How to Create a Weave Texture for Fashion Design in Adobe Photoshop

How to Create a Weave Texture for Fashion Design in Adobe Photoshop

So we did a blog some time ago on creating a simple weave texture in Photoshop that can overlay a print. And since we’ve been talking a lot about
prints lately, I thought it would be great to end our pattern series (at least for now) with a video version of how to do this. So take a look! Your weave texture can be a jacquard, twill, plain weave, almost anything and you can create a simple repeat using the marquee tool and the grid. In this tutorial, I’ll be creating a right hand twill. I’m going to start with a 2X2 inch canvas with a white background at 150 dpi resolution. Choose “Show Grid” and “Snap to Grid” from the View menu, and you may also want to turn on your smart guides. Choose the Rectangular Marquee Tool, and using the gridlines as a guide, create a rectangular marquee in one square of the grid. Right mouse click and choose Fill. And from the Fill dialog box, choose 50% gray. Select the Move Tool. Hold ALT (for PC) or OPTION (for Mac), and click to drag a copy of the square to
the next area to be filled. Once you create your repeat, go to the Edit menu, choose Define Pattern, name your pattern, and click OK. To use your new pattern, open your texture or print, go to the Layers Panel & choose the “Create new Fill or Adjustment Layer” icon, or what I like to call “the black and white cookie.” Choose Pattern, and an options box appears along with a new layer filled with the pattern you just saved. Adjust the scale of the pattern so it’s proportional to the size of the print, then click OK. To make the weave texture blend into the print, change the Blending Mode of the Fill layer and adjust the opacity to your liking. I use either the Multiply or Lighten blending mode and an opacity of about 20%. This overlay gives you a great looking weave texture that you can save and use over and over again. It’s a nice way to give a woven or a jacquard some dimension when you’re presenting it on paper or on a CAD. So that is today’s digital fashion tip. If you have any feedback or you enjoyed this, go ahead and leave a comment below or like the video. And if you want more digital fashion tips, don’t forget to subscribe to our channel. As always, thank you so much for watching. Have a fabulous week, and I’ll see you on 7th Avenue!

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  1. A quick note for those of you who may use (or have heard about) the "Step and Repeat" function in Photoshop. I don't use it here (and instead manually copy my squares) because it tends to add the tiniest bit of space as it repeats and doesn't exactly line up with the grid. It is a great function, though, for other things.

  2. hi madam, just now i have seen this video .its gud . is it possible to get code after finishing of that wave patter that code should be whatever the use of electronic punching Jacquard system. pl send me .
    my mail id [email protected]

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