alright guys how about a Sewing Report
quick tip recently I had to have my husband’s pants so I thought why not
make a video of it so my husband has to wear black pants for work and we got him
this pair from TJ Maxx it was super long so I marked how much I wanted to cut off
which was about five and a half inches because you have to account for the seam
allowance so we pinned the pants where we wanted them to fall and I added about
an inch on marked it with this chalk pen and then cut my fabric yes I’m a very
slow cutter apparently and also forgive the noise there are some roofers on top
of my building so you may hear some pounding throughout this video I
apologize in advance all right we’re cutting we’re cutting
we’re cutting now this parts a little hard to see but I’m taking my seam gauge
and folding it down a half an inch pressing that into place and then I’m
going to fold it over once again so the total like the seam allowance is
probably like an inch when it’s all said and done all right now I’m pinning this
into place using my wonderful silk pins these are great for fine fabric because
it doesn’t leave holes in it all right there we go we’re all pinned now we’re
gonna head over to the sewing machine and get this all hemmed up so I did
about a I think I did a 3.0 stitch length I’m using my walking foot and I’m
got the position I think it’s at 3.5 and we’re going we are sewing also removing
the pins as I’m going my sewing machine does have a free arm so I use that and
put the pant legs over the arm of my sewing machine there we are and we are
sewing I’m of course using matching thread because I don’t want to use hot
pink on men’s pants of course now we just have to press and there you
go there is a finished hem looks pretty nice only it took about 20 minutes from
start to finish and you can do this for any pants that are too long for you
anyways I hope you enjoyed this video let me know what you think and be sure
to like it and comment below subscribe to the sewing report for everything
sewing crafts and DIY projects i’m jennifer moore and i will see you next

8 thoughts on “How to Hem Pants πŸ‘– QUICK TUTORIALS + TIPS | SEWING REPORT

  1. Let me know what you think of this sewing tips + tutorials video below in the comments! Would you like to see more?

  2. Thank you for this tutorial because it’s a great way for beginners to learn about hemming! I’m going to use your video as a reference for my sewing classes because this was great to follow and would be a perfect reference.

  3. I'm trying to hem some plus size, rayon, pull-on pants but they have gusseted seams in the inner thigh. I can't figure out how to lay them out to cut them!

  4. Hi Jennifer, I was wondering if you recommend using your walking foot for hemming all your pants? Your pants for your husband turned out very well.🀠

  5. Hey Jen! This is great! I have a pair of pants that flare out (think more like bell bottoms) and I want them to be straight at the bottom. Can you show me how to do this? πŸ’•

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