How long should your sewing thread be to hand sew?

How long should your sewing thread be to hand sew?

Welcome to Tuesday’s Tips from SewVeryEasy,
my name is Laura, and today I want to talk about what is the proper length to cut your thread for sewing. Very simple question, and it actually has a very simple answer. It’s a general rule. All-purpose thread is something you’re going to do general sewing with. You’re going to take the end of your thread and you’re going to pull at far as your arm’s going to go and that’s where you’re going to cut it. If you cut it any longer than that, it does have a tendency to tangle on you and it’s a little hard to keep under control. The other thing is if you’re going to use a specialty thread. If you’re going to have a silk or a very fine thread, you’re actually going to use half of that. The reason is that it’s very fine and the eye of the needle will actually fray your thread a little bit easier that it would your all-purpose thread. Because of the lightness of that particular thread, it is better to thread your needle a couple more times and prevent the thread from fraying and also it will keep that thread just a little bit stronger. But with all-purpose thread and any general sewing that you need to do, the arm’s length is where it’s at. I hope that helps you and, as always, thanks for joining me and I’ll see you again soon. Bye now.

3 thoughts on “How long should your sewing thread be to hand sew?

  1. When do you use two strands vs one strand of thread when hand sewing? I was always taught to run thread through eye and then tie the two ends in a knot at the end. It seems logical now just to hand sewing using a single strand of thread.

  2. I like this advice because it's so simple. There may be some projects I do where I don't need an arm's length but I figure why worry about it because thread is cheap and it's worth keeping it simple. Thanks for your guidance on this.

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