How To Embroider Visors With a Cap Hoop (Embroidery Hub Ep  71)

How To Embroider Visors With a Cap Hoop (Embroidery Hub Ep 71)

if you’ve ever wondered how to embroider
on visors, you probably think you can’t do it on a regular cap hoop but you can
I came up with my own way of doing it and I’m gonna share that with you guys
today so before we get started I just want to
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there I will reveal a cap embroidery guide that’s going to save your life so
stick around to the end so the first thing I’m gonna do is I’m just gonna go
ahead and spray my stabilizer with some temporary adhesive so now that I have it
sprayed I’m just pulled back to sweatbands of the hat as you can see and
I’m going to place the tearaway stabilizer right above your sweatband
now that I have everything together I’m just gonna go ahead and place everything
underneath the top it just makes it a lot easier to get that swept out
underneath the tab because with visors it’s a lot more important that you get
the sweat band underneath the top with cat poop with regular cap hooping you
should as well but with visors since you have such a limited space want to make
sure you are hooping in as tightly as possible another reason why it’s
important to use temporary spray is because it’s gonna help you smooth out
these areas of the hoop and remember you don’t want it floating
around because that will give you your loss of registration next up I’m gonna
do just like I would with any other hat I’m going to bring it down underneath
this little peg and now usually with other hats I like to keep the fabric
outside the peg but for this hat because I wanted to be as tight as possible I’m
actually gonna bring the visor underneath this little peg right here
next I’m going to do the same thing I’m bringing it underneath on the other side
of the little metal clip where you place the latch and then I’m going to bring it
underneath again the peg and that’s just gonna help tighten it up next up I’m grabbing my binder clicks
and I’m going to go ahead and clip them on and as you can see up here this is
really nice and flat with no wrinkles because I got it
the key is to get it as close as possible to the edge and then to make it
as tight as possible when you push up on these okay so it’s a little bit
different than regular cap whooping but it’s the same idea last but not least
once you make sure everything’s pretty flat
this band is just gonna help secure it a little bit more so I’m just gonna grab
on the stop it’s a little bit more and make sure it’s nice and secure and there we are
it’s a lot tighter now as you can see so I really want to know if you guys have
ever embroidered on visors and if you have embroidered on visors what have you
used have used a cap hoop or have you used a specialty hoop like
that hooptech gen2 if you guys want to see me embroidering visors with the hooptech Gen2- I can also make a video if enough people comment about it so I went
ahead and smooths it out a little bit more just by you know pushing on the
fabric a little bit and then reattaching it to the stabilizer so now I’m gonna go
ahead and insert it the same way I would with a regular top so something else I
want to remind you guys is that you want to make sure that you put a center mark
on your visor because you don’t have that middle cap seem like you do with
your caps so you are gonna make sure you are gonna have to make sure you do this
before or after you all right so now I’m just gonna go ahead and Center the
design and I’ll press Start so what do you guys think as you guys
can see I was able to get some nice placement on this visor and I would say
this design is about an inch so yeah it really depends on the profile of your
visor which is you know the size of the of the front one of the major things to
look out for when you’re embroidering visors is a loss of registration which
for those of you don’t know is when the outline of the design does not match up
with the fill of the design and that can happen because you know you don’t have
too much stability in the design so something I want you guys to look out
for is to keep your speeds low sometimes you might have to go under 500 depending
on your design I went at 450 to make sure that I didn’t get any shifting on
the design something else to look out for is that if you use the proper design
that if you take measures against the loss of registration in the digitized
design then you can also combat lots of registration on visors so one of the
main things to look out for is digitizing and I have a guide for you
guys it’s gonna show you guys how to combat loss registration with your
digitizing alright so if you guys like this video you’re gonna like what I have
to give you now even better I have a cap embroidery guide that covers seven
mistakes and embroiders usually make but it goes so much more in-depth than that
it talks about digitizing design placement materials to use and so so
much more so I linked it in the bio and I highly recommend that you guys go and
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8 thoughts on “How To Embroider Visors With a Cap Hoop (Embroidery Hub Ep 71)

  1. We do bulk visors (150+) here. I use cap hoops all the time and cap stabilizer but we do not use adhesive spray . I also do a bit of prep work and mark the middle of the visors since there is no middle seam. We have a 6 head machine and the center mark prep is imperative to make sure each visor is embroidered in the exact same spot on every visor.

  2. I embroidered my first visor last week. We have the Tajima Tmark-k series machine. i was worried about doing the visor, but after some trial and error, i was able to embroider it using the normal hat hoop!

  3. I don't have a cap hoop. I have a single needle machine. A Brothers PE800. I've figured out baseball caps fairly easily but can't figure out a visor.

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