How to Knit a SHAMROCK CLOVER LEAF for St. Patrick’s Day

How to Knit a SHAMROCK CLOVER LEAF for St. Patrick’s Day

Perfect Knitted SHAMROCK. An easy, step-by-step
tutorial. Hi, Guys, I’m Kristen and welcome to Studio Knit. The materials we will use
are yarn, knitting needles, scissors, and a tapestry needle. As long as you have one
of these little SHAMROCKS, nobody can pinch you. To begin, we create our slip-knot, and
using the long-tail cast-on method, we are going to cast-on twelve stitches. Now, here
on row one, we are going to knit four stitches, pretty simple so far. Now, once you’ve knit
those four stitches, we will do slip slip knit, this is a decrease. So, we slip a stitch,
and we slip a stitch, and then you go back through with your left needle, through those
two slipped stitches, right there, ah, a little tight, okay, right there through the front,
and we knit through that, those two stitches get knit into one. And that’s a decrease.
Where we had two stitches, now there’s one. And our next decrease is super simple, it’s
knit two together. And again, where we had two stitches, now we have one. And finishing
up, it’s, again, knitting four stitches. Knitting one, two, three, and four. And with those
decreases, now we have ten stitches remaining. On row two, we just knit all the way down
the row. Next on row three, we knit three stitches, and again, this is just like row
one, we slip slip and knit for our decrease, and then we will knit two together for our
next decrease. And we finish up by knitting three. Knitting one, two, and three. Awesome!
So, now with those decreases, we have eight stitches remaining. Okay, row four, super
simple, we just knit all the way down the row. Now on row five, knitting two. Knit one,
and knit two. And for that decrease again, it’s slip slip knit. And the next decrease
is knit two together. And then we just finish up by knitting two. Knit one and knit two.
Here we are. We have six stitches remaining. One, two, three, four, five, six! Okay, row
six, so simple, we are going to just knit all the way down the row. Now, finishing up
on our Shamrock Leaf here, we are going to slip slip knit those first two stitches are
slipped and we knit them together for a decrease. And then we are going to bind off two. So,
we knit and then your usual bind off, by just taking that stitch and wrapping it around,
again bind off again, knit and bind off. So, we have done two bind offs, and now we are
going to finish off with slip and slip, whoops, and going back in through to do knit for that
decrease. There we go. And lastly, we just bind off that last stitch there together all
the way around. Awesome. Okay, then just using our tapestry needle, just go through that
last stitch and we’re just going to weave that last end down into the middle, shape
it a little bit and you’ll see that our SHAMROCK CLOVER LEAF looks a lot like a heart. It’s
so cute. So, once you’ve knitted three of these little shamrock leaves, just piece them
together and using our tapestry needle, and the yarn, the yarn ends that we already have,
we simply tack them together. Any way that you chose. So, cute. And, so then, once we’re
done, we’ll have a lot of ends and you know, this is a quick knit, so let’s just make it
easy, let’s just tie them off and cut em off. And then for our stem, I love the I-Cord.
Super simple, I Have a really great lesson on knitting an I-Cord, so if you haven’t made
one before, please go check it out. The description is below. And we are done. If you would like
to make your shamrock maybe a little bit bigger, then simply use bigger yarn, bigger needles,
or you could also cast on more stitches. Instead of twelve, you could cast on fourteen, sixteen,
eighteen and then just carry the pattern through for about three or four rows, and then do
the last row of bind off. Happy St. Patrick’s Day, everyone! And Thank You so Much for watching
Studio Knit. When you subscribe, you will receive a new knitting lesson every Monday.
And go check out my latest video on how to knit the Irish Moss Stitch, as well as check
out my latest knitting book feature. Thanks for watching, guys. Bye!

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  1. Maybe you don't do this because you want your views to have an open mind and them try it out but i was wondering if you could name the size of the knitting needles that you are working with in the video. i already received odd looks from my family when they walked by and they see me holding up a double pointed needle up against the screen, lol. so please if you don't mind, thank you!

  2. Hey x r u irish? If so I am too x. I hope u could make a tutoriak for easter on a bunny that u start off as a sqyare in and sew dome sort of triangle onto the head. Sorry bout spelling mistakes I'm typing from my tablet. Anyway hope the tip was usefull. Liked and subbed. Xxx

  3. Can this be done w/ four leaves instead of three; reply as soon as you can; I work St. Patrick's Day and I don't want to be pinched

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