How to Sew Standard Darts

How to Sew Standard Darts

Let’s talk darts. Darts are one of the
most common shaping devices found in patterns. Darts around the bust or the
waistline, also known as standard darts, point to an area fullness, shaping the
fabric for a nice fit. Today I’ll show you how it’s done. Start by transferring the dart markings
from the pattern piece to the wrong side of your fabric. Mark the dart tip onto
your fabric using a water soluble marker or chalk. Make sure you’ve notched where
the dart legs are from the pattern piece onto your fabric. From the dart tip draw
the dart legs extending out to the notches you’ve made at the seam line.
Then fold the dart through the center with right sides together, matching up
the dart legs. Pin in place. Here’s a tip: pin along the dart leg so your fabric
stays secure at your dart markings. Now it’s time to sew the dart. Start at the
wide end of the dart backstitching a couple of times, then sew through the
dart legs to the dart tip and right off the edge of the fabric as smoothly as
you can. Leave long thread tails and do not
backstitch. If you’re sewing with a fuller bust you can always try curving
the tip of the dart that helps the fabric curve even more so around the bust giving an even better fit. Tie the thread tails into a knot at the dart tip to
secure, then trim the excess thread. Press the dart in the direction the pattern
indicates. Using a tailor’s ham is helpful to get the dart tip flat if you
have one. By pressing on something curved, like a tailor’s ham, we can mold the dart
to fit our curves better. Remember it’s okay if your dart ends a little before
after your dart tip marking. What is most important is sewing your dart off the
edge of your folded fabric in the smoothest way you can. And now you have a standard dart. Repeat these steps for any remaining
darts on your pattern. What’s your favorite type of shaping device? What
type of darts do you like to sew most? Comment down below and let us know. Don’t forget to subscribe so you don’t miss out on our future quick tip videos.
Thanks! Happy sewing!

4 thoughts on “How to Sew Standard Darts

  1. Nice video! I still sew my darts old school, by turning the fabric slightly when you get to the tip, and then taking four stitches (using the hand wheel) along the fold before tying off. That eliminates that pucker at the tip of the dart.

  2. In both sewing school and tailoring instructions, never was a dart made to come to the abrupt end as shown in the video. Also it was sewn from the end, very close to the fold for a minimum of two stitches then sewn towards the seam notches. The transition gave a smoother dart. Pressing is also a factor.

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