How To Take Down A Full Sew In Yourself Tutorial – (Part 7 of 7)

How To Take Down A Full Sew In Yourself Tutorial – (Part 7 of 7)

Here we are in step number seven of the full
sew in hairstyle using Mrs. Rutter’s hair extensions from in this step
I’m solely focused on teaching you how to safely uninstall your full sew in sewing so
here we are in the takedown process first am going to explain the process and then I’m
going to go ahead and uninstall my hair the very first thing you want to do is to use
your hair cutting scissors to remove your hand made closure when taking down your hair
you have to work your way backwards is going to take down your closure also going to trim
off your extensions and then take off your weaving net and then cut the thread holding
your braids to take down your braids so if you remember the order of doing your hairstyle
is going to work your way backwards to take down everything so to begin I am going to
be taken off my closure and I’m going to go through the process of doing each of those
steps taken down my extensions and then my weaving net and then my braids as you can see the extensions are almost removed
I want to make sure to point out the fact that I believe that weaving net is a necessity
when you’re wearing a sew in especially also with a full sew in the reason why is its going
to protect her hair and make it super easy for you to take out your extensions also throughout
the duration of this style because you have any net on top of your real hair when you
are combing through your extensions on a daily basis and things like that the teeth of a
comb aren’t rubbing against your hair which can cause breakage on top of your braids because
you have a barrier due to the weaving net so now I am just going to finish taking them
down and then I’m going to start removing the weaving net so as you can see I have already
begun taking down my net and I am just going to go ahead and finish clipping so as you can see taking down your install
is a very simple process if you’re having trouble seeing the back of your head I highly
suggest that you use a second mirror to help you to see those hard-to-reach areas also
if you need a little bit more help have a friend assist you as you are taking down your
style and that is it for the full sew in hairstyle tutorial for your hair extension needs be
sure to purchase Mrs. Rutter’s hair extensions from also if you want to learn
how to do the other styles and are other tips and tricks with your hair as well be sure
to visit thank you so much for watching this tutorial

8 thoughts on “How To Take Down A Full Sew In Yourself Tutorial – (Part 7 of 7)

  1. I really like what you do @Breanna Rutter – I have been watching your videos for quite some time now! I do have a question, in your opinion, what is the benefit of using the netting, vs just sewing without the netting? Does it matter? Is the purpose of the netting to basically cover up the braids?

    Thank you for what you do, and for your time!

  2. I've been following your videos for a while and it's great to see how professionally and personally you've grown up, more secure of the things you do and what hair, personality and identity means to you. Congratulations on launching the company, as well as what you've already accomplished with your books and videos. Go for it! You deserve to win big! I hope to, one day, see you in a specialised beauty television network as well. YOU GO GURL

  3. Video To Long?

    If So Watch The Shorter Condensed Version of This Whole Look By Clicking Here

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  5. Great Video Brianna,but it lloks as though,you took the weave down the same day,or you added parys of similar previous weave installment videos. Your hair is not messed up,it looks fresh.

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