How To Crochet A Blanket | Half Double Crochet Stitch

How To Crochet A Blanket | Half Double Crochet Stitch

in today’s video I’m going to show you
how to create this blanket using multiple colors and using a half double
crochet for this project I’ll be using multiple colors of this yarn and then I
will also be using a 5 millimeter hook before we jump any further into the
video if you guys are new please subscribe and then don’t forget to hit
the bell see you’re notified when I upload a new video so the first thing we
need to do is make a slipknot you just wrap this around your thumb and then
take this yarn and push it through and grab that loop and then both of these at
the same time now if you’d like to see this slower and in more detail you can
check out my video description for a full video on just making a slipknot so
now you need to grab your yarn so I wrap this around my pinky and then put my
hand flat with my finger underneath and pinch with my middle and my thumb so
make sure your knot is that this the hook can move but it is snug it
shouldn’t be too loose or too tight so now we need to make a chain okay so
you’re gonna hook the yarn and pull it through then you’re gonna hook turn the
hook down pull through okay so you’re hooking this with it up turn it down
pull it through so now again I have another video that is just on how to do
a chain so you can check that out in the video description as well but just make
your chain and this should be as long as you want your blanket to be so the width
of this is usually the way you want to go but a blanket can be you know 100 200
of these so we’re just gonna do a sample size so let’s just pretend that this is
a really really long chain as wide as you want a blanket so now we’re gonna do
our double half crochet so what we’re gonna do is you can kind of see if you
look at it it almost looks like v’s a little bit let me take this off and
flatten it you can kind of see it’s they’re almost like V’s that go down and
you can see the little spaces so you want to go like right at the base of
those V’s so for the double half crochet I go into the third one so this is one
two three so I’m gonna hook this I’m gonna go straight through that
bottom V and I’m just using my fingers for support when it comes out the other
side you’re gonna hook this again and pull it back through so now you should
have three on there and you’re just gonna hook and pull it straight through
now if this was a double crochet you would go through the first two and then
the second two so that’s why it’s called a double half crochet so that’s why it’s
called a half double crochet so again you’re gonna hook we’re gonna go into
this next hole okay when it comes out the other side you’re gonna hook it and
pull it back through so there’s three and then you hook and pull it through
all three okay so let me do it one more time so hook through the bottom of the V
hook your yarn again and pull it back through so there’s three hook go through
all so I’m gonna finish this out and then I will show you how we would rotate
and do the next row so I do want to mention when you finish the first one it
might look like this and this might happen to multiple times
it’s totally fine you just kind of uncurl it and just I kind of just
stretch it a little bit to reshape it there we go so that’s our first row now
what we’re going to do is you always always want to work from the right side
to the left so we need to do a couple stitches and then rotate it so what I’m
going to do is we’re gonna do one two okay so you’re just doing two chains and
then rotate your work because we always want to go from right to left now this
is to me is a little bit easier if you if I called it just like this you can
see all those holes along the top that’s exactly where we’re going so you can see
this first one right here if I stretch it there’s a hole right there but this
is already our post so we don’t want to go into that one because that’s already
counting as one so I’m going into this very next one so same thing you’re gonna
hook we’re gonna go straight through that hole and then when it comes out the
other side you’re gonna hook it and pull it back through now I’m just taking my
finger and kind of rotating this so I can see it a little better so there’s
three on there so you will hook and pull through all three
I’m going really slow so this one I keep getting stuck also if your tension is
too tight that’s gonna happen a lot and tension is you pulling on this yarn
really really tight I’ve never really seen a beginner do this to loose it’s
always too tight so try to keep your hands loose if you can this yarn should
kind of slide through your fingers so we’re gonna hook this and go right into
this next hole okay when it comes out the other side you’re gonna hook the
yarn again and pull it back through so you have three then you’re gonna hook
and go through all of them so we’ll do that again so hook go through this hole
hook it again and pull it back through then hook and go through all three so
hook through the hole hook it again and pull it back through the hole then
you’re gonna hook and go through all three so that’s what we’re doing for the
whole project okay so I’m just going to show you a few more I’ll try to go slow
hooking it in the hole hook back through the hole hook through all three hook
through the hole hook back through the hole hook through all three so now I’m
gonna finish this row and show you how I am switching colors for my blanket so
here’s the blanket I’ve been working on and as you can see all the ends where
the two colors meet have little ties on them so I started with black and I’m
ending with black so I’m gonna rotate this over this is what I wanted to do a
sample because I didn’t want you to get overwhelmed with like all this stuff
going on but let me show you how I’m gonna do my last row and how I’ve been
connecting all these colors so there’s three methods you can do for tying knots
I am gonna leave that video in the description as well but for me I just
prefer to tie knots I just think it’s easier faster simple whatever so you
have this last little one and I cut the tail off you want to probably cut
anywhere from four to six inches so you have something to work with and then all
I do is I pull this until I get right to the end right before it’s going to come
out just kind of pinch that with my nail and
I usually take a couple rows out just type something to work with so now this
is exactly where I need to tie it so I am just gonna make like an X with the
other yarn so I make an X over top of that one okay so now it’s like this and
I’m literally just gonna tie knot right there now do I always tie it loose at first
because if for some reason that doesn’t line up properly then I can redo it
so now I’m just gonna finish off those last couple stitches again so hook
through the hole hook pull it back through hook and through all three so
we’ve got one more so hook through this hole hook and you can see right where I
stopped is the new color so I’m gonna get rid of the two tails those are the
cut pieces and this is the new color I’m working with so now when i hook this and
pull this through my next row literally started with the new color so let me
show you how to now rotate this I’m gonna put something behind it though
because this is why I was showing you just a sample cuz it’s really hard to
see with all these colors okay so now I’ve got that next row and I’m going to
just hook this and we’re gonna go right into black so I’m hooking this once and
twice and now I’m gonna rotate because again we want to go from right to left
okay so now I’ve rotated my work so we’re going to hook and go through this
first hole right here and then we’re gonna hook and pull it back through
until I have three on now I’m gonna hook and pull it through all three and we’ll
do it again hook go through the next hole and hook pull it back through and
then through all three and we’re literally just repeating that throughout
the whole entire project but you’re just gonna kind of go back and forth you can
see all the different colors that I’ve done and I’ll show you guys how I’m
gonna hide those and then also how I’m gonna end this project okay so to
demonstrate the last part which is ending your project I’m going to use
another sample piece so these are two of the colors I’m using for my blanket but
my blanket is obviously like a thousand times long
so this would be like the end of the blanket and this is the start of the
blanket so this one’s already been tied off when I did my foundation chain and
then here I’ve done my last stitch so what we’re gonna do to end it is really
super easy all you’re gonna do is take the last piece of yarn and stick it
right through the hole like that okay and then you’re just gonna keep pulling
it until it gets snug so you’re pretty much just making a knot right there so
that’s really all you need to do to end it and now we need to get rid of all
these tails so for the blanket that I’m doing every time I switch colors I’d
have two tails one for each color and then at the beginning of your blanket
you’ll have a tail and at the end you’ll have a tail now if you run out of yarn
anywhere you’ll also have this so potentially you’ll have all these
different things that you’ll have to sew in now to finish this you’re gonna need
a large needle you can use a plastic one that’s specifically for crochet
I prefer metal because I think it moves a little bit easier so I’m gonna do the
end that I pretty much stopped the blanket with because this color is a lot
easier to show you but we’ve got this long tail so I’m gonna take my needle
and I’m just opening focus here I’m just pinching it so it’s a lot easier to get
through the needle go okay so I’m gonna take this now and we’re gonna go just
kind of behind these stitches and I’m just gonna weave it in and out you kind
of go in between it’s like going so you can’t really see it too much on this
side or on this side so I’m just kind of weaving it through and you want to do
anywhere from one to two inches sorry it keeps going in and out of focus okay and
then we’re just going to pull like that now this tail is really long so what I’m
gonna have to do is just pull the yarn so that it comes out and get that there
we go okay now if this got all scrunched like that you just give it a tug and it
straightens back out okay so now we’re just gonna cut this piece off just get
it really close don’t cut your project and there you go you can’t really see at
all where I just weaved it it okay so now we’re gonna do the same thing on the
end of the black which was technically the start on my blanket this is where I
ran out of yarn so this is a good example you can see how short I forgot
to leave like a longer tail so let me show you how you would do this
because you’re not gonna be able to weave this on the needle first so what
we’re gonna do is take the needle without weaving it on and I’m gonna just
put this through a few of these strands so we’re gonna go through these two and
then probably those two because it’s not very long I’m gonna get this all the way
down so I’m gonna take my yarn and I’m just gonna pinch it like I did before
and put that through okay so now I’ve already got the needle through there and
so all I have to do now is just give it a tug thanks so just give it a tug and
there we go and it went through so and you saw if I pulled it back a little bit
now the tail is completely gone so I need to do the same thing with this one
but I’m gonna go up maybe like a little higher so we’ll go up here it doesn’t
really matter where you weave it in and now just get it through there we go okay
so now I need to take this end right here and do the same thing okay so it’s
through already oops no I just got this enter and we’ll
just give that a tug there we go and it just like disappears so that’s
all you have to do for all of the different ends and that’s pretty much it
and your blanket will be done so that’s pretty much it for today’s video
this blanket could potentially take awhile just depending on how big you
want it but the stitch is really easy to do and you just repeat it over and over
now if you can’t remember how to start a new row you can go to the beginning of
this video and just watch that segment again if you liked the video please give
me a thumbs up and if you have any questions feel free to leave comments
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