How-to Ombré Box Braids Tutorial with Kanekalon Hair

How-to Ombré Box Braids Tutorial with Kanekalon Hair

Braids and twists are super trendy now as
a protective style. We combined both styles in this unique ombre look using 100% Kanekalon
Jumbo braids hair! First wash and moisturize your own hair, let
it air-dry or blow-dry and follow with a good scalp massage.
Separate and arrange the hair into different lengths for a natural effect.
Divide each side into sections and braid into 3 corn-rows.
Start at the scalp, braiding gently to prevent breakage and adjust to full tension when you
are one-quarter inch away from the scalp. Keep an even tension for a uniform look.
Kanekalon’s natural look and texture will blend with your own hair. And professional
stylists agree, Kanekalon Jumbo Braids hair has a soft texture that won’t hurt your
fingers. Kanekalon braiding hair comes in a wide variety
of colors, perfect for transforming your look. We created Asiah’s Ombre braid and twist
combo using two colors; 100% Kanekalon Jumbo Braid
5 packs of number 4 and 2 packs of number 27. For a more subtle transition use 3 colors.
Starting at the bottom of the neckline, divide the hair into one-inch box shapes and work
your way up. When you braid the next row, place the braids in between the boxes so the
scalp will not be so visible when the braiding is complete.
ADD LIGHTER COLOR Add the lighter color number 27 half-way down
the braid and start twisting. If you want to give your hair a break, this
is a good protective style. Keep your hair healthy and natural with 100% Kanekalon super
comfortable braids. They give you lots of volume but they’re so lightweight they’re
the perfect choice for braids, twists, and locs.
You can count on Kanekalon hair to stay soft and smooth with the Hot Water Set styling
technique. Gently dip the ends in hot water, about 180 degrees and soak them for 20 to
40 seconds to seal and smooth the ends. Please be careful using the Hot Water Set
technique. Cover the skin on your shoulders, ears, neck and upper back with a heavy towel
wrap. Stylists should wear a kitchen mitt when holding
the hot water basin in case of accidental spills. You’ll always be safe from fire
with Kanekalon’s flame-retardant hair. Towel dry excess water and trim any stray
ends for a clean finish. This elegant, lightweight hairstyle looks
and feels natural. For a dramatic style, gather up half of the
hair, then twist and pin it in place to show off those corn rows! Try Asiah’s chic ombre,
braid and twist combo using 100% Kanekalon braids!
Go for natural beauty with Kanekalon braids.

14 thoughts on “How-to Ombré Box Braids Tutorial with Kanekalon Hair

  1. I'm mad they didn't just fill the space with an actual professional black hair braider. the roots still look rugged asf on her edges. I'm not here for this.

  2. This lady did a nice job, and why does it matter if the braider isn't Black… Braids are not just for Black or African women..

  3. You complain about this and wonder why other races find us Black people to be the ones to act like victims or find something to complain about all the time over little things like this. I think the Asian lady did a wonderful job and I would definitely let her braid my hair.

  4. I think thats awesome to me not to see only blk women braid each other hair i luv seeing different races do box braids ill let her do my hair god gave her very talented hands whomever dont see tht must be blind

  5. Im so proud of the braider. shes doing great. miho its peaches ron friend from ny. your doing excellent god bless you miho

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