100 thoughts on “How to: Pull Through Braid – the perfect beginner friendly hairstyle

  1. This is beautiful! I'm off to Florida in May and because of the humidity my hair usually drops and goes flat by mid day so I'll be practising this style as a way of being able to do something reasonably easy with it in the morning that will mean any pictures in the afternoon don't look terrible haha! Cx

  2. I was trying to do this on my sister a couple weeks ago but couldn't find any good videos to learn from so thank you for doing this!!! I can't wait for my hair to get longer again so I can do all these pretty braids!! I'm such a braidaholic and am dying to be able to do all these braids again! love you Kayley ❤️

  3. Do you have a video using one of those heated brushes? If not I think that would be cool to do if your down for it and if you happen to have one. I got one for Christmas because I asked for it and quickly realized I have no idea how to use it😂😂

  4. With the French pull through braid, when I get to the part where I can't add any more hair, is there any difference if I continue splitting the top section and tying it under the bottom section instead of switching to the regular pull through?

  5. love it… I'm definitely going to do this to my 3 girls. I'm excited! I already told hubby to get me elastic bands… 😊 thanks for sharing this video

  6. I can't do a pull through ever… i can braid, i can french braid, i can dutch braid, but my pull throughs are always awful… im gonna try againg with your vid!

  7. I love that you and Tati are friends! I have done so many cute hairstyles on my daughter from your videos! Thank you!

  8. Could you please recommend elastics? I bought some from Sally's and they're way too small to handle my hair hair in a braid like that! I had some from like 15 years ago that worked GREAT, but they just don't make 'em like they used to 😉

  9. I discovered your channel watching you do Tati bridal hair tryouts. Wow! I'm so glad I've been binge watching your videos and amazed by your talent. You're my go to from now for styling my hair. Thank you so much.

  10. I found you through Tati. Loved the updo you did for her wedding rehearsal dinner. I tried this out and can't believe I did it! It isn't as great as yours but it looks pretty cute! Easy instructions. Thank you for this video!

  11. Do you have any recommendations for doing this hairstyle on layered hair? I usually get little bits sticking out of my braids.. thanks!

  12. You are really wonderfull. I love your hair videos. You give good explanations. Since I have met you channel, it is easy for me to do my hair in pretty ways.

  13. I think it will look awesome wrap around the head like a crown braid. I wish I could try it but I just got my haircut. And its not long enough for that! 😞

  14. the way she smiles and makes all her tutorials super friendly and easy makes her so different from the others. i love you! you've literally got the easiest tutorials, thaank youuu!!

  15. Do you have a video on how to Dutch braid your hair?😫 your fishtail video taught me so well and I mastered it so I'm praying you have a Dutch braid how to 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  16. Is it just me or does she look like a blonde Felicia Day? I've been watching for a while but it hit me in this video 😂

  17. Okay, I was able to do this, but my hair is to dark, you can't really see it that well lol
    But this pull through braid is so pretty!

  18. Thanks Kayley I just did mine it looks great. I have very long hair but quite clueless what to do with it! I will keep on doing more hairstyles and hopefully I can manage to them all. Thank you for showing your magic to us and I would like to thank you for all your videos I learned a fishtail braid from you and now this pull through braids. As always you are amazing! Greetings from Belgium!

  19. Also my stomach began to tingle as you did the second one lol that happens when I get nervous. I don't think I can do that one, I got lost real fast LOL but the first one is great

  20. I really wanna do the French pull through braid but I have shorter hair. My hair is like a little longer than my shoulder. Can I still do it?

  21. Thank you for explaining this so simply and thoroughly! I have always wondered how to make these braids and sometimes get dyslexic with my hands, LOL! TFS❣️

  22. 💆Kayley,💇 I just found your channel for the 1st time today. You don't know how EXTREMELY HAPPY I am that ai did. I'm in my 30's and I have EXTREMELY long hair 💇like past my butt….
    I know how to do a list of things to my hair but for years I've been trying to learn new hairstyles but have not been able to find a person that I could follow their instructions. I've spent hundreds of $ on braid books from CHAPTERS and I would never get it. Tonight I watched 3 braid videos of yours and followed your instructions and got it right the 🎆🎊FIRST TRY🎉🎊 I want to say a big THANK YOU TO YOU💃👏 I really appreciate you & the way you teach.. Please keep up the BEAUTIFUL & HELPFUL work you do.
    Now I'm gonna go watch all your videos and learn a bunch of new braids to wear….lol

  23. Wow….I love your method. ♥️ I’ve seen this pull through braid done in a more complicated way but your way is by far the easiest and the best. Thanks for the awesome video.

  24. I can do this but some little hair always get out of the elastic I have tied them because my hair are not that long and this make the entire pull through braid look weird but I still try because I like it and I love your videos 😍😍😍

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