How to Hem Pants : Taking Apart a Seam for Hemming Pants

How to Hem Pants : Taking Apart a Seam for Hemming Pants

So, like what I told you in the previous clip,
the first thing that we need to do is go ahead and take this seam out. And most pants have
a tack here. Sometimes it is sewn. Sometimes it is done with a needle like a little tack.
But, I like to use a razor blade to take things a part. You can use a seamer ripper if you
want. You just make a little tiny cut. Bring that down. You do it to all sides. And these
are always done right at the seam . There we go. The seam in the middle right here.
They’re never going to be over here. They’re always in the same spot. Let’s just go ahead
and cut this one too. Be real careful if you are using a razor blade. You don’t want to
cut your pants. These types of clothing, they’ll fray pretty easily.We’ll have that one open.
Now that we have that done, we’re going to be taking out this chain-stich. That keeps
the hem up. And that’s a blind stich and usually they’re right here in the corner where the
seams are. You just have to look for a small piece of thread hanging out. See there’s a
leap right there. I’m pretty sure, that’s right where the blind stich starts. Yeah,
that’s it. You just pop that out and it just pulls right out. And this is the reason that
a lot of men’s pants the hems will come undone because if you pull one thread like that,
and I’m sure this has happen to you before, the hem is out. And now we have to go do the
other one. Let me open this up. You just kind of look around. And there it is. You can kind
of see it because it the seam overlaps itself. I think that’s it. That might not be it. Okay.
Maybe it takes you just a minute, but that’s okay. Oh, I think it’s the wrong side. Let
me look on the other side. Even me, it takes me several times. I think there it is right
there. See usually the tell-tell is when the piece of thread is hanging out. Pull that.
There we go. Let me just yank this thing out. Okay. So, now that we have the hem undone,
we’re going to lay it out and in the next clip we’re going to talk about the measurements
and why we’re going to mark it the way that we’re going to mark it. So, let’s do that
in the next clip.

4 thoughts on “How to Hem Pants : Taking Apart a Seam for Hemming Pants

  1. You are a great teacher, I'm a dude and loved every bit of it. You inspire a lot of confidence even in one as apprehensive about alterations as myself.

  2. 7/2019 Wish I knew what happened to her and who she is. She taught me to hem my own stuff about 9 yrs ago and has saved me tons of money over the yrs. Thank You Dear whoever you and and I hope your doing well.

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