How to Stitch Orchids with Chain Stitch|DIY Hand Embroidery Tutorial |Orquídeas en Punto Cadeneta

How to Stitch Orchids with Chain Stitch|DIY Hand Embroidery Tutorial |Orquídeas en Punto Cadeneta

Hello everyone! I am Olga, I am happy to be with you again Today we are going to embroider these beautiful orchids in a easy and simple way with chain stitch We will need: Light purple, fuchsia and green pearl cotton thread and dark purple, yellow and white embroidery floss Let’s start! We take a strand of light purple perlé thread I knot it in the tip and start doing this part of the orchid We pass the needle here and fill up with straight stitches Let’s make the petal: First we make a chain stitch around the selvedge of the petal we start on this side when you make this stitch, leave always the strand behind the needle and make the stitch: passing the needle through the previous stitch that’s how I’m giving it chain shape I invite you to follow me on my Facebook page where I will publish new content and further updates of the channel here you can also leave me your comments, doubts and suggestions We also have a group on Facebook, I invite you to join it in which we are going to make different embroidery projects all participants will be certified At the tip: there we pass the needle backward I turn the embroidery hoop and keep making the stitch Since we already made the selvedge of the petal we start filling it on the inside making chains repeatedly that should be together until they are completely filled. We can also make this embroidery with skein threads. The design of this embroidery and of all we have made you can find them on my blog Artesd’Olga in the description of this video and in the first comment I write the link here I already filled it completely I pass the needle backward and rivet. In this way, fill this other petal Now, fill this part we start here following the design by making chain stitch now we completely fill Let’s make this petal: we start here, making the chain around and then fill it completely I remind you that you can follow me on Instagram also here you can leave me your doubts, opinions and suggestions in the same way, fill the petal on the other side we make the front petal with this fuchsia perle thread I start it here the same way as the previous ones first I make the selvedge and fill it completely with this dark purple thread with 3 strands we make these lines that has each petal These are made with stem stitch now, we are going to make the center of the orchid For this we need: a head pin I put it this way we make it with yellow embroidery floss with three strands I pass the needle here we turn the fabric and we turn the thread four times behind the pin and then I pass the needle backward where I took it out and rivet with white thread if it is skein thread then use 6 strands let’s hold the center of the orchid I make a stitch on each side of the pin and then I take it out. and I make two more stitches to hold it completely. Now, with two strands of skein thread We make these little stitches We make the branches and leaves with green pearl cotton thread Nós fazemos cada ramo com ponto de haste. The leaf is made with fishbone stitch as follows: a long stitch on the tip and fill it with stitches from the sides to the center making them crossed here This stitch is called fishbone. That’s how these beautiful orchids with chain stitch look. Very easy to make! Go ahead and make them! so you can give this special touch to your favorite garment I recommend these two tutorials that I’m sure you’ll love. Thank you very much, until the next video.

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  1. Hi there! *Embroidery pattern/patrón de bordado* –>

  2. Hola Olga me dices que tela usas ? Me encanto tu trabajo muchas gracias por compartir explicas muy bien

  3. Hola qur tal saludos. Desde tijuana. Quiero preguntarle que tela uso para el bordado y porque hilo perle? Gracias. Hermosos sud trabajos.

  4. Que hermoso trabajo sra olga cada día bordando mas cosas divinas ..felicitaciones y muchas bendiciones. un abrazo….

  5. Buenas tardes !.
    Veo por primera vez su video Sra Olga, es bonito lo que enseña, le quiero hacer una observación, si va ha explicar con su voz está demás que saque esos letreros tan grandes que no dejan ver lo que usted está haciendo; es con respeto y cordialidad 💌.

  6. Hola Olga me encantan tus videos, y te agradezco todo lo que nos enseñas , me gustaría ver tu cara y que platiques más de ti, y también de cómo cobrar por estos trabajos y en que materiales de tela sugieres y por qué ?. Ya q soy nueva en esto , muchas gracias

  7. Folga você falando e saindo as letras tampa toda seu bordado a gente não consegue ver boa noite

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