How to Knit an Applied iCord Edge in a Contrast Colour

How to Knit an Applied iCord Edge in a Contrast Colour

Here I want to show you how to work
an applied iCord edge, specifically this method of doing it is good
if you’re using a contrasting colour for your iCord. It works effectively by
picking up and casting off stitches all the way around the outside of your work
as you simultaneously knit the iCord. It’s really good for tidying up colour
work edges on blankets or cardigans or minimising the roll in stockinette
stitch. So first off we need to set up the iCord on a double pointed needle.
We’re going to start with a slipknot and cast on three stitches to give a total
of four. We’re then going to slide all those stitches to the right side of the
needle and repeat this very simple pattern: start by knitting three
stitches, one, two, three, and then slip this fourth stitch, we then yarn over, take
our knitted piece here and go down into both legs of the V on that cast off edge
we’re going to wrap the working yarn and pick up and knit that stitch so we’ve
got a total of six stitches on the needle. We’re then going to go down and
as if we’re casting off we’re going to pass the fourth and fifth stitch up and
over this sixth stitch so we’ve come back down to four stitches on the needle,
we then slide those up to the right side of the needle and repeat this pattern
for each row this is what we’re going to do the whole way along… so we knit three slip the fourth, yarn over, go down into
that second cast-off V pick up a knit one stitch and then pass the slip stitch
and the yarn over stitch up and over that picked up stitch and just keep
repeating that same pattern all the way around the outside of your piece and
I’ll come back and show you what it looks like. Here you see it creates
this really nice crisp edge between the knitted piece and the icord and
you can see no peaks of the blue showing through. It’s just a really nice way of
finishing your project off – so there we go!

9 thoughts on “How to Knit an Applied iCord Edge in a Contrast Colour

  1. Very tidy and easy to follow, I'm a complete beginner and managed to understand! Thanks. One question though, how would you knitte the corners? I'm using this edge for a blanket. x

  2. I'm having trouble with my main colour showing through. In two places – along the i-cord itself and also little "ticks" where I have picked up through the bind-off edge. Do I need to do more stitches in the i-cord body? Do I need to pull something tighter? Should I just settle for doing the border in the same colour (boring!)

  3. LOVE this video! Makes it super easy to understand and see. Do you have a video on how to join the icord once you've made it around the project?

  4. I watched several videos on the applied icord and this was the only one that clicked for me. Thank you so much for the video!

  5. That is amazing. I am now going to try this, for no good reason other than I want to be able to do it, just in case. I love it. Looks so good.

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