How To Use Stitch Selector Brother XL2600 Sewing Machine- Sewing Tips Tricks

How To Use Stitch Selector Brother XL2600 Sewing Machine- Sewing Tips Tricks

how to use stitch selector brother XL2600 sewing machine hi it’s AlaskaGranny do you have a
Brother sewing machine and you have been wondering how to use the dial to make
all the different stitches on your sewing machine well it’s really quite simple I’m going to
show you the steps to turn the dial to get the stitches that you want look at
your machine and realize the innermost or dark gray dial is the stitch length the
higher the number the longer the stitch so I have this set on four and it’ll make
the longest stitch if you want your stitches shorter you turn the dial backwards when
you want to do a buttonhole you start with it on F when you want to sew a
button and you don’t want the needle to move forward at all you would put it on
0 for most stitching I do zigzag or straight and I normally just leave it on three or
four choose the stitch you want to make from the guide on your machine number 1 would be how to make a
buttonhole the number 2 is straight stitching number 3 is the zigzag
number four and five are both blind hem depending on which way you want the
needle to move and then we get into decorative stitches you can use these
for different kinds of things I just don’t ever really use these because I
normally just sew basic things and repaire things so I use the two and
three and sometimes the four or the five but if you want to do one of these you
simply turn this dial to match the number that you want to if you were
ging to make a buttonhole you would start withi it on one if you wanted to sew straight you would turn it see the arrow line it up with the two if you want
zigzag you line it up with the three then you just sew your zig-zag stitch I
want to sew something straight so I put this stitch length on four and then I’m going
to turn the dial to two now I’m going to have a regular straight stitch normally
you would use matching thread but I’m going to use a contrasting thread so you
can see the stitches so place your fabric under your presser foot drop it
down then you push this button to make it go backwards and lock your stitch and
press on the pedal then release the backwards hold your
fabric and guide it through and you can see that it sews straight on the
front and the back now I am going to show you a zig-zag which is number three so this
one is still set on four and I turn this to 3 they’re lined up with the arrow
add your fabric under the presser foot and drop it make sure both your threads
are coming out to the back then you want to hold down this button and go back a
few stitches to lock it in place see how it’s zigging release that and you guide your fabric it’s zigzagging the machine does it for you and if you want a more narrow zigzag you simply adjust this to 2 here it’s on 2 that was on 4 and now it is on 2 and I can put it all the way down to F for fine the blind hem is 4 or 5 which is what I did on this pair of
pants so I did the same thing when I first cut hem off then I fold it under
a quarter of an inch and then I sewed it with a straight stitch then you fold it over
again and you place it with the folded side the hem like this so if this was my hem I would fold this
part under and do a straight stitch with number 2 all the way along where the
hem is going to be I fold that back and place that under the presser foot
and I hold the part I just stitched over here and the long leg of the pants or the
dress right there and then you go backwards if you watch it will sew several
stitches onto the hem part and then one stitch over to catch it on the fabric the
main part of the fabric then you keep folding correctly evenly for number 510 same thing in case you
wanted to put it through your machine and that is the way it works on number 4 number 5 does the same thing in case you want to put it through your machine the other direction so if you were
putting it through this side you would use it on number five then it would do
most of the stitching on here and one stitch over there four and five make the same stitch you just
have to decide which way you’re trying to make your blind hem then if you turn
it back over and after you give it a little tug and you press it you
would use thread that would match the same thing for any other stitches you
want you choose which did stitch you want 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 you simply change the outer
dial to the stitch that you want so this one is number eight if you want to
do any of the stitches in this row you turn it to SS and then you dial the
number so if you look on here turn the gray one and you can feel it click and it’s on S S now you put the
second row of numbers into play so I turn this back to14 its SS so it’s the
second row and stitch 14 and there’s stitch number fourteen now
to set it at 15 I have this on SS and I turn this to 15 and this is stitch 15 always make sure your
needle is in the up position before you switch the dials around so that you
don’t risk damaging your needle try practicing with these get some scraps of
fabric and try different stitches until you find the one that you like but
remember at the end of the day put it back on this just plain average
stitches here that’s probably what you’re going to use the most you can
have a lot of fun with the Brother sewing machine and it isn’t very
expensive and it’s amazing what it can do Please subscribe AlaskaGranny channel

73 thoughts on “How To Use Stitch Selector Brother XL2600 Sewing Machine- Sewing Tips Tricks

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    this is awesome!!!

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  15. Disregard. I'm making notes for myself.
    Grey-stitch length
    ^num ^stitch size
    vnum vstitch size
    0* is for buttons

    colored circle- what stitch *1 is button

  16. What do the dials on the top do? I know they have something to do with tension, but no matter what I do the bottom of my fabric (it's a plain, thin, cotton-type one) keeps advancing on its passion for developing birds' nests. I think once the machine sort of began to get tangled (more like loose, though) and hen straightened out but then I adjusted the dials and it failed again…

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  26. 6:57
    I have a Brother PX-110 that I have not used for a long time.
    Wanted to fix a skirt waist and was getting frustrated because I had only ever used the Stright stitch on it and could not work out how to get it to use the 9 to 15 (on my Brother).

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