How to Hand Sew a Running Stitch

How to Hand Sew a Running Stitch

The running stitch is an easy hand sewing stitch that can be used in many projects If you want straight and even stitching dot the fabric with a disappearing marker or mark a piece of tape Knot the thread and start from the back of the fabric Push the needle back through the fabric to create one stitch Continue to weave in and out of the fabric You can speed it up by doing multiple stitches at a time You can also vary the stitch length and make the stitches different sizes on the front and back When you get to the end tie off the thread at the back The running stitch is often used for basting This is a temporary stitch that is meant to hold the fabric together before the final stitching Use large stitches that don’t have to look neat because they’ll be removed later The running stitch can also be used to gather fabric Make two rows of stitches and gathered by pulling the thread The stitch length depends on how large you want the ruffles A smaller running stitch can also be used for embroidery and appliques You

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