How to Sew a Skirt: Quick & Easy Project | Craftsy Sewing Tutorial

How to Sew a Skirt: Quick & Easy Project | Craftsy Sewing Tutorial

How would you like to sew a simple skirt in
an afternoon? I’m going to show you how easy it is in this short video!
Hi, I’m Angela Wolf! An elastic waist skirt sews up super fast and looks great on all
body types. I’m going to be using this cute Rae Skirt pattern from Sewaholic Patterns,
but the techniques would apply to similar patterns.
Cut out and mark your 6 pattern pieces. So let’s start by pinning a front side to
a back side piece with right sides together at the seam line. Now stitch the seam with
a 5/8 seam allowance. I am using contrasting thread so you can see the stitches better,
but you would use matching thread. Next just stitch the remaining five seams
the same way. Stitch the seam, finish the edges, and press the seams open.
Now let’s go to the iron and prepare the elastic casing and the hem. It’s faster if
we press both in one stop! I only have part of the skirt here so you can see what I am
pressing. This is the top edge where the elastic will
go. Turn under the fabric edge 1 3/4″ and press. Then fold under the raw edge 1/2″ and
press again. This is the perfect width for 1″ elastic.
We will be stitching along this folded edge, leaving a 2 inch opening to insert the elastic.
Now let’s move to the hem. Flip the raw edge up 1 3/4” towards the wrong side of
the fabric and press. Then tuck the raw edge under about 3/4″ and
press. Now the hem is ready for topstitching! (OC) First, let’s finish our elastic casing.
Line up the fabric so the needle is about 1/8 of an inch from the folded edge. Start
stitching about 1″ away from the side seam and stitch all the way around.
As I get back to where I started stitching, you want to leave approximately 2 inches open.
Backstitch to secure the threads. Before we insert the elastic, we need to determine
how tight we want it. Wrap the elastic around your waist and use
a pin to hold it closed. Make sure it’s not too tight and not too loose or the skirt
will fall down! Use a fabric pen to mark where the elastic
should cross on both the outside and inside of the elastic.
Now I know after I insert this elastic into the casing, these two markings need to meet.
You can use a bodkin or safety pin attached to the end of the elastic, to insert the elastic
into the casing and ease it through until you get all the way around. Check that the
elastic is not twisted, overlap your two markings, and we’re going to stitch right across the
markings to secure the elastic. Change to a zigzag stitch and stitch back
and forth a couple of times. Trim off the excess elastic and all that is left is to
stitch this little opening closed. Now let’s finish up the hem that we prepped
earlier! Topstitch along the folded edge around the
skirt. And you are finished! You have a brand new skirt in a couple hours!
Thanks for watching, and don’t forget you can click the “i” in the top-right corner
of this video to learn more sewing techniques or to get the pattern I’ve been using in this

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  1. the only thing I would add is after making sure it fits good and elastic is just right is add a few stitches on both sides over the elastic to keep it from rolling. good video, ironing makes it go together so much better

  2. Hi mam. Thank you so much. It was so useful video to me. And Please post more videos and how to stitch long gown and long skirt mam. Please

  3. why does it have 6parts? cant a skirt be sewn from two identicaly cut pieces, one for front and one for back of the skirt?

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