How to Sew a Knit Neckband

A knit band is a really common neckline finish on tons of knit projects. You’re gonna see them on almost any T-shirt, but
this method can also be used for finishing armholes or other garments
like dresses. Today I’m going to show you the basics of how to sew a knit band.
First, we are going to start by sewing our shoulder seams. If your pattern has a
center front or back seam, you’ll also want to make sure to sew these at this
time. The goal is to have your neckline constructed and completely in the round.
Next, assemble your neckband. To do this, sew the short ends of the neckband right
sides together and then press it in half lengthwise. It can be really helpful to use a
stretch stitch to baste your neckband here, just to keep all of the layers from
shifting around when you’re attaching it to the neckline. Next, we’re going to mark
the center front of the neck band. And if you haven’t already, make sure that the
center front and center back of your neckline is also marked. With right sides
together and notches aligned, begin pinning your neckband in place. Make sure you’re
lining up your center front notches and then lining up the center back notch of
your neckline with the seam of your neckband Then pin the rest in place. You’re gonna
find that you’ll have to stretch the neckband slightly to make it fit. Just
make sure you’re stretching a consistent amount between each pin. Once your neckband is pinned in place, use a serger or stretch stitch to sew along the neckline. Once you’re done sewing you should press the neckband up and your seam allowance down. Optionally, you can use a twin needle to
topstitch along the neckline, catching the seam allowance underneath. And there you have it, how to sew a classic knit neckband. If you liked this video, make sure
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and happy sewing!

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