How to use the New Brother PE540D Embroidery Machine by Marisa Pawelko

This is a video I filmed of Marisa at the Winter Craft & Hobby Show. I am not Marisa and any questions regarding the machine should be directed to the Brother Company on the links in the description. Hi, I’m Marisa [Paco] from Modern Surrealist of modern Surrealist comm and I’m also the new brand ambassador for brother home Sewing and embroidery you can check out fun tutorial videos featuring brother machine embroidery on my YouTube channel which is Slash the Modern Surrealist And now I’m going to show you how to use the machine The [Pe5] [40d] has an automatic help feature so it teaches you how [to] use Itself so you just press the little help feature and it teaches you [all] these things how to wind a Bobbin How to load the machine so here it’s telling me how to load the [machine] and it’s showing me step-by-step how to do it how to put my thread So it makes it really super easy and convenient. So I’ve already learned how to do it. I’m going to show you something really cool Just put your thread there wind it through And one of my favorite features of this machine [is] [the] automatic needle threading, so if you look right here I’ll press this lever lever and it loads the machine for me it it Threads my needle for me. So now I’m going to go back to the home screen Which you can see right [here] This is my home screen. So it gives me options. It’s got built-in designs. It’s got built-in letters that I can embroider It’s got embroidery frame patterns which are great [for] doing applique, and it’s got even built in Disney [designs] So it’s a super awesome thing and if not all that’s not enough you [can] go to I broidery [comm] where you can download and purchase designs and Connect this machine to your computer, and you can load the designs from I broad Recom onto your machine and embroider them So let’s just do a little quick [thing]. We’re going to embroider with one of the built-in designs So I scroll through fine my design There’s a beautiful butterfly [in] here somewhere there it is so I just select it And if I want I can adjust the layout I can move it around So I can say I’m going to have my butterfly up there Maybe in that corner [if] I want I can rotate it So it’ll rotate 90 degrees 10 degrees one degree So I’m going to rotate it back Just to show you that and then I can adjust all kinds of things the size And I can even do a mirror image here’s a really handy feature that I love it checks and tells us where our embroidery is going to be on our hoop so if I just press that It’s showing me where my design is going to be? embroidered so that way you can make sure that you’re not going to run over something else that you’ve embroidered and Everything works out really really good We’ve got our design all set up where we [want] it at the proper size And it gives us the green [light] to start our machine embroidery I’m just going to press that and it’s going to begin embroidering my beautiful butterfly onto this table Runner So it comes with all those great built-in designs and a whole bunch of great Disney designs Brother is the exclusive license of Disney embroidery for these wonderful embroidery machines So there’s so much you can do. It’s great for home decor custom gifts A Fashion Decor Embellishing things like I embellished my whole apron with tons of different designs that I downloaded from I bra Recom It’s got a lot of great Modern features that make it super easy and convenient to do machine embroidery When I first started I was intimidated I’d always wanted to try machine embroidery But I it just seemed like hard and I was afraid to try something because I thought oh it’s I don’t like things that are too hard or need too much learning and preparation but Right out of the box this machine teaches you how to use itself with its automated help feature It’s got lots of great features that will stop you if you’re about to do something wrong It kind of guides you [and] teaches you how to do it, so it’s super fun [for] easy and convenient. I highly recommend the brother pe 540 D personal embroidery system with [Built-in] Disney designs

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