How To Tie A Sewing Knot | Stitch Lessons | @laurenfairwx

How To Tie A Sewing Knot | Stitch Lessons | @laurenfairwx

Hi! It’s Lauren and today on Stitch Lessons,
I’m going to show you how I tie the big sewing knot that I use when I’m hand sewing
or embroidering in order to keep my thread from pulling through the fabric. Especially when you’re sewing with certain
kinds of fabric that small knots can go right through or using a really thin thread that
requires a ton of knots, tying the right kind of knot can really save you a lot of time. I’m going to show you the knot I use, and
if you’ve ever watched one of my craft tutorials and tried to figure out how I tied that thing,
this is the video for you. Here’s how it’s done! So here, I have a strand of embroidery floss. Grab onto the end using your thumb and middle
finger, then use your other hand to wrap the rest of the string around your pointer finger
until the ends cross right over the pad of your finger. Press your thumb onto that X, letting go of
the end you were holding, and roll that crossing point between your thumb and forefinger. See how it twists a bunch of times? Hold onto the end of that twist using your
middle finger and part of your thumb to keep it from coming undone, then firmly grab the
top of the twist with your pointer finger and the tip of your thumb. To tighten it, tug on the loose end of the
thread until it becomes a big, messy knot. I’m going to do it again in case you missed
that; keep trying if it doesn’t work on the first try. Hold the end with your middle finger and thumb,
wrap the thread around your pointer finger until you have an X on the pad of your finger. Press your thumb onto the X and roll it upwards
so the thread gets twisted a bunch of times, passing the end of it from your pointer to
your middle finger to keep it from unraveling. Then, pinch the top of the twist between your
thumb and forefinger and pull on the loose end to slide the twist down into a big sewing
knot. If you end up with a smaller knot than you
were expecting or your thread is very thin, feel free to repeat this more than once to
make the knot bigger. There are definitely projects where a big
knot would be too obvious or show through your fabric, and then you might want to try
a different method of securing your thread. But for plushies and other sewing projects
where the back is hidden, this works really well for me! And that’s how I tie a big sewing knot. Thanks so much for watching this tutorial. I hope you make something lovely with what
you learned! If you’d like to see more of the hand sewing
and embroidery tutorials in this series, be sure to watch the rest of my Stitch Lessons
playlist. Click one of the videos on the screen or check
the video description for a link. Happy Stitching!

15 thoughts on “How To Tie A Sewing Knot | Stitch Lessons | @laurenfairwx

  1. I hope this quick tutorial was helpful to you! Also, since this caused confusion the last time I released an episode of Stitch Lessons, I filmed this a few years ago with the rest of season one. It's an old haircut, not a new one! πŸ™‚

  2. The rolling technique you use is super helpful! It never occurred to me that there might be an easier way than just tying my knots farther up and cutting the excess but this makes so much more sense and will definitely save me a lot of waste in the future.

  3. I’m sorry if this is off topic, I’m a new subscriber and I was wondering if you could do a tutorial on a Fairweather friends pig. ☺️🐷

  4. This is a really great technique for craft sewing; for mending and all other hand sewing I've stopped using knots altogether and instead do a few small stitches really close together at the beginning, especially if it's something that puts tension on the thread, or for hole repair/ darning.

  5. My mom has sewn all her life and always does this knot for her threads but she did it so fast that I never really understood it until seeing this video. Thanks for breaking it down for us into a step by step technique!!πŸ˜‰πŸ‘ It should save me much more time now that I get how it's done.πŸ˜…πŸ˜œ

  6. Me: I've been sewing since I was 7, I'm pretty sure I know how to tie a knot but I like Lauren so lemme give her a view.

    Also me: what the eff, why have I been tying my knots wrong all this time????

  7. This was so helpful! I was always too shy to request a lesson where you demonstrate a knot bc I was afraid it was too basic so I'm really happy you made lesson just for this πŸ™‚

  8. This changes everything πŸ˜€ I used to tie a normal knot and then another knot on top of it, but this looks so much easier!

  9. Thanks I knew I was doing something not quite right with my nots ! Now I know why it kept going wrong ! I’m gonna test it out now (sorry I didn’t watch I was away)

  10. I don’t really do any sewing so I watched this video when it came out, but never thought anymore of it. I just had to sew a new button onto some pants and used this and it worked perfectly! Thanks!

  11. You look like the happiest human being ever.

    Also, quick question:
    What song should I listen to while sewing on a collection of flag patches on my backpack?

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