How to make your T-shirt, step by step finish T-shirt in 2 Hour less. (Pattern + worksheet included)

hello everyone thank you for joining the
T-shirt workshop is going to be a lot of fun okay then if you are the first time
joining the my workshop my name’s Ruby going to see you guys in here if you
just joined live please comment on th below letting me know you guys can hear
me okay or is it to our to log gets can hear me if you guys join this is from
replay feel free to connect me on Twitter or Facebook group and today I’m
going to show you guys keynote my presentation and also i have pre-record
a little bit video part because i can show you guys how when I sew and answer
the question in the comment little also a lot that’s why I record the new record
a little bit and then so i can help you guys and check of the comment in the
same time because not be too much other thing for me okay into that wear glasses that’s why you are we can recognize me
if you want a time your glasses the blog ok and yes you guys can
see me and hear me ok the common and in the end have a little bit surprised its
own show you guys to keep now going to show it gets on the slide ok thank you guys so much to join this
T-shirt workshop all line and appreciate you guys been the time with me to today
and probably going to take about hour or are in half so please don’t forget grab
a couple tea or coke incoming bring you like by the side to help you for getting
thirsty Kate summaries online computer is acting
weird let me show you this life no Ok Go sorry
i am i if your first time going on the workshop with me today and i’m going to
introduce myself my name is Ruby I have to freeway this in the below the
pictures one is a little cat not credible but to me it’s a little cap
sorry to the homepage and all the sides my little poodle dog now are my babies and
I usually work with me is intertwined tried to any kind of projects make me
even happier one work okay and I’m majoring in fashion design in college selling my own design clothes and
graphic design online about 4 years now ok you like hashtag me the T-shirt
workshop on the trailer you can talk me i made int or you can show me on the
facebook ok and finally and one apologize for a
second if you guys hear any dark bar or kitty cat sound that just because my two
babies are playing around an apology in the first begin its article that ok tool
you need for this workshop basically selling to us i have the checklist for
you guys a couple days before i send to you can dama on the list and go shopping
just go through that one and i would recommend you 122 yards off the tee
shirt bribery usually called neat shirt and you can get from walmart pretty
easily to you about five to six dollar per yard this in this case i’m using
median sized which is only need one yard depends what kind of Sighs you use if
your boss in size like me then you just knew one yards plenty enough ok and in the end you can download the
pattern if you prefer to do it then you can go to stay to the end then you can
get the bonus ok let’s get started how to bring your
digital pattern when you download the pattern just simply open the PDF file so
you can click the file and you can see you have a have function you can to
spring and most of digital power right in my store is later sighs if you want a
fourth sighs you can ask me I i can just change up the setting for you incident
to you and the fifth one and check on the page and check out take out when you
come on usually depends on what kind of designed some some public will take 20
or 24 page some even 30 and you just need to follow on top of picture by the
pages and just tape them together it’s really easy kinda like a puzzle and you bring all
the puzzle and put them together okay what’s going on okay after we call
the fact of sorry after we cut look pattern out the paper then we can get
starting come on the fabric make sure you call from the CNN about you have the
line sorry that’s my dog and make sure your fabric side first double check the
fabric straight line train which whatever works well for you followed
fabri half outside interface inside actually we need to cover and make a
mark and the inside import pull up the pattern pull the pattern on top of the
fabric and use in to keep them state and we can get star ready to cut it if you have a little some problem or the
video is now loading you can refresh this page then probably the connection
we get better which should be no more back normal ok let’s start of cutting factory make
sure you fabricate the size side sorry and double-check the fabric inside
and the outside if if you make sure and full outside in the inside so when we
pull the pattern make them are all those County it should be inside and let’s
pull up after four and a half pull the pattern on top and use a pin to make
them stay on stable and we can get started to cut the fabric okay now you’re going to start and get
if you just the beginner what are you talking about what’s very green all
those kind of things right sorry my phone sound ok and that’s what
I’m going to cover this part ok now I’m going to show you what’s
inside and what’s outside you can tell on this picture if I don’t put in any
war yeah but our put on sorry so probably
easy to stop outside part youjizz shinier smooth and you have pattern on
top switch is easy to tell right now you can tell they also have a couple of the
line on top of us their actual weaving design on the fabric inside usually put
more plain darker or sometimes not smooth outside so you can usually pretty
easy to tell some of the fabric can use both sides by most of time the common
the fabric only have one side supposed to be outside ok and I’m going to tell the string
green and the white threat into all this one is really important when you try to
call the fabric in each kind of partner you going to do so make sure you listen this partnering carefully okay
straight grain is usually think of all the cross underhand string is your
fabric is streamlined and all the science can I go up and down that’s
first-rate green and right to live that’s the white side and usually the
screen to fabricate it’s straight line is not as flexible the Whiteside is
flexible so most of the time we call the fabric we always follow unpublished
Gregory because you don’t want your your closet easy the easily change the shape
because you wearing were you watching or almost activity to
make you make your shirt running out but t-shirts a special case because the
fabric texture is already stretchable but you still need to follow the
straight grain to cutting your fabric to keep your shirt in the shape for longer
time okay and the trail and bias training is in 45 degrees of my line
that’s the fabric most stretching part besides a while Whiteside left to right ok in this part
of the tool online users go around like wrong corner sleep hard all those kind
of thing it’s not come on but you’re going to learn later too ok
where are your partner on your fabric find the big table you can pull your
fabric on in this case is pretty small it’s only cost me one yard fabric you
can probably easy doing on the table but i like to be a while white open place i’ll have that big
table so I’m doing actually on the ground so you can see I do on my carpet
you can just lay all the fabric on top on the ground and fun half right now for
one half because i won’t move around the CU which side I can actually see one
pattern ok so I you do will pull the power on
before I pin it to check okay it’s this setting ok can save me a little more
fabric I you just go just will 122 times before i actually color ok here’s after I calling the fabric on
the left side actually the front pattern and the rice is the back and little
pocket in my neckline do not remove the pin yet because we need change right now
alright we are going to prepare our pockets for the front teacher and that’s
a pocket pattern vertical we can’t sell your error machine to the temperature
right this most of the t-shirt I breathe a top I was like rayon polyester not
actually old common materials so they would suggest us to pull a temperature a
little bit download and like how I’m so I was addressed you guys do like
probably $PERCENT rayon or curling back that part of temperature just pull out a
lot because the usually don’t hold he as much in first of all the top we need to
go forward to x gently pull the two times and I’m going to earn it follow the two times ok seems the teacher properiy is usually
more flexible so it easy changes shape just maybe a little bit more patient
with you are ok now is on top right IRA now we’re going to use the car war paper
you can get it on the insurance stationery store one more probable cause
I cover paper little bit and pull this one use is we try to iron the really
pretty ages so we just put on side here and then you can just pull the side ages
up and around to our machine up call it three seconds 123 and remove it it was
cool down to route to remove this part or in general which into the move and
you will have very nice and straight they did all the side do the same thing
to do on the side all the site up on top of Carmel paper and then we just aired
on top and hold it one two three seconds and gently remove
it ok in the last part is the bottom part ok sending over and do it over again on
top of paper for our paper story and then follow the top is our machine 123 okay gently remove it i recommend hold
on helps hold on for a minute to roof and then you just put the front when you
check the front all the ages are straight and if I house I come out a
little bit just fold it in and then we’re going to keep all the kids the
shape i will air in love our time just gently pull on top of
pocket sorry gently on the park is for two seconds 12 12 then they try to hold
the shape okay now we’re going to do the next part ok after we learn the pocket now we
don’t have solved the top line and they were going to pull this pocket on top
the from drugs true i just like it 3 is simple right now I using the full threat right
now but she goes dry because it’s look more obvious on the red t-shirt fabric
by usually you supposed to use match with your primary threat ok but if you want any specialty sign up
you definitely can try use different kind of of three it’s totally up to you
you’re on the designer and this time I’m going to just saw it i’m not going to
verse although slightly because we’re going to fold the side and and so one
more time so I’m not going to reverse and just going to direct it sold ok yeah after you done put a little pressure
foot up and then gently pull a little bit if it is to type you can push we go
around the back of the controller and then just pull it up a little mark then
we’ll go and cut the extra string out push this one for a second and I’m gonna
cut the.oh extra 300 won’t walk my site right now we don’t put on top the
t-shirt remember make sure you using on the front because some of fabric is it
hard to tell the front and backside this one’s after pretty easy to tell the
back one is not shining ll get it right off to see the backside is very plain
don’t have any design the front actually have this side from after the shining so
it’s free easy can’t tell which side is wrong it back ok only and then we before
we using the trace paper make a mark of where i’m going to pull a pocket on top let’s have a little white dog on top of
fabric why why . i’m talking about it and that’s the place I want to put if
you forget the mark on you can bring your paddle back and just make sure you
put the right spot and the rice paper marketing here’s the first . then going
for my pocket up here middle on the side so my sewing machine can
actually pull through three down and don’t worry about the tracing paper mark
because all lost mark after washing the first time they will will be gone so you
don’t need to worry about that part ok follow make side and then when the at
return I want to change amongst all the party on top for your presser foot down
on the edges ok remember this how you need to report
that’s all you can keep the pocket off and if the pit is blocking your way can
just remove it when you trying to turn keep the navel inside of fabric and then
pull up the presser foot up then just turn like this way so you will move the
song part okay and since now this wheel is blocking my
way so I’m going to remove it don’t forget to revert starting in the
in the front room after the pocket now done to put on that front and back
together for its paw i’m going to use the connector shorter together pin them
together we’re actually going to do shorter and decide together since it’s
free easy is not gonna bother others well we’re going to do solid together
save some time ok just like that and then up all the
tools and first of all I always pin1 the start one in the and ok and just adjust
in the middle see how many i need for you if the short distance to put three
told on local 1i will put war to seeing kids to make it more secure ending rock
dry skins old can collect stuff from the factory with okay and you got to do is
exactly same way I’m aside so I’m going not going to show us to love our going
to show show you this on the side this fire is something going to put one
pin on the starter . and one in and in the middle and the middle between the
end and start going two for one more right here one more awesome ok and we’re going to start so i’ll see
you guys later 5k after we saw the shoulder in the side
now we’re going to finish the sleep part it’s very easy simple with separate the
CNN balance on the shoulder and in the side up our separate half-and-half like
this if you have overlong already then you can just spray on the one side I
knew Joe will do on the backside it’s depends on you and then sending I you
fully ones in twice on top hi the fabric edges inside and then just
use a pin on top and already doing one little break time and it’s look like
this ok got that and just going to sort all
around it yeah somehow so unless you’re right
gotcha all this one machine you have the function you can open so you can this
part inside to solve so you can very easy the turn like that i usually don’t
do that because are useful so i usually them to look just let you go so you can
take all that are to help you turn ok and spots on your side of your
t-shirt so after your shorter like this and your seat song will be under the
armpit that part so we’ll hide the sewing in the end started will look the
other way that over usually have on the side so stop on the side ok ok this is going to all-around coming back
so i will revert i’ll just let me go back and soul yeah and that’s why I look at after you and
we’re going to do this anthony in the bottom part of the Father pretty much
done now we’re going to do the bottom of the t-shirt same thing is just holding
one of only one time and then second time a mark and maybe help me too sold hey well into your finish line and separate
the CNN thousands by the side reporting ok yeah yeah after the impossible and it’s done that
we need to turn inside out and we’re going to make it look nice and then
we’re going to the next last single thing for the color they pretty much all
set now this now this pattern is full of color line for the size of work working
right now you just need to measure your color line front and back come but a
together and do eighty percent of any person when full
Nick one that’s for your this pattern ok instance because this fabric is
stretching so i actually do the strength stroke library on this one is usually
going to use 12 kind of fabric but this one the in this case you can do just use
regular and we need to so then together first so far side together will be whole round
circle so we can put on top of the next one okay one so that are together after you saw this one I would need you
to separate the sand balance that’s part and I rented make it right even to be to
side and then we need to go them fold it half-full the half like that one more
time have an iron remember God for the full inside or outside the shining parts
the aisle science or working come here to the from generally i talked to make
the temperature to find otherwise the family will shrink or changing shape slowly slowly adjustment make sure you
swap our machine on 43 cycle 123 move it all we have it’s all round shape we want to connect
to your next life yeah thats does some hour before we pull
the neckline on neckline get panda first definitely i run your shoulder and the
slave finish line to make it more even dad remember you need to follow the
fabric line to iron so you joined the factories one straight and once why so i
would go up and down while left and right I won’t just wiggle around and try
right because that will miss all the fabric ok ok and then the side of cores are in
the side to all apart you are sorry all are you so very much you need to our and
make it nice finish working okay ok sure is going to come there together
and I have declined with one baby remember the part was so always hiding
on the style or apart your body power hide it so this time is the soul of this
gap right here right now want to come back to your shoulder line into your
shoulder here from gonna stop on here so very much on top drama make it straight
in your city allowance remember zipper then happen half on each side so we’ll
be to the one side I and in this case we’re going to always
neckline all of the like for the 2014 when i sold ok you thinking too until we finish in
it started I what I want reversing sweep on all
around and come back I’ll just want to do that are generally always but not too like the final pretty much finished
right after you down this part before use your open lock when she to finish
the fabric ages make it very even and come up come up a little bit since my
life my love overlock when she and server machine I would happen yet so i’m
going to skip are hoping will come into something somewhere and after that we’re
going to pull this this side this all inside in side and the father are this
part and then we’re going to sew 11 line to make it stay in there to make it fly
free okay same thing start from the side
edges first 10 or yeah yeah after you’ve done something right out always have just hold almost on all do last ever 11
i’m going to make like liquid line yeah why server on the neckline soul the fabric
edges and off coming currently shake while the finish line fine fine flat-out short call ok here we go here we go shuffle feature only less than two hours congratulations virtual high five thank you guys spending time with me you
just finish your own t-shirt by herself II hour or two let’s give me a visual
hifi in the comments below please I’m very proud of you guys if you didn’t finish you just watching
this one don’t worry about that you will give the report link in the leader of
email so you can do it on the weekend or so are other time but I were to just use
only going to be on 72 hours so remember to get the lowdown ok if you like to learn more or take
your sewing to the next level i will like to invite you to check out my
ecorse of sewing your own dress ok and what is so your own dresses up
out it’s just it’s not just is a step-by-step from scratch to show you
guys how exactly to finish a dress on a weekend it’s a Japanese style elegant
dress is not going to run today is room around any kind of location i’m going to
show you guys in here all the modules can let me check here like that crayon Japanese downland dress
my favorite course and actually this one is my most popular pattern so that’s why
I in turn this one to court the module one is tools you need that’s including
digital pattern for you checklist off the tool you need to again
and you can print out to go shop they were easily and where you can shuffle
your material i show you guys on the local you can purchase on local or
online just depends on your pretty string your fabric it’s very important
step for the lamb fabric ok Roger to is learned your pattern how to print your
digital pattern at home very easily and what’s always symbol mean this module
that most important parties this one if you learn all the symbol meaning and if
if you’re going to start next projects much easier for you to answer understand
what is why and for this part you need to do so and so ok how to trace your pattern ok trees on private sometimes you can
trace on some other different path of fat Trel sorry paper so you can start
with the other one to keep the original one that’s why we’re doing some crazy
and pattern on this module k module 3 is calling fabric tips for
you to cut the fabric a little step of the detail how did more easily for you
to cover fabric okay and how do you make mark on the fabric before you sought to
make it easier for you when you start sewing module for it’s the longest
module a half and will be the most of the video also ok first one i will show you guys how
you finish front and back design first and on the pocket on your dress
including how you prepare your pocket like the teacher workshop and connect
your backhand from pattern together Aaron after you saw a simple steps of
some part you need so in the iron to keep the the parts pretty okay and
finish the bottle of one of your dress understand the sleeve last the most
hardest part in this course is about the sleeve so I actually make couple more
video on this part to make sure you guys understand asleep if you understand the
sleep constructions actually help you to pull the sleep on your dress was why we
need to do in this way and a little part of the process actually help easier to
put on Leslie ok and pull the sleep on the easy way for you that’s why so you
can tell it 21 minutes mom ok finish drawn neckline have a bonus
training for use and other way to finish role like make one so i actually have
two different style for you to finish your neckline on this course ok module 5 is what to do after you
finish how to our injuries i’m bill fully after done which is very important
because you ever finish our in this step is actually happy I put more . for your
project ok how should I organized the pattern
sorry how are organized up and keep your
pattern more easily than the next time you try to give it or to make it some
kind of collection for your work can recap in Korea and section you can ask
me any question in this course you have and i will try to help all or if you if
you need it i probably will at on probably put a little bit extra video
for you guys if you have a lower common common question happen bonus action
partner file organized and have little bonus training for you how to fix your
slave is not big enough for you get and two-way talk digital pattern for you i want you to
learn all this apart from this course to implement on the other patterns so
that’s why in the end I give you guys want extra padding for you to take all
the strategy you them from this course to make a new partner and after all this
Court’s you learn this one will be super easy for you to start with and you will
be enjoying more and have a lot of fun and this one okay oh then we get back to the 100k and in
this course you’re going to have 20-plus video trainee and probably have to to
Fort around two hours of the video course and plan to pull a little more in
now including couple of my work char replay like bonus for you guys and have
a couple of printable worksheets for us help you to get more organized on the
project in this one in the future one you’re going to have and the checklist
for you to start this project and to digital pattern for you most office own courts is not including
the pattern you probably noobs purchase on the extra this one is included in
this product and show you guys exactly how i finished this Japanese land design
dress for you guys and have all the bonus one will be two ways to Basle
actually filled with the dress that’s why I’m pulling together and the total
price is almost twenty dollars so you was safe $20 on this Court of course support
community you will get you have a chance for assets have any question in this
course you can email me I will get back to you or you can try use on the
community people can maybe help you out for you have some questions and struggle and I have micro couple
students in there already show me all the process the half or the they go
shopping how how to get the fabric all those kind
of pictures 3 interests and give me a real love to see all my scooter how they
learn and how they doing on the course ok ok and one of my students say she say
it’s from christine my first finish student in my this course you say this
course was favorite through each module have several classes and most class have
video and sometime have other kind of information means PDF all checklist
those candy and everything is explained thoroughly thank you so much Christine
that’s very nice thing of you to stay and feedback for me OK and going to show
you guys the common question have a common question you most people have is
when does the course are in finish this course start never in if this one is
still on you can access anytime you want and I’m playing to keep cup and having
couple more of the work sharp route . so you actually have a couple more extra
project you can start with a design when you want start and when you want finish
is kind of self-paced course for you so if you today you only one start module
one class 1 and slowly slowly build up like it you don’t need to finish on one
weekend if you like to take four weeks or six weeks eight weeks totally up to
you know I going to push you ok so you can just throw it down don’t
get first off if you just started is this Court’s for beginner totally
because I plan this course for starting for beginner I don’t want all those
professional return to scare people with and all the scary processes for people
that all this is too hard for me so I make this one is very simple easy to
understand and most apart i have step-by-step video for you so you won’t
think about missing some part you can just follow through the video and then
finish the dress you all ok how does how long I have the assets this port it’s a
lifetime asses because if i start on here your still life this course will keep them going you
have unlimited asses this course as long as you like 27 up for 27 hours 24 hours
seven days a week you can lock in anytime you want if the sides Don it’s not crushed down
with something usually is on for sure ok and even if the site so i was a
problem i might just going to sing as the video and all the check in those
theme to make sure you guys have it okay and why is found not happy with
this court or not this course is not for you if they do not have with the course
in a sacrifice your purchase contact me in 30 days of your purchase and i will
give you a whole roof on ok so it’s no rx3 easy is involved wait to join you can enroll in the
bottom here but I have a surprise for you guys doing expression just sorry I
just finish this section if you’ll have a private question you don’t want live
in the common you can email me out servers me by or reach me out on
Twitter or Facebook group ok and i want to recover about the other
offer limited special offer for you you have 20-plus video training for you to
digital parents you can print at home and printable were
she for you in customer support community for you you can get twenty
percent discount today use special discount code of work sharp okay work
sharp of this one to get assets in mentally so you can start watching all
the video download the pattern get your worksheet to start it and join the
community this workshop will have replayed for 72
hours by the bonus will be gone in 48 hours and the special offer is going to
be expired to let me recap about the bonus will have to digital patterns and
let me see to watch our replayy sold out the extra two hours training for you
into digital pattern for for you ok if you like please check on me by / blah flash dress and you will get to this page this page okay you can just sign me up now 30 sorry I didn’t connect to my internet
you can just find out very easily and don’t forget use the coupon code
workshop to get twenty percent discount especially today may have any question
please let me know or give it to you one thank you guys again to join this
workshop and spend couple hours with me and after all the water i always mean we
hungry so I’m going to get some food later all acts me what number of
operations this one this one it’s so in brother ex-l 2600 right actually going
from walmart i think you can find on amazon dark onto I like it’s very easy
to use in simple design and pretty much all the function have different pattern
you can use I like it but before that i use singer so much into this time it
won’t change up to be brother i want travel the two different one to see
which one first I actually like a bolt so it just depends which kind of bring
you like okay or which design and function you actually needed ok you guys don’t have any questions now
i will let you guys go but if you think about something have any question please
to temperature me on twitter facebook group or email server Sammy by I
hope you guys have a good one

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