How to Keep Your Hair Weave Straight | Black Hairstyles

How to Keep Your Hair Weave Straight | Black Hairstyles

Today we’re going to speak about how to keep
your hair sleek and straight. One of the big things that people don’t realize,
when you go to bed at night, your body temperature usually rises. If you have your hair down and you’re sleeping
on your hair, your face touching your hair, the heat from your body will cause your hair
to revert. The best thing to do is either pull your hair
up in a pony tail, keep it off your neck, and keep it away from your face, or wrap your
hair and tie it with a silk scarf. That way, you’ll keep your hair sleek and
straight. The next thing is when you get up in the morning
to take a shower, don’t just put on a plastic shower cap because the heat from your body
rises up out of the top of your head and gets trapped between your head and the plastic. Then it goes back to your hair, the moisture
is absorbed, and your hair reverts. What you want to do is either get a shower
cap that’s lined with either a terry cloth or a satin or some kind of material inside
of it, and the plastic on the outside, or you want to wrap your hair up, put a scarf
on, and then put your plastic cap on. That way you’ll keep the humidity away from
your hair, and it will stay sleek and straight.

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