HOW TO STYLE BOX BRAIDS | 8 Quick Box Braids Hairstyles

HOW TO STYLE BOX BRAIDS | 8 Quick Box Braids Hairstyles

Hey darlings, so today we are going to shoot
a video which is simply going to be the part 2 of “How I Style My Box Braids” video. I’ve
been wanting to make this video for so so so long and I’ve slacked however, that video
is a year old now and on top of that, it’s about to reach 600 000 views. I’m so happy
and so proud of it that I just wanted to make sure that I give you guys more styles and
these are still going to be super quick and basic but they’re also going to be a little
edgier. So I’m going to show you guys a couple of hairstyles that I love doing for myself,
and the reason why these are going to be particularly edgy is because, for those of you who don’t
know, I do have a shaved side and that does make the looks a little different. That doesn’t
stop you from doing the hairstyles that I’m doing. They look just as good on a full head
of hair as they do on a shaved side. So yeah, let’s get started ! Alright guys, so hairstyle
number 1, first you have to separate your hair in the middle, and grab a section at
the front and it can be as big as you want it but I try to make it not that big. Then
you start twisting it around itself creating a mini bun. I don’t actually use pins, you
guys can use pins, I just tend to tuck my hair in. So yeah, do that on the other side
as well. Now because I have a shaved side, I have to find a way to try to make it even.
It might take you guys some time to get used to it but do it and you will see, it’s pretty
easy. So it’s as simple as that, my double bun hairstyle. Now you can take this hairstyle
a little further and create number 2. This hairstyle isn’t for everyone, you have to
be a little crazy and not really care that people will look at you funny so just go ahead
and make a third bun at the back, and that’s it ! I feel like an old school Janet Jackson.
I don’t know, and I look like Mickey Mouse from the back, so that was hairstyle number
2. Now we’re going to move on to number 3. And this is basically going to be a half up
half down but more like the poetic justice look that everybody was rocking when the braids
came back in fashion. All you do is wrap a bit of hair around the section that you’ve
made at the very top and you’ve got it ! It’s that simple ! Now, number 4, all you gotta
do is create a bun, and again you need to master the art of twisting your braids, it
just makes everything so easy. So you just wrap a bun by twisting your braids around
and I just tuck it in, I don’t use a pin. So now we’re going to move on to hairstyle
number 5, I put my hair to the side and start twisting it. What you can do if you don’t
have a shaved side is put the rest of your hair to the side the way that mine technically
would be if it wasn’t shaved. What I do is I twist my hair, yet again, and then I like
to create a snail effect looking thing on top of my head. So this is the first time
I use a pin, I just did it to secure it there. So I have this little asymmetric hairstyle
that I really like. I don’t know, I love and it’s super easy to do and it adds a little
bit of funk. Now number six, go ahead and create a bun by basically wrapping a section
of your hair that you chose around you hair. It’s not a bun actually, my bad, but it’s
more like that old school high ponytail. Yeah, I love it, I think it’s fab, it’s always going
to be trendy. It’s old school Chanel. Okay, now hairstyle number 7.. basically moving
on from what you just did, you’re going to create what I like to call the double bun.
So you twist one section of the leftover hair and you pin it, then you twist the second
section of the hair and you pin it around it, and you’ve got it ! Your double bun ! I
just think it looks cooler than a classic bun. Now hairstyle number 8.. Okay it’s kind
of trickier to explain but basically if you don’t have a shaved side you would just be
doing what I’m doing all over your head. Just creating.. twisting it, so it creates a texture
at the top. I like to call it the textured ponytail, if that makes any sense. So you’re
gonna keep doing that, twisting all your hair together and gathering it all together and
create a ponytail by wrapping a bit of hair around the hair you want to tie up. And there
you have it! You can always pin it, again I don’t pin, I just tend to tuck. It works
for me and it lasts. And now for the last hairstyle, you’re going to grow from the previous
one, and wrap it into a bun. You have more like an updo that’s a little classier for
night time and what not. So there you have it guys, which one was your favourite ? Let
me know. Thumbs up if you like this video, and I’ll see you on my website.

100 thoughts on “HOW TO STYLE BOX BRAIDS | 8 Quick Box Braids Hairstyles

  1. Yeah to be honest 💁gal you on fleek and look absolutely gorgeous love you !!!!!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️Oh btw I'm a gal

  2. Yeah to be honest 💁gal you on fleek and look absolutely gorgeous love you !!!!!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️Oh btw I'm a gal

  3. Finally, a dark skin girl with colored box braids!! All i ever see on youtube and pinterest is light skin girls with colored hair and it's like "hello? Does no dark skin girls have colored hair online cause eI know I see them in person!"

  4. what shade of purple is that its bomb and your so pretty <3 im getting box braids soon and ill be wearing all of these

  5. I'm not being racist or anything but purple braids look good on dark-skinned girls from what I've seen also I am dark-skinned

  6. Thank god for this video, tomorrow my school is having a flash mob for a teacher who is leaving and I really WANT to do something with this hair, I always leave it out.

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