90 thoughts on “How to Create a Diamond Infinity Braid (ft Brooklyn from BrooklynAndBailey)

  1. I REALLY missed these type of videos and I’m pretty sure Brooklyn did as well…I also love you guys soo much, you’re such an inspiration and I honestly wouldn’t be where I am if I hadn’t watched your videos, you guys have taught me so much…
    Thanks for that, Ily

  2. WOWWWW I am definitely going to try this!!! Thank you for the tutorial!!
    To be honest, Dutch braids and French braids are my favorite because they are so easy to do on yourself!!!
    Your family is beautiful!!! I love you guys so much!!!

  3. I love that braid! I just wish that I could actually do these kinds of things! I can’t do anything with my hair…just have never been able to do it. ☹️
    This is very pretty though, and so good to see Brooklyn in a hair video! 🥰

  4. I get notifications on all of yalls videos but I did not get one for this. That’s ok though because I was watching y’all and stumbled on this one. Happy the twins are home for the summer. I met y’all a little bit ago and y’all are so nice I’m subscribed and thought this video was cool. You are all super talented people and hope y’all are doing well. – Chelsea Boothe

  5. I’m so happy Brooklyn was back!! I definitely will be trying this on of my friends! I think my favorite braid is the waterfall braid

  6. Gosh I wish I could do this on my hair!! it’s long like hers but I don’t think I could do it myself

  7. I'm going to have my mom try this on me so that I can wear it while being a staff member at a girls/family camp this summer .

  8. Before checking this out I wondered if it would be a vlog or a hair tutorial. Such a pretty hair tutorial.

  9. I've literally seen at least 7 tutorials pop up for this on YouTube just in the past two weeks. It's so trendy right now lol

  10. Brooklyn has Lovley long beautiful hair I love to see Brooklyn and Bailey do hair and braid on you tube

  11. Oh my god Brooklyn's hair so long and she is so pretty and I love u R videos so muchhhhh love u guys♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️and also congratulations for 5.6 million and mindy is so beautiful too and it has been so long for a hair tutorial and I miss too but now nooo

  12. Missed the hair videos!! Please make more! I love your vlogs but your hair videos are the reason I fell in love with y’all 7 years ago ❤️❤️

  13. This was so helpful! Thank you for uploading this! I love y’all sooo much!!!! It must be nice to have her at home so you could do hairstyles on her!! She’s very lucky to have such a talented mom. Mindy your eye makeup is amazing! And Brooklyn you have very pretty hair!

    I hope you see this!

  14. My daughter is back from college too, and has super long hair that gets GORGEOUS natural honey to white blond highlights in the summer
    (Iife guarding and coaching water sports does that ), maybe she’ll let me try this 🤞My other daughter prefers a shoulder length and dyed it blue which is so fun. I love how girls can express their personal it with their hair

  15. So beautiful. Can you say hi to Taylor? That would mean the world to me. I watch all your guy's videos! 😃😃

  16. Hey Mindy! I was wondering if you’ll be doing some fun summer hairstyles? See, I work in the restarting biz, and I need to keep my hair up. Any suggestions?😁

  17. I love how Mindy gave an introduction about brooklyn in the title like we had no idea she is her daughter😂😂😂
    (No offense love them)😊

  18. I remember when Brooklyn and Bailey were little and you used to do their hair! Now they're all grown up and finished their first year at college!! 😱 Time flies man, time flies

  19. Heck yes I'm going to try it lol I love it I want to be a hairstylist to so this helps a lot thx love these❤

  20. i think my favourite type of braid is dutch braid because you can puff them out and make them look sooo soft and veluminous that it looks like you spent ages on it but really didint

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