How to do an Ornate Right Angle Weave in Bead Weaving

How to do an Ornate Right Angle Weave in Bead Weaving

Go to for all of your beading supply needs! Hi this is Megan with and I’m
going to show you how to do an Ornate Right Angle Weave in bead
weaving. This is a project that I’m working
on. I’m using this stitch but I’m going to show you on these other pearls and bicones because they are
a little bit larger and the colors will give a little bit more contrast so you can follow the stitch a little bit easier. I’m using Swarovski pearls and Swarovski Crystal
bicones. The bicones should be smaller than the pearls. You can do this stitch with other beads. You can use other rounds other
crystals. You could used just regular seed beads in larger
sizes and smaller sizes. I really like the fancy effect of using the pearls on the bicones. That’s what I’m
using but you could definitely use other beads in there instead. So I’m going to start with a needle and thread and I’m using a size
twelve needle because you do make quite a few passes through the
beads in this stitch and a nice braided thread like wildfire fire line. So this version of right angle weave alternates between groups of the pearls with crystals
between them and groups of pearls on their own. So to start you want to make a group of four pearls with bicones between them. I’m using bigger materials for this example so it is going to come out rather large. I just want to make sure that it’s easier to see what I’m doing. Go ahead and string four pearls and four bicones Bring it towards the end. Make sure you leave
the tail on the end of your work when ever ever you do bead weaving and bring your needle back through the first pearl and pull it into a loop. On the first loop I’m going to go through the next crystal, the next pearl, the next crystal, and the next pearl. You want your tail to stay at the end of your work. You’re going to work this way. So the next group doesn’t have crystals, it’s just pearls. We only have one pearl. We’re
going to build off of those so we need three more. String them on and then bring your needle back to through
the first pearl and pull that into a loop. You can see with the larger size beadds you do you see a lot of the
thread. You don’t as much like with the smaller size as you do with the big one. I’m also using contrasting thread so
it’s showing up a lot more than it would if you used with something that matched. Then take your needle back through the next two pearls because we want to keep building this way so we want to get over to that
pearl. All right now we’re going to build
another group of pearls with crystals off of this side of that cluster. So we’re
going to go with that pearl right there. So we want to start with a crystal and add three more pearls with a crystal between each one and then last crystal to go next to
that pearl as well and go back to through that last pearl from the previous group and pull it into a loop. So you can see this is just is a much larger version of this one piece of this here. You will continue through the next crystal and the next pearl so that we can work this way. You’re going
to build your next two off of that pearl there. Since it alternates and this
group has crystals the next one will be just plain pearls. So I have one I’m going to add three more and pull your thread through that first pearl again to make a loop. Then follow through you’re going to
go through all three of the ones you just put on to get back to the side you want to
work on. Okay now this part as a little tricky because what we’re going to add next is a group of pearls with crystals in between but we want to use the same crystals that
connected on the corners of the last ones over here and incorporate them so that you can see here there’s just a
one crystal between instead of having two stacked right next to each other. So we’re going to use this pearl and this pearl. We’re
gonna pick up that crystal and that crystal also. You already came out of this pearl here
I’m just going to go and pick up that crystal and then go through this next pearl and then go through the next crystal as
well. Incorporate all of that into our next
one. So we have a pearl, a crystal, a pearl, a crystal. We just need
to complete the segment. So add another pearl, another crystal, a pearl and a crystal and then when you go back through that last pearl it will go ahead and bring that loop together. Then travel with you needle back though until you get over to this pearl
right here cause that’s the area, the direction in which we’re
going to keep moving. If you’ve done plain right angle weave you’ll be
familiar with the flow of the needle the way that it loops around and back to keep going in the direction that you’re
going. Then it’s going to be another plain pearl group with no crystals and we already have two
here so we just need to add two more. We’re going to go back through this pearl here to complete the loop and then we’ll continue building this way
so you need to get to that pearl. I’m just going to do another row make it nice and clear how you can
cooperate the crystals as you go. So this is going to become group off of this pearl that has crystals next to that pearl you need a crystal You’re going to add another crystal and another pearl. When you have three pearls you can see this crystal here is already
there to go next to it so you don’t need to add a last one. What you’re going to do is actually go in through that crystal and then through the pearl. Just as you’re working on make
sure that you pick up the crystals that were already from the
previous loops when you wanna work them into the grouping otherwise you would end up with two here and it looks much the more clean and neat with just one. And then bring your needle back around. You always want to keep working around in
loops. You don’t wanna turn two suddenly. Keep following the loop around in the direction that
you’re going until you get to where you wanna go with
it. Where we want to go with it is right up through this next pearl here which is going to be grouped
with this one here. So go ahead and go through you can go ahead and always go put your needle
through as much of your loop is already in place. That’s going to be a plain loop so you
only going to add two more pearls. Go back through both of those and then up through the next as well. Then you’re gonna build another grouping with crystals. So crystal, pearl, crystal, pearl, and then one more crystal to go on the outside of that pearl. Go through the pearl to make it a loop and you wanna make sure to pick up that
crystal as you go back through the loop. You want to go up through to continue from that pearl right there. Then from there you would just keep
building your group’s alternating between pearls only and pearls with crystals. You can make it as narrower as wide
as you want and just keep working for as long as you want. That’s how you do an Ornate Right Angle stitch in bead weaving. Go to for all of your beading supply needs!

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  15. Our project and video tutorials are meant to inspire you and teach you new techniques so that you can make your design ideas come to life. Our tutorials are for personal use only, however, and should not be used for commercial purposes.

  16. i'm not selling my home made jewelry so that is nothing to worry about. but i was just wonder. if i made a tutorial with i simular bracelet you made here. of that was aloud??

  17. Our tutorials are for personal use only and should not be used for commercial purposes. That includes as a reproduced tutorial or as a finished piece. Thank you for your inquiry.

  18. Thanks for the tutorial. The instructions were very clear, easy to follow. I'm a beginner and for me it was easy to complete my bracelet within 2-3 hours 🙂 how do you attach a clasp to it?

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  23. You can get the supplies featured in our videos on Beadaholique . com's website. The links for the supplies in this video are located in the video description underneath this video.

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  25. You can use the Closed Caption option underneath this video and click the Translate Captions option to see the CC into another language.

  26. The example I showed was the Angel's Wings Bridal Choker, which is in our Free Projects Section at Beadaholique . com. It uses 4mm pearls and 2.5mm bicones.

  27. Δεν πρεπει να φαινονται ετσι οι κλωστες,γιατι ειναι αντιαισθητικο! Πολυ ψιλο χαντρακι,δεν μπορει να καλυψει τα κενα;

  28. The thread is Wildfire Thermal Bonded Beading Thread .006 Inch – White- 50 Yd. You can get the supplies featured in our videos on Beadaholique . com's website. The links for the supplies in this video are located in the video description underneath this video.

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  34. How to do an Ornate Right Angle Weave in Bead Weaving
    No explica cómo anexar el cierre a la pulsera ya terminda, por favor

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