How to sew with Holographic and Metallic Sewing Thread

Hi guys, I’m Cassie from Faodail Creation and in this video I want to show you how to use metallic threads as well as holographic threads Now these threads come in handy in certain times of the month like Christmas and don’t be scared of them once You know the basics and some easy step-by-step tips These guys are not as scary to use as what you would think so let’s head over to my sewing machine room And I’ll show you the easiest ways on how to use these These are the two different types of thread so Over here, we have our metallic threads which is slightly kind of metally and shiny and these over here are our holographic threads, so this is how the holographic looks Catches the light and it looks like tinsel It has a really pretty effect on fabrics and I was doing a quilt the other day that I used this thread on and it looks good These are the tools I highly recommend that you get for these types of threads one of them is a Extension for your thread. A thread stand you generally use this when you’re using cones So you want to be standing cones upright Instead of in your actual machine because they feed a little bit better when they are stood upright the other tools I recommend are scissors a thread net a Needle threader Or a pair of tweezers because what’s going to happen is your machine is not going to like these threads sometimes So you’re gonna have to hand thread into the needle. And just an FYI the needle that I’m using is a universal 90 I have not used any special needle because you can get special needles for metallic threads But it works with a universal needle when you know how to use these types of threads So first of all I’m going to use the holographic thread and we are going to want to wrap this thread up in our netting Once we’ve done that we are going to pop him right into the thread holder You’re going to place your thread holder right next to your sewing machine And you’re basically going to use this as an extension To your sewing machine, it’s really that simple So we’re going to bring our tread up We’re going to hook it around the hook, and then we’re just going to continue to thread as usual So I’m going to see if my auto threader likes me sometimes it does sometimes it doesn’t let’s see if it works and This time it did But I’m going to show you the different ways that you can re-thread your machine, maybe you don’t have an auto threader and I’m going to show you how easy it is with some different tools So your first tool is a pair of tweezers, so you get the end here and Then thread it through the eye of the needle And you want to just hold on to it, and then grab it from the back and pull it through so that’s one way Another way is to use this threader here, and if you see it where the arrow is on this thing there that is where you kind of want to line it up to your needle and You go all the way down and then you push it in and it goes through the eye of the hole and helps to Feed your thread through, so let’s try that So if you can see here this loop, that’s at the back you’re just going to want to grab that and Then pull it all the way through and now it’s threaded So I have a piece of dark fabric here, so let’s see how this looks Now fYI when you get to the end do not use your automatic cutoff if you have one Because what happens is is it’s gonna cut it off too short, and then this thread It’s so bouncy that it’s just gonna bounce up, and it’s going to unthread from your needle And you don’t want that nobody likes to keep threading the needle all the time and it gets a little bit annoying So this is a tip for you, so we’re going to raise our presser foot up. We’re gonna raise our needle up and We’re just gonna pull it away Pull it away, and then we’re going to get a pair of scissors We’re going to hold on to that thread because we don’t want it to bounce away from us snip it grab on and Then just hook it under and then pull it through so This is what the holographic thread looks like I think personally it looks really awesome some people use it to Make Christmas tree tinsel on their quilts You can use it as stars, and if you’re making like a constellation blanket There are many different ways that you could use this thread On bags as a top stitching. I just think it looks really cool and amazing So give it a try. I am now gonna show you how to use the metallic thread it’s exactly the same as this thread, but I’ll just Show you how it looks So here is my metallic gold exactly same way put him in the extension holder put a spool net around it so it helps to keep the thread consistently pulling through the machine It’s all threaded up, and it’s ready to go, so let’s see how this looks like on a piece of black fabric So the same thing don’t auto cut anything just lift that presser foot up and raise your needle out and Just be very gentle because this could snap But pull it through, slightly and get your scissors and just Cut off the ends manually, but like I said you have to be very very careful with this metallic thread because it will snap very easily so be very gentle and then just pull it back And then you’re ready to sew again So this is what the gold looks like gold metallic and you can see it next to the holograph thread as well Just really cool threads to use don’t be scared of them. Once you know how to work with them They are incredibly easy so guys Thank you so much for watching and what you think are you going to give it a try? Are you going to go with the holographic you’re gonna go with metallic Try it, see what you think if you enjoyed this video. Please give me a like don’t forget I post videos every single Wednesday, so don’t forget to hit that subscribe button. I’ll see you next week. Bye

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