How to: Embroidery Words

How to: Embroidery Words

[intro music] Hi everyone! It’s Annika here. So…as you can probably hear, I have a cold so just excuse
my funny voice right now. Today I’m going to be showing you how to embroider words onto
your clothes. So like, for example this is a dress that I did. Okay this one isn’t
very good, but it says happy on a shirt, and this is a jumper I did. It’s a Lemon Grab
jumper!! If you know Adventure Time, you know what I’m talking about. If you don’t you
probably are just like “uh huh is that supposed to be cool?” If you know adventure time
you know this is cool! So the basics that you need for this project
are: embroidery thread, which is thicker than normal thread, and you need to separate this
into either three or four strands, and you will also need an embroidery needle (which
has a bigger eye than usual needles), and you will also need some scissors. So optional
is a embroidery hoop, but you don’t need this, but if you do this on clothes like a
t-shirt. So like you could put the hoop here, but if you you’re doing it on something
like a collar, um, unless you can find a very small hoop you can…you don’t have to use
a hoop. [Annotation: and you can do this on any clothes/fabric
if you don’t have a hoop :)] You just gotta hold the fabric tight as you
sew. Make sure you have stitches not bunching up.
So let’s begin! [music plays] So thanks for watching, and like, subscribe,
and I’ll see you all later. Bye!

49 thoughts on “How to: Embroidery Words

  1. This is very helpful thank you I'm trying to teach my 8 year old cross stitching but after seeing your vid I decided to start with simple embroidery then move to cross stitching once she masters this. Thank you.

  2. I am officially obsessed with you! Your diy's are amazing. I really have my own style and can't find anything in stores(that's affordable) that fits that style. This really helps me in making my own clothing to fit my personality. 

  3. The Stiches you did are your basic background stich your meant to overlap each stich after you have your background bringing your thread through each stich under over..which makes it thicker other wise after one or two washes you won't have nothing left

  4. Can you wash an embroided shirt as usual? I don´t want my hours (probably an bit exaggerated) of work to come loose and wash away.

  5. i love your lemongrab shirt!! in fact, i love it so much that i just tried to do it myself and it failed lol. could you maybe do a tutorial for it?

  6. Thank you for making this video. I have been in love with a shirt where it stand "bite me" on the collar. Now I know how I can make my own with a shirt I found at the second hand store! 😊

  7. i was inspired by this video to embroider my own t-shirt! One trick that I used that helped my stitches look good on the jersey knit fabric is that I sewed it with a piece of tan woven fabric behind it. The woven fabric helps to stabilize the whole thing and the color makes it invisible under my white shirt! To finish it, all I did was to paint fabric glue on the woven fabric around the edges of the embroidery — when I trimmed it there was no fraying! I'm obsessed with how cute and comfortable the shirt turned out! I highly recommend it!

  8. UNACCEPTABLE! lolol I love that sweater! Great tutorial, I feel like I just fell in love with you kekeke I also want those fab little scissors you were using :b

  9. Hi did you then cut that out and add the white fabric to your dress collar or did you embroider directly on the existing collar?

  10. Hi so on the clothes with embroidery how do you wash them? Is there such thing as an application that you place over the front and back of the embroidery that will like set it in place so it wont get messed up?

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