How to Make a Bomber Jacket | WITHWENDY

How to Make a Bomber Jacket | WITHWENDY

Hey! You’re watching with Wendy Today I’m gonna show you how I made a bomber This tutorial show work for any bomber but mine just happens to be white mesh with a monogram on the back I’ve seen quite a few bombers lately and I just wanted to mix it up a little and one that’s white mesh There are a lot of steps, but it’s really not too hard You just need a sweater that fits you well to model as the base for the jacket I have a link in the description box below It has the written out steps and a couple more photos for you if you wanted to see the jacket from more angles If you want to see how I did the monogram on the back of the jacket just stick around to the end of the tutorial It’s super easy ♥ Starting with the mesh fabric I first folded it in half Lay on a sweater that I already owned and fits me great And then cut all the way around, leaving 1 centimeter extra The sweater that I modeled this off of was a drop shoulder sweater so the armhole is a little bit different than what you might be used to With that same sweater I cut out two matching front pieces that are symmetrical Again following the exact shape of the sweater but leaving 1 centimeter extra all the way around Then I cut down the middle to separate them into into two symmetrical pieces And finally, there’s the sleeves Again I did this by folding the mesh in half laying on the sweater sleeve and then tracing and cutting all the way around leaving 1 centimeter extra on the bottom and sides Moving on from the mesh, the other thing you’ll need is a zipper It has to be long enough cover your entire front and opens at the bottom Because, otherwise you won’t be able to get in and out of your jacket You’ll also need some knit tubing that is in a matching color I have here all this white knitted tubing and with this we are ready to go Put down the back piece with the right side facing up And then the two front pieces with the right sides facing down So the right sides are touching We’re going to sew them together with a straight stitch along the two shoulders Open that up so that you’re looking at the top of the shoulder and then take the sleeves with them, folded in half lay them down so that they’re symmetrically along that exact shoulder point We’re going to sew from there outwards to the front and outwards to the back using a straight stitch When you’re sewing over the shoulder make sure that the raw edges of that shoulder seam are opened up completely and that will help your jacket lay flat when you’re wearing it When you’re done going down the front and the back Here’s how it’s gonna look from the top Next up, bring everything right sides together and sew all along the bottom edge of the sleeve and the side Sealing off the left and right side of the jacket When you’re getting to the armpit make sure that that armpit seam is totally lined up I usually start at that exact armpit seam and go down the side and then down the sleeve That way, it makes sure armpit seam is totally aligned Here you may have noticed that my front and back are different lengths and not lined up perfectly at the bottom After this I just gave the back a little trim and they were totally aligned again Now that the sides are all cleaned up we can add the bottom waistband to the bomber I cut some knit tubing that fits comfortably around my hips but is a little bit shorter in length than the actual bottom of the jacket I pinned this, right sides together, along the center point of the jacket to make sure that it lays symmetrically and then started at one of the far ends sewing it down with a zigzag stitch all the way around After putting it into the machine I pull on that part that I pinned that’s along the center point of the the back and used that to gauge where the knit needs to line up with the mesh So that the tension is even along the entire bottom For the tubing, I usually cut it to be 5 inches wide And that’s just because when it’s folded in half You get 2 inches plus half an inch seam allowance Then I cut it to the length that is suitable for the item I’m trying to fit with So when it comes to the wrist I make sure it’s comfortable around my wrist Can actually slide all the way up to the elbows because otherwise you can’t roll up your sleeves And then take that, right sides together, and sew it down along the short edge Once that’s done, I reach in, open up the seam with my fingers and then fold the entire thing in half, to hide away the seams Now you can tuck that over the open end of the sleeve I like to line up the seam that is on cuff to the seam that is on the sleeve And then pin those all the way around, right sides together even though on the cuff, technically both sides are right sides I usually start pinning at the seam, and then do some stretching of the cuff all the way around so that I know where to pin the other one, while keeping the tension even Do a zigzag stitch all the way around the loop and that will sew the mesh sleeve to the cuff Once all the zigzag stitching is done, flip the cuff downwards and now your cuffs are finished The next step is to do the zippers First, I open up the zippers completely and then assign them to each proper side of the jacket Take the bottom waistband and fold it in half then pin the zipper so that it starts at the fold I make sure the raw edges at the bottom of the waistband are pointing downwards and then continue pinning all the way up the jacket When you’re pinning, you want to pin it, so that the teeth side of the zipper is far away from the raw edge and touching the jacket Once more on the other side, fold the waistband in half and then start the zipper at the bottom of the fold Then make sure that the raw edges of that waistband are pointing downwards when you pin and go all the way up the jacket again After I pin up both sides, I like to give it a zip up and zip down to make sure that everything looks nice and even You may have a little bit of extra fabric at the top depending on how long the zipper is Don’t worry too much about that, as long as it’s symmetrical, it’s okay The last step is to pull out the bottom pin on both sides of the waistband And that’s just because we want to sew the zipper to the waistband without any fold in the waistband So go down both sides with a straight stitch Okay Now it is time to fold up the bottom waistband tucking away the raw edges pinning down all the way and sewing it with a straight stitch We save this one ’til last because it helps to hide away the raw edges of the bottom of the jacket and also the raw edges that are closer to the zipper To pin, I tuck in about a centimeter of the waistband fabric Bring it over so that it’s lined up with the waistband fabric on the outside of the jacket and then add a pin right there On the sides of the waistband that are touching the zipper you’ll have to fold in both sides to make a folded corner I like to fold the horizontal edge first and then tuck in the zipper side second To sew, we’re going to go up beside of the zipper across the entire waistband and then back down on the other side of the zipper Use a straight stitch and don’t be afraid to go nice and slow for this part because you want it to look super clean It’s a good idea to flip it over every so often to check that everything looks good on the outside before you keep going Because, if anything is going off track It’s better to spot it earlier on and stop stitching, fix it Otherwise you’re going to wait all the way ’til the end to find out there’s things you have to fix From here I also added another straight stitch along the mesh fabric that’s touching the zipper Just to really fix it in place with the zipper and make sure that the seam lies nice and flat Repeating on the other side I added that same straight stitch just a short distance away from the folded edge of the mesh so that I could help it be totally fixed to the zipper ☻AND NOW FOR THE COLLAR!!☻ For collars, I usually cut knit tubing that is 3 inches wide that way when it’s folded in half, you get about 1 inch of collar and ½ inch to work with for seam allowance I take this, fold it in half twice So that I’m bringing the two raw edges together and use a pair of scissors to cut out a slight curve that ends with a short edge You can take this and pin it to the open collar at the top of the jacket I always cut this white piece to just be a little bit shorter than the total circumference of the collar hole and that helps to give it a little bit of tension so that it looks good in the end As per usual, whenever I’m sewing something with tension I try to start with center points and that just help me to make sure everything stays symmetrical So I pin it once along the back and then add 2 more pins along the front After that, I stretch it out evenly pinning along the way so that it’s going all the way around the collar After everything was pinned, I actually readjusted the pins a little bit That was just so that I could flip up the collar and see how it looks I’m gonna go ahead and add a zigzag stitch all the way around Then, similar to what we did with the zippers after I was done, that zigzag stitch, I went once more time around with a straight stitch, sealing that mesh to the collar fabric all the way around to help it lay super flat The last step on the jacket is to cut off any excess fabric that was near the collar, zip this thing up to make sure it zips up properly ♥AND YOU’RE DONE!!♥ It is time to move on to the monogram Okay. So I’m going to show you how I do my monograms and it’s a bit of tips and tricks that I’ve accumulated over time What I do is I find a font that I like This one I just increase the zoom until it got to the size of “WENDY” that I appreciated Then I maxed out the brightness, lay a piece of paper over it and traced out with a pen, all of the shapes The tracing is done, so I’m gonna cut out all the letters with a pair of scissors Grab the fabric that you would like to do the letters on In this case, it was a white faux fur fabric Then, flip the letters over, so that they are mirrored and not the way they’re normally suppose to be read This is very important, because if you skip this step you’re gonna end up with backwards letters I traced around all of the letters and then started cutting all the way around Since this is faux fur, I have to be really careful With faux fur, you always have to cut only the backing and not the fur So you keep having to slide the scissors in little by little to only cut the backing and this is so that when you pull them apart, it doesn’t shed all over the place and you’re just separating them along the base where they’re all attached Once they’re all cut out, you should flip them over and they should be reading properly at this point We’re going to glue them onto the back of my bomber The glue that I used is called, “OK to wash it” So, hopefully this is the right glue to be using on clothing I lay out all of the letters and go gently with the glue Not globbing on a lot, especially with mesh because you don’t want the glue to leak through and get all over the jacket And my trick when it comes to taking away a letter but remembering where it’s suppose to go is laying down a white piece of paper to match up with the exact corner that I need the letter to go back to and that way when I put back the “E” I just remember to lock it into that same corner and hopefully it won’t have lost it’s spot Let the whole thing dry overnight and it should be ready for you to wear! Hope you enjoy your brand new bomber ☻ Yeah! You made it to the end of the video! If you liked it, let me know by hitting the “like” button You can also follow me on Instagram It’s @withwendy and I posted a couple more photos of the jacket there And if you haven’t subscribed yet click that button I upload new tutorials every week Similar to this kind of style, I actually already uploaded a varsity jacket tutorial that has a monogram and leather sleeve That’s all I have for today ♥Thank you so much for watching♥ I’ll see you all next time…bye ☻

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