How to repair stripped spark plug threads PERMANENTLY

How to repair stripped spark plug threads PERMANENTLY

In this video I’m going to show you how to repair stripped out sparkplug threads As you can see here this is a spark plug that came out of a vehicle and it blew right out of the Spark plug hole taking all the threads with it There’s not a whole lot left You can see right next to it This is the ignition coil that sits over the top of the spark plug, which is in pretty rough condition so in this video we’ll show you how to rethread a spark plug hole tap it out and put a Helicoil in it or a time start is actually what we’re going to be using in this video This is a spark plug hole that was damaged. I’ve actually already installed I’ve already rethreaded this i’ve already tapped it out and installed the Helicoil or time stir in there. You can see the black The black a ring is the actual Italy coil I put in there so In order to do this They actually sell some they sell a look repair kits that are relatively this was a relatively easy repair to do Basically, it’s gonna come with a tap They run down through the spark plug hole and as you can see it’s tapered it starts out small and gets a little wider So there’s no drilling involved. I was able just to Stick this in the spark plug hole and run it down through and what this is gonna do is just it’s gonna read throw that hole so we can insert the Helicoil or so we can read throughout that spark plug. Hole what you want to do is you want apply a little grease to this Tap before you run it down into the spark plug hole and what that’s gonna. Do it’s going to help collect all the Aluminum shavings are gonna stick to that that grease so when you pull the cap out You can just wipe it off onto rag and as you can see those are all the shavings I pulled out after I recap this cylinder head spark plug hole So once you get the hole all threaded out you’re gonna put it on one of these times certain or hilly coils accom helicoil is Actually a little different and probably more common But these time sorts is what I like to use you can see it’s a instead of it being like a wire Wound thread it’s a solid piece, and it’s knurled on the top side of it so when you install this Once you get tapped out, and you install this time-sert It comes with a tool that peens over that edge, so that things never got to come out So yeah once that’s installed. I just at the top of this with a hammer And it kind of spreads the top of this time so now you can see the knurled edge it Bites right into the cylinder head, so these things don’t back out It’s I’ve never had any issues with these pretty permanent repair, so I’ll leave a link below where you can get this repair kit For your spark plug so you can read thread your spark plug hole in the video description below Yeah, so this is why the coils supposed to look like in this vehicle Also another thing you’re gonna want to do too is once you run that Once you run the tap down through the hole you’re gonna want to fire the engine up and just let it run with no spark Plug no anything in that cylinder hold Oh, well that will do is will blow any debris that may have fell down in there in the process of the repair But thanks for watching my video on wreath writing spark plug holes I Hope this was helpful any questions or comments, please leave them below. I’ll try to answer them all Be sure to hit the thumbs up button and subscribe to my channel. Thanks for watching fate rate mechanic

17 thoughts on “How to repair stripped spark plug threads PERMANENTLY

  1. Great video, it was a little blurry at times and I would have liked to seen the hole repair process on video but it was very informative, can this be done with the head off?

  2. Hi, I have my mechanic did the stripped spark plug fixed. After he installed everything and Cylinder 5 is still making noise and misfiring do you have any solution for this?

  3. Another reason not to replace plugs unnecessarily. I heard a dealership "service" manager try to talk a customer into replacing her car's Denso iridium plugs at 50K with no malfunctions.

  4. I have a deep well plug, how can a person tell if the insert is set deep enough. I tapped the head about the same depth as the threads on the insert.

  5. Insane I knew it was a Volvo off the coil some how 😂😂 had cylinder 4 blow out on me, I had a helicoil fitted and fixed today just hoping it doesn't blow out again and the helicoil holds it!

  6. I am forever in debt to you sir. Good video and great product. I blew out a plug like and hour and a half from my home. And I went to a nearby Napa after finding your video and picked up the kit. It was easy, quick and cheap. luckily I had extra plugs too. Got me back on the road and home.

  7. First time encountering this. I’m pretty seasoned in engine failures but wow. Just when you think you have it figured out… anyway I’ve just searched for knowledge and you have said the same thing. Only thing I’ve heard is set up a shop vac in blow mode and tdc the cyl you’re on. It will push out chips. Watch your peepers tho. Thx

  8. Just one question, that timesert looks kinda small. The number of threads on the timesert doesn’t match the length of threads on spark plug? So, like the spark plug is threaded halfway on the timesert but the other half of threads are just exposed?

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