How to Pronounce SURE, SHOW, SAW, SEW, SO, SOUL – American English Pronunciation Lesson

Hi Its Jennifer from Tarle Speech with your pronunciation question We have a super duper long question today so long in fact that I had to turn the board its no longer horizontal its vertical look at all of those words so lets take a look here we have sure show saw sew so and soul I think spelling is the big confusing factor here so lets start out with our first two words sure and show so for sure super confusing its spelled with an S but we do actually pronounce it with a SH sound so to say that SH sound you are going to round your lips into a pucker SH keep the air moving out of your mouth for Sure you are going to add that er sound I do hear people say SHOE-ER and thats ok too there are different regional variations but for todays purposes to make things simple I am going to teach it as sure next we have the word show and this is also the sh sound with really puckered rounded lips but then we are going to move to that really long O vowel keep in mind we do not pronounce the w sound at the end of this word so lets look at those two words again sure and show alright now lets move into our s sound words saw sew so and soul lets start with saw to say this word start with that S sound and for the s the mouth is relatively closed of course it is open so that air can move out of your mouth and the tip of the tongue is behind the top front teeth it is not touching your teeth at all and the air is going to continue moving out of your mouth SH I’m sorry S I just made that mistake there so its sh for the SH sound S for the S sound good mistake cause then you can see the difference alright we are then going to add the OH vowel which is a very open wide oval mouth shape and that is going to help you get the tongue in the bottom of your mouth in the right position so we have saw saw next we are going to add sew and this has the long O sound again the spelling here is so super confusing sew what we do with a needle and thread and the word so are pronounced exactly the same way with that s sound and then you move to the O so last we have the word soul and this word is s o SO but then we are going to move to that L sound by touching the tip of your tongue to the back of your top front teeth and hold it there so that you really get that strong L sound soul so lets try all of these words lets start with our SH words sure sure show show saw saw and then both of these words sew so then add that L and hold it soul soul lets give those all a try again soul so sew saw show sure one more time we have so many from the top again sure show saw sew so soul give it a try I know people are going to notice the difference give us a like a share and a subscribe leave your comments in the comments section below and visit us at Tarle SPeech we have products we have classes you can find out about all of those thank you so much for all of your support all of your views and all of your comments and we hope to see you again next week thanks so much

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