How to Create a Braided Scarf Bun | Bailey’s Back to School Hairstyles

How to Create a Braided Scarf Bun | Bailey’s Back to School Hairstyles

(upbeat music) (camera shutter clicks) (camera shutter clicks) – Hey guys, it’s Kilee! And today I’m gonna teach you– oh wait! Where’s Bailey? – Hey guys! It’s Bailey and this is Kilee, my cousin, and today we’re gonna be
teaching you the bandana bun. So it’s a perfect back to school hairstyle or any people who are really
active in sports and stuff. It’s a cute way to accessorize just a typical day to day bun, so, let’s go on to the video. Okay, so to start the hairstyle off you can see that I’ve already put her hair into a high ponytail, but I decided to add a
little bit of a grown up look to the ponytail by puffing the front and pulling out some whispies, and this it totally up
to you, it’s optional, you can just do a slick back ponytail too, whatever you want. But I just added that just for fun. So now you gotta get
your bandana slash scarf, we have our scarf here. Because her hair is pale we decided to pick a
super cute flowery scarf. And we’re gonna go ahead and
turn her and start the bun. So this bun is actually
perfect for back to school because you can kinda pizzazz it up and add the cute accessory. So first things first,
I’m gonna pull this scarf through the rubber band
so it’s held still. So it doesn’t move when I’m
braiding it into her hair. You wanna pull a good chunk of it forward ’cause you’re gonna end up using
this at the end of the bun. So now that I’ve pulled that forward, we’re gonna start braiding. So we’re gonna take our scarf and add a small chunk of hair to it. Now, it doesn’t have to be a huge chunk because the scarf is taking
up a lot of your chunk that you’re gonna be braiding with. And so now you’re gonna split
the other two sections out and begin braiding. Now the goal of this is to make sure that your scarf
is still sitting on top so you can see it even
when you’re braiding, ’cause that’s the whole
point of having it in there. So we’re gonna try and
make sure to manipulate it so that you can see the scarf while we’re braiding. (“Faster Car” by Anders Lystell) So Kilee over here, she
does gymnastics, huh Kilee? How long have you been
doing gymnastics for? – A really long time. – Yeah. – [Kilee] I started
when I was really young and then I quit for a
year to try new things, and then I started back last year. – So she wears buns a lot. Would you wear this to gymnastics? – Yeah. See it would keep her hair out of her face while still being cute and stuff. Okay, so now our braid is done and I’m gonna add a clear rubber band at the bottom to hold it in, as you usually would with a braid. Okay, so now that I’ve done
that, you see this end here? We’re gonna go ahead and wrap
the bun like you usually would with the braid. See how cute that ribbon
looks in the braid? Especially on her blonde
hair it looks really cute. So once you get it all
wrapped up and looking cute, you wanna pull your end of the braid out so it doesn’t get wrapped in there, and you’re gonna wanna tie your
ribbon together at the top. This is gonna help secure the bun in. And then if you have any
excess ribbon or bandana you can go ahead and tuck
that in to make it look cute. So now that it’s all secured, we’re just gonna wrap these up in there and bobby pin them in. You can hide the bobby
pins as well as you can. I’m gonna go ahead and do that right now. And if you feel like your bun is loose you can always add extra bobby pins, like I’m gonna go ahead
and add extra bobby pins just in case she decides
to do anything active, as kids probably would, with the bun, to make sure that it stays in. – Maybe like, mostly sports. – Yeah, mostly kids who would
wear this to sports and stuff. – [Kilee] Mm hmm. – And there you have the bandana bun. So now it’s time for the final spin. So like I said before, this is basically the
perfect back to school look because you’re hair’s
still pulled up and cute, but it also has a super
cute accessory on top of it, it’s really, unique, I feel like. I’ve never seen this before,
which is totally awesome. And it’s also good for things like kids who are in activities, who want their hair more than just the typical day to day ponytail. It’s super cute so, that is the perfect back to school slash activity bun for you right there. Thank you guys so much
for watching this video. Hopefully you learned something
today from me and Kilee, we’re a good pair huh Kilee? Yeah. So I know this hairstyle is a really awesome back
to school hairstyle, so comment down below when
you guys go back to school ’cause I know I’m dreading it. I mean I’m kinda excited ’cause college, but you know what I
mean, school is school. Right? So comment down below when
you guys go back to school. – Don’t forget guys, to
click the blue flower and subscribe to Cute Girls Hairstyles. – Yes! And to watch more family
blogs behind the braids, click the button right over there. Now we’ll see you guys next week, we love y’all! Bye! – Bye! (upbeat music)

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