How to Sew a Shirt, Sewing for Beginners, Part 1

How to Sew a Shirt, Sewing for Beginners, Part 1

How to Sew a Classic Shirt Sewing for Beginners Sewing Tutorials supported by Sewing Pattern Sales and Fan Funding Part 1 The Pattern and Cutting Out I have lost count of the number of times I
have made this classic I have made it up in cotton lawn, cotton poplin printed silk, silk chiffon, polyesters and
more This time it’s this glorious silk print bringing a ray of sunshine into the winter
wardrobe I have downloaded and printed the pattern I now produce A4 and Letter size versions There’s the intro page A handy sheet for your own notes a small scale diagram of the pattern pieces and then the pattern itself The columns are numbered and the rows have
letters Each size is a separate PDF To prepare your pattern you just need tape
and scissors For cutting out your fabric you need pins,
fabric shears smaller shears are useful for awkward curves a ruler a large set square is handy I have had this one since college days and
it’s specific to pattern drafting a tape measure and my handy gauge and for construction you will need the pins,
tape measure perhaps the shears, gauge, basting thread contrast thread for tailor tacks machine thread most suited to your fabric needles called sharps for hand sewing a thimble, I often use a tailor’s thimble,
the one with a hole small sharp scissor for snips, interfacing
for collars and cuffs I keep black and white handy in useful weights,
this time I’m using woven some nice shirt buttons and lastly a stitch
ripper for slitting the button holes Not forgetting of course a sewing machine Now for a recap on preparing the patterns Layout the columns and rows, edge to edge,
no overlap Use something to keep the pages in place while
you stick Don’t forget, this is the seam line These are net patterns. You add seam allowance
as you cut out the fabric Our pattern is ready We have a collar band, we need to cut 2, the
collar itself, 2 again 2 cuffs, cut 2 sleeves The shirt back is
placed on a fold so cut 1 and lastly 2 shirt fronts. This pattern is quite long which is nice if you want to wear it outside
a skirt with a belt or if you want to blouse it but I am limited by the length of my silk
so I’m going to make it shorter Because the pattern is cut straight I can just take some from the bottom edge You can of course have it any length Try a boxy version – a great look for wearing
with 60s style slacks You can even extend it to become a shirt dress I’m going to reduce the length of the sleeve
as well It is quite blouson so I can afford to loose
some here too But this time to retain the integrity of the
sleeve shape I shall take it out of the middle ¾” should do it Line up using the grid and correct the seam
line if necessary This sleeve is comfortably wide I might make that just ½” shorter When you make this up in the future try a
short sleeve or three quarter length with a neat, above
the wrist cuff Let’s get this shirt cut out My silk is 44″ that’s 110cm. wide and I only
have 2 metres in length This is how I have laid it out I have had to cut the collar and collar band
pattern in half and placed them on the fold Cut out the large pieces but leave the collar,
collar stand and cuffs until later – you will see why For more information on layouts watch out
for future videos For news of up and coming videos, please Subscribe
to our Channel Transferring the pattern markings is the topic
of the next video Thank you very much for watching

20 thoughts on “How to Sew a Shirt, Sewing for Beginners, Part 1

  1. I remember this shirt in the thumbnail photo. First I got to know you from these 3 videos (Prepare the Cuff, attach the cuff and the bound sleeve.) I really sew that cuff watching your video and enjoyed it so much, that's why I remember the shirt from the thumbnail photo.Thanks so much for this helpful video!

  2. Hi, sis, excellent tutorial, but pls, make the pattern manually with measurements, i shall be highly obliged. pls. I know u r selling these, but i cannot buy. so pls help, alongwith me hundreds will be benefitted. I always like your videos

  3. I thought this would be a tutorial which includes everything in it but turned out to be an ad for their business. I have to pay for the measurements?? This is way too ridiculous. I can see why there are not as many subscribers as I thought it would be. Don't you earn money too, on YouTube? Now who would pay for the measurements? Not poor people like me.

  4. hi madam I really love your style and teaching.I am computer literate, but don't know how to make use of if it in printing the cutting patterns. And am very new in sewing. please I need to know how to sew. Can you please explain it.

  5. Hi you're too sweet to show all yours video I love it thanks for excellent video.madam I want to learn sewing and cutting at list my own garments so how to start with u ? How to become a member? I am from India.thanks lots.

  6. I have only just discovered your channel.This was really informative and interesting,however,why did you not show the sewing?Everything you taught was essential but for a sewing vlog you need to see how you handled the machine sewing.

  7. Hi dear
    I want to purchase this pattern now but wanna ask if it's the 540 pattern
    I wish I can register as a full member cos of ur beautiful teachings and patterns but am just starting up. can only afford to get the patterns little by little so tell me if the 540 is the rite pattern then I will be good to go with the purchase now.
    thanks for assisting
    Best regards

  8. For me name for the video should be how to cut the pattern not how to sew a shirt, because you are not showing how to do this…

  9. I am very impress with the videos I have seen so far. One aspect which I find confusing is when the right and wrong sides look the same,
    as in the floral pattern. Makes it hard for beginners like me.

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