learned how to do them myself and I actually like doing them myself more because I'm gentler on my skin and nails, less pain this way

  20. The whole situation is dumb to me. Why sit there that long knowing damn well you don't have money. And what's the point of cutting them out and doing all that to still not get your money or anything. I don't get it I guess.

  21. I wonder what the conversation was, what if she added money as she went? And the girl was like that's not what we discussed and I'm not paying bc idt it's worth it, I'm with the hair dresser, if you not paying you ain't rocking it, but the way she was aggressively cutting, nah, call the popo, don't set yourself up for a law suit

  22. Payment plan?
    Maybe if she asked for that BEFORE the process began, that would have been a proper contribution to this situation… 💇

  23. Well please let's talk about the nail salon in New York were the people who worked there took out broom sticks and started beating two women and there grandmother?

  24. If I don't have money, I just can't get it done….usually they tell you how much it is upfront so there's no issue…

  25. she deserved it. the customer had to know how much it would cost to get it done beforehand. if you cant afford it just call to cancel dont waste people time.

  26. I can't stand when people try to use the excuse of customer service/professionalism. We start with INTEGRITY. Don't you dare expect to be given "professionalism" and "service" after you did something dishonest, rude, sly, and sneak to begin with. Bump that. That girl sat there for HOURS and knew she couldn't pay??? She's not gonna sue anybody. She was in the wrong to begin with. She just wasted a person's time, energy, supply, AND money. Nope. Not. Having. It. PERIOD.

  27. Ain’t no payment plans ain’t no hand outs if you don’t have the money to get your hair done you should of never sat your ass in the chair they’re ppl who literally do this n get away with it but she wasn’t having it she cut them off because she worked hard for her money that’s work took time out her day to do her hair not for free

  28. Maybe the girl needed the lesson, but not that way. This could’ve been a lesson in kindness. In both situations the hairdresser would not have been paid. The only way this makes sense is that she desperately needed her hair done.

  29. I’m mad for the woman who did the braids. She lost time and money. Somebody else could of been in that chair and would’ve been paid. Btw I’m from the Bay Area they don’t play that. They even make you put a deposit for nails.

  30. If you dont have the money, get yo cousin, friend, auntie, and yoself to do your hair for you. You can't go to other businesses and just say you don't have the money

  31. In some cases the stylist changes the price. They will tell u one price over the phone but then when they are almost finished they try and say a different number. That could of happen too. That has happened to me. Like oh your hair is longer or thicker they charge more but don't specify in the initial conversation. Then I'm like um nope you told me this price this is what I brought, we talk it out then they say next time. Or something. Or I just pay it. Its actually happened more than once.

  32. I wouldn't offer to cut them out, I would do one of two things:

    1) Hold her ID and let her come back to make a payment (if she fails to do this she is banned for life)

    2) Call the cops for theft of service

    I know that job took a long time and she could have used it working on another client, but it's more conductive to recoup the payment later if possible. As a professional the number one thing you have to do is guard your reputation (knowledge, skill, experience, passion, integrity, respect, discipline, professionalism, etc.). It's actually better to prevent this altogether, why not allow them to choose everything they want upfront and pay upfront? It doesn't matter how it turns out as far as a payment being made in advance because the work is being done anyway. You don't get to have a service rendered to you for hours on end and then say you won't pay because you don't like it.

  33. So after she did all that SHE STILL DIDN’T GET PAID! A lot of y’all need anger management, not a business license. Why does that make you feel good? Call the police. Taking matters into your own hands may feel good in the moment, but you’re still going to be screwed in the end.

  34. Double work…LMAO..

    Work to put in work to take out… 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
    I wud have told her give me your drivers license… U can leave but i will be coming to collect some type of payment at your house…

  35. Or this was fake and meant to spread salon name and hype up salon…
    Really… Who wud sit and allow that angry Volient female with scissors near them…

  36. talking about what jeannie said in the nail salon, girls, i do nails along with my colleagues at my lovely beauty/hair salon, them crystals that you love on your nails are actually hella expensive to keep purchasing, so if you ever act like you “didnt know” it would cost extra DO NOT BS ME. GIRL BYE. I will soak off her nails there and then and make her leave if she doesn’t want to pay me, if otherwise i’ll call the police. Don’t mess around now.

  37. nooo im a hairdresser and too many times people come in tryna negotiate price. WHERE ELSE CAN YOU DO THAT?? N O W H E R E! the price is the price sis you dont go to walmart and negotiate the price of ya food with the cashier do you? no. and yea it may be different cuz its hair but guess what thats not my problem whether its a WANT or a NEED for you. i NEED to pay my bills just as much as the next person tf. if you cant pay the price get out of the salon or get something that you know you can afford for now and save up for the bigger goal. cuz all that time she wasted on her she couldve taken a bunch of haircuts, some colors, etc. and now to find out shes not getting paid? im not mad at her for getting angry sis youre messing with peoples money here!

  38. You gonna learn today. Y'all want the stylist to make accommodations for a thief. She knew before she sat down she didn't have money. Get your cousin to do them for 20 bucks don't go to a salon for a hook up. She has to keep her lights on too. Getting a weave is not a necessity it is luxury.

  39. Most hairdressers would just let you go.loool,i think the hairdresser was high because at the end of the day the hairdresser punished herself twice.first the hairdresser stood for more than an hour braiding,it was her wrists that were hurting not the customer's.secondly after all her sweat she again used those same wrists to cut off her hard work lol. The hairdresser played herself. At the end of the day the hairdresser didn't get a penny from the woman and she wasted her time and energy twice.she could have found a more sensible way to handle this lol.


    I think she just realized she didn't have the money by accident.

  41. Y’all made me go watch the original video real quick. Yeah. The woman getting her hair done was dead wrong. She humiliated herself. She learned that day!!!!

  42. PAYMENT PLAN????? This ain’t no damn light bill!! It’s a hair service. You pay TODAY!!! I’m with Jeannie” NO NAIL FOR YOU!”

  43. I heard that before getting your hair done, you should pay money first. MONEY, THEN HAIR. A lot of dishonest people in the world who think they can get away with anything and everything.

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