How I Back My Hoops | Cross Stitch & Embroidery How To

Using your iron on a low heat setting start on the back of your fabric. Don’t press too hard over the stitched sections. Next, find the right size hoop for your design. Use fabric or felt to make a back for your hoop. Trace around the outside of the hoop and cut it out. Center your design over the inside hoop as best as you can. Don’t worry about the outside hoop being perfectly centered just yet. Tighten the screw on the hoop then gently pull the fabric making sure it is taut. Cut the excess fabric around the hoop leaving about a quarter inch to half an inch and pull the fabric taut again. Starting at the top, use hot glue in small sections and fold the fabric down over the inside hoop. Once you have glued down all of the fabric trim any sections of fabric that are still too long and touch the front section of the fabric. Then, flip your hoop over and adjust the outside hoop so the hardware closure is centered at the top and tighten the screw. Take the backing fabric you cut earlier and center it on the back. Starting at the top again glue the fabric down. To keep the fabric design centered I like to glue the bottom section down after I glue the top and then glue the remaining sections. Cut off any excess fabric. Thank you for watching and please subscribe for more cross stitch and embroidery videos.

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