How to Install and Use E-Z LOK Thread Inserts & Spade Bits | Fasteners 101

How to Install and Use E-Z LOK Thread Inserts & Spade Bits | Fasteners 101

Welcome back to Albany County Fasteners – Fasteners 101 I’m Bob and today we’re going to talk about threaded inserts. These little brass inserts that we insert into wood. Let’s get started. I have here #10-32 brass threaded inserts. They have these two little cuts inside the top of the insert where these two notches; this is the driver and this driver connects right into that and then drives in the insert, into the wood. I’m going to put these into softwood they have these for softwood and hardwood. They have them for both. All depends on what your application is. I have here a spade bit, a 3/8″ spade bit. We’re going to drill a 3/8″ spade bit into the wood and then we’re going to drive in this #10-32 threaded insert. So I have here my three-eighths spade bit. That’s what the manufacturer recommends. The size hole
for a #10-32 insert to be drilled. I’m going to drill that in now I have a dot
there and I’m going to drill a hole… Okay, I’m going to take out my bit, I’m
going to put my driver in. You can see my driver here. I’m going to put that in my battery drill, like so, there you go you can see it. I have the insert there’s a top slide
to the insert. That’s the bottom it’s flush and in here it has those two indentations, two grooves, so you can use the tool to insert this insert. So i’m gonna lay it on there so it gets in there properly. I’m gonna find, so this sits in there, I’m gonna line it up so it stays straight and let’s start driving it in. I’m just going to bring it right to where it needs to be. It’s Important, that you hold this straight because if you don’t it’s going to start chipping away at the grooves because brass is a soft
metal and it’s very important that you hold the bit parallel to the insert. So I’ve installed it. I just have a piece of aluminum here with a hole in it and if I
wanted to attach that, I have a #10-32 screw here. Yeah this is a long screw. I’m just going to tighten it up to show you
that you can tighten down on that very strong. amazing insert. There ya go. Thanks for watching. There you go. Subscribe, Like, Comment. Visit us at for 50,000 skews right off the rack
ready to ship. We look forward to seeing you in our next video. you

7 thoughts on “How to Install and Use E-Z LOK Thread Inserts & Spade Bits | Fasteners 101

  1. The screw notches are for real amateurs that don't own a hex key bit . Put it in right side up .
    ( even a threaded screw bolt with nut put on, before threaded insert, does a better job. Especially on really cheap threaded inserts that have no hex drive option .)

  2. So much misinformation in one video. Do all of the folks commenting just make it up as they go? Have any of you even been to the manufacturer's site? Geez…btw, those inserts used in the video were made for hardwood not soft. Softwood inserts use a coarser outside thread. It puzzles me why anyone would want to use soft brass inserts to begin with…these are available in steel as well.

  3. 1.) never use gloves when working with turning machinery and
    2.)you made very crappy job – not professional at all.

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