How to Sew a Collapsible Dog Bowl

How to Sew a Collapsible Dog Bowl

Want to make your own travel dog bowl for
your pooch? This bowl is incredibly easy to make and using fabric treated by beeswax,
it can be waterproofed to be used as a water bowl. Let’s get started. You’ll need one 12 ½” square of cotton
canvas treated with beeswax. Watch our tutorial on creating beeswax fabric to learn how to
do this. In addition to your fabric, you’ll also
need, a package of extra wide double folded bias tape, thread, binding clips, scissors,
fabric marker, sewing gauge and your sewing machine. Place your fabric square wrong side up. Bring
up and pinch the corner. Mark at 3” using your fabric marker and sewing gauge. Put in
a clip to hold it. To make it easier to sew, you can draw your
fabric marker line straight down all the way to the bottom of the fabric. This will give
you a stitch guide. Sew on your stitch guide at your sewing machine,
sewing with a regular length straight stitch and don’t forget to backstitch. Do this
to all four corners. Take two corners and fold them towards each
other and hold in place with clips. Repeat this with the other two corners on the opposite
side. Baste the top of the folded corners, using
the longest length stitch, to hold them in place without clips. Now slip the bias tape on the top of the bowl,
going all the way around. When you get to the overlap, you can fold the bias tape under
to make it look neater. Stitch the bottom edge of the bias tape at
your sewing machine. Make sure you’re catching the bias tape on both sides. The travel dog bowl is now finished. To make
it even easier to carry, fold two opposite sides in and then fold in half again. The
beeswax makes it easy to hold its shape. To use, just unfold and you and your dog are
ready for your next adventure. We hope you enjoyed this tutorial. Please
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14 thoughts on “How to Sew a Collapsible Dog Bowl

  1. This is wonderful! Thank you… my beagle thanks you too as we have been struggling with a way to carry her water and a bowl when we go out. You are always so thorough and such a great teacher. ❤️🐶

  2. Usually you're videos are very thorough however this one Falls a bit short. You did not mention that you're using a walking foot and for beginners out there they may not know what type of foot you had on your machine.
    Also you said at minute marker :56 if you want your bowl to be extra waterproof to skip this step. Okay… Where's the solution what are we supposed to do I know why you're saying it but how do we make the bowl if we're not sewing those corners.
    Does anyone know how long beeswax will last? This would be important if you were to make these for sale.

  3. Hi, I've recently found out that I'm pregnant, and being a student I don't want to buy a ton of maternity wear. How would you modify pants and skirts in particular to fit comfortably? Could you do a video for it?
    Thank you.

  4. So to make it more of a warer dish would you just skip the 3 inch stitch line and if so will it be less durable then or will it still be pretty waterproof .. i need it to be more of a water dish than food dish

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