How to do Surface Crochet – Slip Stitch and Chain Embroidery

How to do Surface Crochet – Slip Stitch and Chain Embroidery

Hi I’m Donna Wolfe from
Today i’ll show you how to do surface crochet. It’s a slip stitch that creates
a chain look that you can use for letters or numbers or even shapes. To do
this I’m starting out with a simple single crochet piece. I take my yarn and
make a slipknot with it. I extend the loop up a bit and remove my crochet hook. Then I insert my hook into the crochet
work and pull that loop through to the other side. This helps secure it to the
crochet work. Then following the natural line made by the single crochet stitches
I insert my hook kind of in between the stitches, make a yarn over from the back,
and pull through, then complete the slip stitch. Or technically it’s also a chain. You can see how it creates a chain on the surface of the work. Insert my hook
into the next space, yarn over from the back, and pull through, then complete the
slip stitch. And again insert hook yarn over and slip stitch. The key to making
surface crochet look good is to make your stitches rather loose. You don’t
want them tight otherwise they will pucker the fabric. At the end make your
last slip stitch or chain through the fabric then cut your yarn a few inches
from the last stitch. Pull the yarn through then reach from behind and pull
the strand through to the back. You can then weave in those ends as you would
for any crochet project. You can use this same process with letters or numbers.
With single crochet stitches they are relatively nice and square so you can
move your hook sideways or up and down diagonally or even in a circle or spiral.
As mentioned before when you weave in your ends on the back try to follow
along the yarn in the back so that you can’t see the ends. With shapes I like to
cut them out on paper first then use a safety pin to pin them to the crochet
work. In this case I’m using two strands of yarn held together to puff out my
outline. Begin by pulling your loop towards the front from the back of the
work. Then using the template as your guide
make your surface crochet stitches around the edge of the shape. Take each
stitch slowly and stop and look a few times to ensure the lines are following
the template. Once completed just cut and weave in the ends on the back. And that’s
how I do surface crochet. To get more videos like this please subscribe to my
YouTube channel!

60 thoughts on “How to do Surface Crochet – Slip Stitch and Chain Embroidery

  1. Thank you for teaching me how to do that .
    that really looks nice and adds a nice touch to your crochet project
    PS your nails are absolutely gorgeous! ! 😊

  2. Hi Donna, this question is not related to this particular video, but instead to your faux broom stitch video.
    I was wondering if there was a way to continue on to the next row using the same color without cutting yarn every row.
    Thank you. I love your videos.

  3. Ohh wow… super duper hit…. definitely I will use this in my next project… by the way beautiful nail paint you are wearing… thanks Donna 👍😘😘😘🌷🌷🌷💐💐😘💅💅💅😍

  4. Hi Donna. TY for showing this. I thought that's how it was done but wasn't sure. TY

  5. Ty Donna … I really love using this stitch… makes one piece look like a whole other one when completed … a real saver when you want multi colors but just don’t have enough yarn🧶🤔

  6. This is perfect timing I am just finishing a sweater and I wanted to do this top hide some seam work. Thank you for the tutorial. Wishing you much love💗 Many blessings 🙏 and Happy Crocheting 🧶😁🧶

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