How to Sew : Sewing Basics: How to Make a Dart

How to Sew : Sewing Basics: How to Make a Dart

Hi! I’m Candi Cane-Canncel on behalf of So we’ve learned basic stitches, we’ve learned decorative stitches
and some really cool seams and now we’re going to discuss darts. What darts are there
used to gather a large bit of fabric to a point to achieve a better fit. Now you use
this in garments in the bust area, in the shoulder area, in the back kind of waist area,
anywhere where you need to gather in fabric to kind of achieve in a nice point and a nice
fit. So for demonstration purposes I’m just going to draw a dart on a piece of fabric
and a dart looks like just an elongated triangle. Then you take your dart when you’re going
to stitch it you line up the two bottom edges of your dart making sure to keep the center
point of the dart right in the center, because the whole purpose of this is to get a really
clean point. You want to pin it to make it secure and the best way to stitch a dart is
to sew from the bottom of the dart to the point. So you take it to your machine, put
the presser foot down and line up your needle with the line and then just stitch…and when
you get to the very edge you’re almost going to stitch off of the piece of fabric to achieve
that nice point, just remember to back-tack before you get to the very, very edge. Take
out your pins and there you have a really nice dart. For more info on this topic please
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14 thoughts on “How to Sew : Sewing Basics: How to Make a Dart

  1. I guess I was the only one who learned something from this vid. o_O Thank you for showing me how to sew a dart~ Though it would have been more helpful if you explained in detail about the backstitching. 🙂

  2. If I were using a dart in a pattern, would I have trimmed off the excess fabric on the inside afterwards? How would I have kept the seam from fraying later?

  3. @burpolicious you don't cut off the excess material because it is really not a seam, it is used to make the garment fit and look better on your body

  4. simplicity's patterns says its best to just sew off the dart edge and make a tiny know at the end because that little backstitch could cause a pucker. i've never done it with the knot. anyone have a opinion?

  5. @therealamberla i don't understand why expert village's vids are all such poor quality. had the same prob on a vid about bicycle maintenance.

  6. Terrible video quality, can't see anything that was done. Try putting the camera closer and using a higher contrast thread and fabric.

  7. It's not good to back stitch a dart apex because it leaves a pointed look on the outside. The best way is to stitch from the dart base towards the point/apex but stitch the remaining 1/2" (awl punch) parallel to the dart fold off the edge without back stitching and leave long threads to tie into a knot at the dart apex. Then clip close to the knot without clipping the knot. This makes for a much smoother appearance on the outside.

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