How to sew a blind hem stitch on your home sewing machine | Craftsy Sewing with Angela Wolf

How to sew a blind hem stitch on your home sewing machine | Craftsy Sewing with Angela Wolf

hello this is Angela wolf and i’m a sewing instructor on in this quick lesson I’m going to show
you how to do a blind hem with your sewing machine not a blind hem machine have you ever bought pants in a store – I have the tags on here and these
are ready to wear and you can’t even hardly see that
stitching it’s the same color as the fabric but here’s the key from
the outside here’s the pant hem and you can see those stitches
it’s perfect so how do you get that with the home
sewing machine we show you here pretty much every sewing machine comes with a blind hem foot and a blind hem stitch. open your
sewing machine manual if you can’t find it but most of us don’t read that but if you
can’t find it go take a peek. here you go let’s just
pretend this is the hem and I’m going to show you the concept of this here’s the foot, it has a blade on the
back from the side, kind of a weird blade so let’s just pretend this is your pants
and this is your hem this is your seam allowance when the
concept to this whole thing is that you’re going to stitch and this
blade will run along the fold and most of your stitches will be here
in seam allowance right on the edge and what it does is it
stitches and it does a little zigzag and that little zigzag, you
just want it to grab just a touch of fiber of fabric and then back over – stitch, stitch over –
just like that that’s the concept of it. If you go too
far you end up being able to see the stitches from the right side of the garment but let me just show you how this works put the presser foot on so here’s our fabric and I’m just using a
swatch of fabric so you can see how this goes so let’s just pretend that this is the
right side of your pants there’s your hem and there’s your hem allowance so all
you do is you take your fingers like this and flip okay and this is what you’re going to be
sewing along I usually would do a few pins here
i’m going to pin really close to the edge and flip it back over so you can see what
this would look like from the right side of your garment because you’re gonna think this is
really weird but actually it’s not so fold this back out – remember this is the
inside of your pants, there’s your hem there’s your hem allowance, so what does it look like
from the right side to the fabric this. and I know what you’re thinking I’m
going to end up with some goofy stitches but you’re not. let’s go back here we go
put it in the sewing machine line this lever right here up with
the fold on your fabric. lower your presser foot and then just start stitching I’m using a different color here and
I actually have a zig-zag a little bit wider so you can see it it just kinda goes zigzag. it’s
just grabbing just a little bit of that fiber in the fabric to show the blind hem let’s do a few more stitches here let’s see what
we ended up with up again this is the inside of your pant
leg look at how see how that stitch that’s
kinda weird isn’t it so the majority the stitches are actually on your hem allowance at the very edge this
is the part of your pant leg that is just gathering that little itty bitty zigzag this is what the inside of your pant leg looks like
nobody’s going to see that except for you but it’s not too bad looking I would probably serge this edge
first and then do the blind hem just to give it a
professional finish. so let’s go to the right side the garment here we go we’ve got little itty bitty (now
remember I told you I had the triangle a little bit wider so you could see it) but if I had narrowed that just a little
bit which you just do that with the width of your stitch you wouldn’t even be able to see that and
of course you pick a thread that matches your pant. it looks great and so once I press
that you wouldn’t even see that. I would narrow that stitch just a little bit and it’d be perfect again this is Angela Wolf, and for more tips like this on altering your clothes or even rehabbing clothes you buy in a resale shop
join me in my online class Tailoring Ready to
Wear on craftsy dot com

100 thoughts on “How to sew a blind hem stitch on your home sewing machine | Craftsy Sewing with Angela Wolf

  1. Alternatively, five minutes with a needle and thread and an ordinary hand blind hem stitch is considerably cheaper and easier. The stitch allows NONE of the stitches to be seen from the right side. Not everything has to be done on the sewing machine!

  2. This is a very helpful tutorial . I'm most definitely going to follow you . I was blessed with a sewing machine today and need to learn everything I can.Thanks for being clear and taking your time.

  3. thanks so much Angela… this was a very clear video… I loved the color fabric you used for the sample… it shows so well on the video to us who have to follow along.
    I just bought some dressed pants and of course they were way too long!
    But they were so nice! I have sewn many items never ever ever did I dare take on the Blind Hem! silly I know.
    The hem can make or break your garment!
    Now I am willing to start on it! Thanks so much! Keep up the good shows 🙂 they are very helpful.

  4. Thank you this is the 1st time blind hems have made sense to me. Have read my machines manual and read about the blind hem so many times but not completely understood it so have put it in the too hard basket. Stumbled across this video looking for something else and it all clicked in my head.

  5. Angela, your manner, your facial expressions, your cheeriness of voice, your assumption of comradery with your viewers––those qualities shine from your personality, and your teaching is a joy to involve myself with. Thanks.

  6. Wauw fantastisch en zeer duidelijke uitleg hoe je een blinde zoom stikt. Nu vergeet je het nooit meer. Thanks

  7. I wish you had demo on a real pant hem not just a flat piece of fabric. The process is so different when the hem must fit and fold over perfectly in a pant hem or skirt hem (usually never happens perfectly). I have sewn for 40 years and I still choose to hand sew some hems because this method to 'blind hemming' is just not perfect enough . I am looking into purchasing a blind hemming machine as the manufactures use.

  8. I should add I have a Bernina and a Viking and I love both of them. But the blind hem method on the model of my machines still is not perfect enough for me and my customers.

  9. Tried some sewing today on my wife's sewing machine, its her pride and joy, I'm not allowed to touch it so I touched it , I tried this on my pants because my wife usually does it though shes not here at the moment, I did it myself, looks awesome though I broke the needle to the machine because I had a small pair of scissors under the material so I just put the machine back as if I didn't touch it.
    So moral of the story is if all else fails, DENY DENY DENY

  10. Yikes,I have been trying to figure out this presser foot for weeks now and couldn't figure it out.This just totally explained it.I thought that the material was supposed to go in the foot and fold over.Thanks for the video!

  11. Angela is so sexy to me. I watch all her craftys vids and I don't even sew LOL but because I'm in love with her, i actually just bought a sewing machine and hope to learn with Angela

  12. Mine does not catch every stitch even though I keep the metal bar against the edge. So annoying to have to go over a hem several times or end up having to hand sew them. I was told to set the width to a minus setting but that does not seem to help. I either get too much of a bite or not enough. Any suggestions?

  13. Have been trying to get this stitch forever finally after watching this i realized i had tried this with the material upside down. Thanks for this tutorial. Amazing…

  14. Hello!! I Love your channel, I am a beginner in this field Question I have a  Brother LS-2125i sewing machine and I am remodeling my apartment and I plan to upholster my living room sectional, dinning room chairs, do the curtains, the window cornice  and my bed headboard furniture, I am plan to use a vinyl fabric for the furniture, can I use my machine to do this project, and do I need any special tool for the machine? What kind of needle and threads I'll be needing?Thank You!!!

  15. Maybe you can tell me what I'm doing wrong.

    I did this stitch to hem my slacks but two things: 1) my stitches are puckering and the material doesn't lay flat, even after pressing & 2) my thread breaks after I sew about 3 inches.

    I tried to adjust the tension, my sewing manual says 4, and I changed my needle.

    So, how do I hem using this stitch without puckering and without my thread breaking?

    Thank you for any suggestions you may have!

  16. perfect absolutely perfect explanation. finally! I have watched so many tutorials and have yet to see one that shows exactly how the foot works and how the fabric should be flipped over and go into the machine. Thank you!

  17. Dear Angela, i love your channel, so very helpful. I am buying a new sewing machine and would like to know the model of your sewing machine. It appears to be so smooth and easy to use. I will be ever so grateful.

  18. thank you very much for this video…I tried to follow the advice of others, but yours was the easiest for me..

  19. Thanks for that thorough explanation. I'm going to try hemming my own pants, instead of paying for the tailor at the dry cleaner's.

  20. Thank you very much for your clear explanation, but it would be easier to listen to without the background music.

  21. This was really helpful! You do a great job showing the step by step and making your instructions clear and easy to follow. I can't wait to give this a shot on my daughter's super gauzy baby dress! Thank you.

  22. Thank you!! Only video out of many that my brain could follow, (instruction dyslexia is very frustrating) and I managed no problem due to good step by step on the folding. So chuffed!! Elizabeth x

  23. I followed her instructions to get the blind hem. But I ended up with a hem that was a seam. These instructions were not clear. Using a fabric that clearly had a front and back would have been more useful for a video. The instructions were as bad as there were in my sewing book.


  25. I am sorry, but the music in the background sounds like a tune called "Footprints" which became a signature tune of FLautist Dave Valentin(deceased). Am I right? Also, I am studying sewing now as a hobby because I inherited 3 machines from family(mom and grandmom. I will stay tuned and practice.

  26. Really enjoyed a few of your classes on alterations with the free Craftsy class time over the weekend. As a slim and tall athletic girl, I constantly need to alter my clothes and your instructions are the best. Thank you!

  27. Bless you! For showing exactly what the concept is. I looked at several other sites for instruction on how to do this and none of them were is clear to me as when you pinched the fabric and showed where the sewing machine foot had to go. So thank you very much.

  28. Thank you so much! Was easier than I thought. My Grandmother knows how to sew but never wants to teach me so these videos really help!

  29. Thank you for a very informative video. I had not tried a blind hem since I took machine owners classes ten years ago, and needed a refresher. Your video was good quality, and very clear and easy to understand.

  30. Excellent instruction. I watched 8 videos before this one and it finally got through w/this instructor. Thank you!

  31. What if the garment is already lined and the existing hem just needs to be folded up once? Would this still work?

  32. Thank you so much for this video! I've always wanted to learn how to do a blind hem stitch. The sewing machine manual never explained it quite right, but by following your instructions I was able to blind hem my daughter's skirt.

  33. Thank you sweety! You're absolutely charming! Great tutorial! My mother-in-law gave me a pair of her pants and said "could you please fix the hem on these?" – LOL – I have never done that but I'm always up for a good challenge! This video is just what I needed! Praise God! Thank you so much! – Tina

  34. Do you know how long it has taken me to understand this stitch and I read the manual. Thanks for the understanding! Going to practice.

  35. I am a single dad, self taught sewing. Your video just saved me a lot of money. I just used this technique to take up my daughters school skirt, and it came out perfect, thank you.

  36. This video shows very plainly how to do the "blind hem". Easy to follow. The only negative is that the background music is distracting.

  37. I have read directions in my sewing machine manual with no luck….I even tried a couple of other videos. Again, with no luck. Your video IS THE BEST!!!! I tried it on a scrap piece of material and it came out perfect on the first try!!!!!! Thank you, thank you!!!!! I did it a few more times so I'm ready to hem my granddaughter's uniforms!!!!

  38. Could this be applied to extending a dress? I got a dress and everyone is telling me it's too short so I am going to extend it to shut them up-_-

  39. Love the video. It is to the point and brief. I know I'll come back to it often when I need a refresher. I tried it the first time on a pair of slacks where the material was so thick I couldn't do any hand sewing and I didn't want a top stitch on the hem. I was very pleased with the outcome! Thank you.

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