How to cast on yarn to start knitting. Hello, I’m Kristen and welcome back to my channel STUDIO KNIT. To begin, you will want to first create that slip knot and place your needle
inside the loop. Today’s cast on method that we’re using is called the LONG TAIL CAST ON. I suggest watching this part first and then we can do it together so
the yarn on the right we’re holding in our left hand with our two fingers our
index on our middle finger right there the other strand of yarn we’re going to
hold it with our other two fingers our ring finger and our pinky so this is how
we are going to hold the tension of our yarn and then we take our thumb around
to the bottom and this is the technique for holding your yarn in order to cast
it on and then with your right hand you’ll take your index finger and you’ll
place it right on to that first stitch to sort of help keep it in place as
you’re casting on so let’s do it together
holding your knitting needle in your right hand you’re going to take your
left hand and the yarn on the right side hold it between your two fingers then
take your other two fingers and hold the other yarn tail down next to your palm
you’ll then scoop your thumb underneath that yarn and hold it upward and lastly with your right hand take
your index finger and just hold it on to the stitch and that is going to help
keep it in place while we’re casting on okay so once you have your yarn in your
hands in this configuration you are ready to continue on and if this
knitting series has been helpful to you please like it up it really helps me out
I encourage you to also watch this before you give it a try yourself
so the knitting needle is going to go to the outside of the left and go under
we’re then going to take our knitting needle all the way over to the outside
of the right strand of yarn and also go behind it and pick up that yarn and that
loop right there we’re going to bring it right in between our thumb loop and that
is our next stitch everything sort of falls free and we lightly pull those two
strands of yarn and that is casting on okay let’s rewind and we’ll do it
together your knitting needle is going to the outside of the left picking up
that yarn and going right through and then it’s going to travel over to the
right side to the outside of the right yarn and it’s going to pick up that yarn
as well underneath and then that bit of yarn is going to come through your thumb
loop and then with your left hand you can let all of that go and lightly cinch
up your two strands of yarn and there you have cast on your knitting stitch
and then we just keep on going again you’re going to on your
right hand that finger sort of holds those stitches in place and if you need
to sort of get your left hand resituated right there let’s do this again and
let’s do it together so with our knitting needle we’re going to the
outside of the left of our knitting yarn we’re going to pick up that strand of
yarn with our knitting needle go behind it and we’re carrying that yarn all the
way over to the yarn on the right also going around to the outside bringing our
knitting needle behind it and then we’re carrying that yarn up through the loop
that we have our thumb holding and we’re going to bring it up our left hand let’s
everything go and then we pull our yarn so that it’s another nice little stitch
and here we have three stitches of knitting let’s do our fourth stitch
maybe a little bit faster okay we take our knitting needle to the outside left
bring that yarn over to the right we go to the outside of the right yarn
underneath it and that yarn is carried through our thumb loop and then we just
cinch it up into the next stitch now let’s go a little bit more in real time
we go around to the left around to the right through that thumb loop tighten
everything up and there is stitch five around to the left and around to the
right scoop it up and there is stitch six
and you’ll just continue casting on for the desired number of stitches casting
on really is one of the most challenging parts of learning how to knit so if you
find yourself getting frustrated or confused just take a break come back to
it again because once you conquer this everything is easy going check out my entire absolute beginner knitting series to get started knitting now available on TEACHABLE. Thanks so much for watching and I will see you next time guys. BYE!

19 thoughts on “HOW TO CAST ON KNITTING STITCHES 💖 Long-Tail Slowly

  1. Thank you very much for your patience and effort, to show us in detail !
    With love and appreciation from Greece !!!

  2. I just bought my first pair of needles and yarn (5 1/2 mm needles and 4mm yarn) and I'm excited to start! Thank you so much for these tutorials!

  3. Wow how simple and convenient. I've never cast on this way but it's great. I'll be using this method from now on, thank you so much.

  4. Hello!
    Not really related to the vid, but im just asking if u can make a vid explaining stitch markers like the one i saw in ur hogwarts scarf vid as i am making my own amd dont really understand how to knit with the markers on😓

  5. Thank you so much for your help! Yours was the only tutorial that I successfully managed to follow! Thank you for explaining everything step by step, awesome tutorial ❤❤

  6. Hi! I have watched 2 or 3 of your videos so far. I love that I can actually follow what you’re doing. Glad you don’t speed through the steps. Thank you. Yes, I subscribed.

  7. Thank you so much! I've been struggling to learn the long tail cast on, and I nailed it on the first try after watching your video. You are so clear and articulate, and the video has the perfect amount of detail! 🙂

  8. Id like to know what the difference is between this and a simple slip knot one. Does it keep from going undone? Is it to hide the end of the yarn?

  9. Thank you!! I've been trying to learn how to do this for so long and your video is the only one that made sense! Have now successfully cast on with this method for the first time! Great tutorial.

  10. I have always preferred the 2 needle cast on, as you don't need to estimate the number of stiches before. Perhaps because when working with thin needles I find holding the yarn with one hand not tight enough, my fingers can never grip 😂

  11. Let me make sure this is correct. When casting on, the shorter tail yarn is between the index and middle finger and the longer yarn (the working yarn that comes from the skein) is the one that rests on the palm of your hand. Is this correct? I am confused because you keep saysing the yarn on the right side and I'm not sure if you mean the longer piece or the shorter piece. Please answer asap as I am anxious to continue. Thank You!!

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