How to Sew Zippers : How to Use a Sewing Machine to Sew a Zipper

How to Sew Zippers : How to Use a Sewing Machine to Sew a Zipper

Hi, I’m Candi Cane Canncel with Expert Village.
In this clip we’re actually going to start to stitch our zipper. So the first thing you
want to do is change out the foot so you take off the standard zig zag foot. And we’re going
to place the zipper foot so that we are actually sewing on the right side. Once you have that
in, you’re going to take your fabric and we’re not going to start at the very top, we’re
going to start in the middle. What we’re going to do is stitch the whole area and then as
a separate step we’re going to come back and finish the top. So you want to take the corner
of your zipper foot and line it up to the center seam, pull out your pins. Make sure
your stitch line is on a 3 to a 2 and just go ahead and stitch, pulling out the pins
as you go with the zippers because you do see the stitching you just want to take your
time with them. When you reach the end point, we need to cut across the zipper. Because
this isn’t metal zipper we actually don’t want to stitch just with the machine because
it will probably pop the needle off. So I’m just going to manually kind of move my foot
across it you can see when it starts getting tuck, you know you are getting it in the zipper
teeth. Just manually kind of move it across and with nylon zippers you can just go ahead
and go right across. Because this is a very heavy metal tooth, we don’t want to do that.
So once you cut across, you pick up your foot and you are ready to turn and come up the
other side. You take the fabric out and then we’re going to go ahead and finish up this
in another step.

11 thoughts on “How to Sew Zippers : How to Use a Sewing Machine to Sew a Zipper

  1. Practical and simple. I just wish it were easier to find and play the entire sequence in the correct order.

  2. I agree wholeheartedly. There are thousands of us who enjoy seeking out the tutorials that are featured on YouTube, but it's a pain trying to sequence everything. My suggestion is for everyone to number their multi-part tutorials. That way, at least if we know the name of it, we can run a search and then watch them in order.

  3. Oh, and I also wish that the titles used for Expert Village tutorials weren't so darned long. Most of the time, it's impossible to see it all on the screen without mousing over to view the whole title.

  4. so since this a multi part video, and i'm starting with this one, which is obviously not the first part, i'm irked as eff.

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