How To Turn Up Trousers

How To Turn Up Trousers

How to turn up trousers. Hello and welcome to Videojug. We’re at Niccola Donati, fine tailoring and
alterations specialists. Head tailor Mr. Hong is going to show us how to turn up a pair
of trousers. Step one: You will need some straight pins,
a needle, some thread, and an iron. Step two: The right length. Put the trousers
on and look at the bottoms of the trouser legs. Make sure you are wearing your shoes
and that the trousers are sitting on your waist in a position you are comfortable with.
Both of these will affect the length of the trousers. You will need someone to help you
with this next part, and it may help to stand on a low platform. Turn up the leg to the
length you would like them to be, tucking the spare material under. When you are happy
with the length, pin it in place all the way around. This should take three or four pins.
Alternatively, you can lay the trousers on a flat surface. Compare to another pair that
are of correct length, and pin accordingly. Step three: Turn inside out. Keep the pins
in to mark the material. Unfold the legs, turn the trousers inside out, and lay them
on a flat work surface. Step four: Needle and thread. Use a thin needle
and a thread which matches the trouser material. Cut a length of thread roughly as long as
your arm. Push one end of the thread through the hole at the top of the needle, and pull
halfway through. To make this easier, you can wet the end of the thread, smoothing the
ends together. Tie a small knot at the end of the thread. Step five: The first fold. Turn the original
hem over on itself. Push the needle in a weaving motion in and out through the material. Continue
this tacking stitch all the way around the leg. Finish by completing two or three short
stitches in the same place. Then, snap or cut the thread off. Step six: Fold again. Turn the hem over again
to exactly the length you want it to be. Pin to secure it in place. Starting at the seam,
weave the threaded needle through the material to the other side and back through the doubled-up
hem. Try to make the stitch as small as possible, only catching a few threads, so it won’t show
on the outside of the trousers. Repeat this stitch all the way around the leg. Tie a knot
twice in the thread, and sew one last stitch to secure it. Cut the thread and remove the
pins. Step seven: Iron. Press the finished hem with
an iron for a neat finish. Step eight: Repeat on the second leg. Turn the original hem over
on itself as before and secure in place with a tacking stitch. Fold over again, and measure the distance
against the hem on the finished leg. Place a couple of pins in, and check if it still
exactly matches the first hem. Then fold in half to ensure both sides of the trouser leg
are of the same length, and add a couple more pins to secure it. Starting at the seam, repeat
the hem stitching all the way around the leg. Secure with two knots and one final stitch.
Remove the pins, and finally press with an iron to create a sharp crease. Done.

6 thoughts on “How To Turn Up Trousers

  1. i know your comment was a while ago but you wouldnt be the first to think this way..

    My local shops dont do 'leg sizes' only waist. Meaning I always buy snug fitting trousers that are far too long… I cant afford to travel to another place and i dont like online stores as I can wear size 8-12 depending on the trouser styles/materials… Cutting them down without a similar tuck technique shown, frays the ends of the trousers once again making them look untidy and at risk of unraveling.

  2. Thank you so much for step 8 telling me that after completing the first leg that I should to repeat on the 2nd leg. I now know what I've been doing wrong all these years.

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