100 thoughts on “How to create a Pull-Through Braid | Easy Braided Hairstyles

  1. That's really cool. I like the matched to hair elastics but I'm wondering if you've done it with any bright colored elastics?

  2. How old was Brooklyn in this video? I want to see if I can do it if she could do it at this age! Also how old is Kamri?

  3. First video I watched from you guys💕 When I was living in a hotel when I first moved to Texas…memories😢

  4. I'm trying this tomorrow. My girl is starting her new job and I will be in charge of taking the baby girl to school and getting her ready. She has beautiful thick hair. So I was searching for something easy for a beginner like me to try lol thank you. I never learned. Step daddy thing is new to me so 🙂

  5. Add more ponytail hairstyles I like those the best in there so beautiful I've been doing them almost every day no seriously I have

  6. I'm 9 and now after watching your videos I make such good hairstyles Thanks for creating such a good channel. love you 😙😍😘😗💋💕😚

  7. but you can't do this method on short hair, can you? can you do short hair tutorials please and can you start doing shout outs and give me one please.

  8. I used this style on my daughter a couple of days ago. My daughter has fine hair and it is hard to just keep it in a braid or a ponytail that actually STAYS for half a day. I tried this one and when she came home from school, she still had a PERFECT looking ponytail and every bump in the braid was still perfect! This definitely does stay and will use this one quite often because she absolutely loved it. For idea on age, my daughter is about to turn 6, so it works on 1st graders and I'm sure it'll work on pre-k kids too!

  9. I know I'm two years late but I just tried this hair style and I'm in love thank you for this I'm going to wear it on Wednesday when I go back to school

  10. This is so beautiful!! I tried it for school this morning and tons of people thought it was adorable!! Thank you so much

  11. I was watching a video from jojo Siwa and she said she loved this hairstyle and she's obsessed with it! And she said she watched it from you guys/ cute girl hairstyles!!!!

  12. Hey, Mindy your the best!!! My name is Ayla Navaya. I am learning so many different hairstyles from you. I am only 9 an I learned 10 different hairstyles from you. Thanks for having this channel I love it!!!

  13. I did my neice's hair like this for a school play, and she loved it! She strutted around the stage like Tyra Bank's, and the audience thought it was hilarious. Now she wants "fancy" braids every week. 😂
    Thanks for the easy tutorials!

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